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  1. Hey how come they're using a joystick instead of the usual controls, btw nice pics. she looks great ,the suites look comfortable but overly designed in a way if you know what i mean.
  2. thats condensed air???looks really cool looks like its a model in a wind tunnel
  3. Great pics guys and yes the apache does look a bit small but who cares its awesome!!
  4. Hmmm...many members would beg to differ... *koff koff* Sexy Syrian *koff koff*
  5. great pics denny,especially the Mirage,seriously nice your camera had no problem taking the pic of the mirage while it was moving so fast???
  6. it does look like teh 787 but it has something more to it
  7. I never knew that 734's had afterburners!!
  8. nice pics Idham!! the one with the helicopter are sure emergency landing?? they dont look like theyre were in distressed
  9. nice one edwin! they will be putting them for MAS advertisements
  10. Nice pics!!i hope i can get a pic of heliconia myself!
  11. Great headshots ...please share more!!
  12. damn that is one sleek photo!!!the snow really puts into perspective!
  13. Cool guide!!!now i know where to go if there ever is a time when i need to go spotting at KLIA
  14. Nice pics...not exactly your average aeroplanes are they??LOL
  15. hey guys!!! !!!sorry din give a post for a loong time!! i have been busy working for my uncle! din get much of a chance to do much on the internet , well anyways come on over where?>??
  16. i just lovveee this babe!even more when it did the demo!!!! man did it scream!!real loud...it made a fast take off with the afterburners burning like hell!!and it was painted in desert camo. wooo hooo
  17. thx guys! well i will keep the photos of the A380 in the dark for a while too bad for you guys!! wont be able to see them until Imran finally shows pity upon you guys until he posts the pictures!!well i don think Imran has posted the Mig-29 yet well here it is!!Enjoyyyy
  18. Hey Imran...u werent the only guy there in the airshow u know...dont tell me you forgot about me!! Hi All,my name is Malik I'm Imran's close bud...hope to get to know all of you better...i'll post another one later
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