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  1. second pic...hmmm,don understand arabic lah,but looks like Royal Air Maroc based in maghribi.
  2. wahhh...nice shot u guys espcly the 'long pencil' planes.i always dream to play2 wit that snow... TK ur photo only ka..?wheres Azman...malu ke?TK,do u smoke...hehe
  3. ya,Ibrahim I also got all that,n some more from other co. collet as many as I can...n it free...hehehe
  4. yeah,I agree,more people you know inside MAS,ur chance is higher.my uncle told me few candidates who got into cadetships used 'orang dlm',coz their father also pilot,manager n....of MAS.this not fairlah,sam ppl work so hard for it,but they relax2 n easily got the cadetships.
  5. hai folks, i'm also keen on applying for mas cadet pilot,next year.but got confused,coz some members from AM say there is no intake nx year due to the mas problem ,is it true or just a rumour...?
  6. pilots dont wear their uniform,not as usual.see photo of the pilot from AM,if i'm not mistake lah.the stewardess uniform is changed also,not the kebaya,isn't?
  7. yo guys, i'll be there also,on 9>12 dec.see you all there.
  8. yeah,i just watch A380 on astro(n.geografic)=10.00>11.00pm.but it was a simple n short documentry compared to astro (discovery).
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