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  1. Heard from the grapevine that A321Neo will touchdown in KUL somewhere between 18-22 Nov.
  2. A321 NEO AIRCRAFT Effective November 2019, AirAsia will take delivery of new A321NEO aircraft. AK will commence operating the aircraft in November 2019 while FD will commence in December 2019. Configuration/Seats 3 by 3 - Total 236 Seats Port side: 120 seats Starboard side: 116 seats *Row 29: 29D & 29F only Non Reclining Rows Row 18, 19, 40 DEF and 41 ABC Last Row Port side: 41 Last Row Starboard side: 40 Seat Pitch Row 2-4: 29" Row 5-18: 28" Row 19: 37" Row 20: 38" Row 21-29: 28" Row 30: 51" Row 31-41: 28" Boarding Zone Zone 01: Rows 1 to 7, 19, 20 and 30 (Hot Seats) Zone 02: Rows 26 to 41 Zone 03: Rows 08 to 25 Emergency exits There are a total of 10 emergency exits in A321NEO aircraft. There are: ● Two emergency exit doors at forward galley; ● Four over wing emergency exits (two on each side) at row 19 and 20; ● Two emergency exit doors at row 30. This door cannot be used for embarking, disembarking passengers; and ● Two emergency exit doors at AFT galley. Operating Crew Five cabin crew members will be operating the on A321NEO (additional one compared to A320CEO and A320NEO.) The additional crew will be seated at Row 29 (next to seat 29D & 29F.) Other differences in the cabin There are 2 center ceiling stowage installed on A321NEO for stowage of portable life raft. Passenger seats are equipped with USB power for charging of Portable Electronic Device (PED).
  3. I think anything that is ATR and above routes should be open for competition and commercialized for sales for all local airlines. RAS with subsidization should be the DHT flights to only STOL DHT airfields. LDU and LMN should be competed by Malindo ATRs and MASwings. Maybe MASwings ATRs should change into Firefly and MASwings to be just DHTs. What happened to Sarawak Government Hornbill Skyways? Taking MASwings and not inherits the debt is a fantasy and is laughable. There is no free meal in the world, not even soup kitchen.
  4. Definitely going to see IAAX comeback with A321XLR to major North Asia, Australian cities and NZ via DPS/LOP/CGK. BKI will also be hub for D7 A321XLR covering North Asia and PER.
  5. Air Asia PH bullish, bares plan to fly to Guam and Saipanhttp://manilastandard.net/mobile/article/302553 AirAsia PHL looking to mount flights to Guam https://www.bworldonline.com/airasia-phl-looking-to-mount-flights-to-guam/
  6. Wow didn't expect AK offload partial PNK route to QZ. AirAsia really take the QZ crew to work real hard making KUL as QZ virtual hub to most Indo cities.
  7. Tanjung Pandan, Belitung Island Eff 01Oct19 QZ712 CGK-TJQ 1655-1755 1H00M DAILY QZ713 TJQ-CGK 1820-1920 1H00M DAILY Eff 02Oct19 QZ246 KUL-TJQ 1105-1145 1H40M 1-3-5-7 QZ247 TJQ-KUL 1210-1445 1H35M 1-3-5-7
  8. All the crew seat placement are the same as A320neo with an exception of a crew seat at the missing 29F seat for door 2R (door 4 in your definition) for the 5th Cabin Crew.
  9. AK A321Neo 9M-VAA will be coming in Nov19. Network department still not decided where it will operate to but I will bet my money on KUL-BKI/SIN/PEN/KCH combo for the initial crew familiarization period cause these are the most common overbooked routes.
  10. No idea, but I guess it maybe a good timing for people to make their way to Raja Ampat since there is a whole day ahead of them? As Indonesian says it "Rute coba-coba". The route maybe planned before the announcement. Still wondering where is the Belitung and Bayuwangi route. I hope they start flying Batam, Natuna and Waingapu.
  11. BKI-BWN is expected coz the load never breached 120 pax since inaugural. **************** QZ New Routes Semarang 01SEP19 EFF QZ700 CGK-SRG 0900-0955 0H55 DAILY QZ702 CGK-SRG 1655-1805 1H10 DAILY QZ701 SRG-CGK 1020-1120 1H00 DAILY QZ703 SRG-CGK 1850-2000 1H10 DAILY Sorong, West Papua 01SEP19 EFF QZ708 CGK-SOQ 0005-0610 4H05 1 QZ706 CGK-SOQ 2355-0610+1 4H15 1-3-5-- QZ707 SOQ-CGK 0640-0825 3H45 12-4-6- Labuan Bajo (Komodo Island) 01AUG19 EFF QZ644 DPS-LBJ 1255-1415 1H20 DAILY QZ645 LBJ-DPS 1440-1550 1H10 DAILY
  12. The seat map is out. Still unable to get the full resolution yet. 236 seats, 5 cabin crew.
  13. HS-XJA is WOW air ntu A339 242t version. Heard from the grapevine that D7 waiting for 251t version.
  14. MNL-KIX by Z2 Inaugural flight will be 01Jul19 Route launch and ticket sales commence on 29Mar19 at 1700 (GMT+8 ) Z2 188 MNL-KIX 0830-1315 Freq 1234567 Z2 189 KIX-MNL 1350-1655 Freq 1234567
  15. Could be. The management is looking to connect TJQ from KUL, CGK, SUB and SIN. By having QZ operating them makes their flying patterns flexible with many triangular routes.
  16. Effective 9 Jun 2019 QZ470 LOP-PER 1445-1840 Frequency 1357 QZ471 PER-LOP 1930-2325 Frequency 1357 Tanjung Pandan Belitung KUL-TJQ TBA
  17. The one you did not get refunded I suspect it could be your airport tax refundable amount is negative amount after deducted with Refund fee since I think you chose to have it refunded to Bank account or Credit Card. To have it credited back to website credit account will spare you from the refund fee.
  18. Submit the request in AirAsia.com e-form and periodically follow-up the case in e-form. I never fail to submit them and always get my airport tax returned in form of "Credit Account"; AirAsia.com website credit which can be deducted in my next ticket purchase. Do not request to have the airport tax refund into your Bank Account or Credit Card as it will incur Refund Fee which will be deducted from your refundable amount. You are to request the Airport Tax to be returned within 6 months from the date and time of no-show flight. ie: Your no-show flight is 30 June 2018 - AK5122 - 2020DEP - 0030+1ARR, you have to request/send in e-form before 30 December 2018 @ 2020 or else you will not get back your airport tax. Step 1: Go to airasia.com main site and click Customer support Step 2: In Customer support page click Email Us Step 3: Fill the e-form following below sample format *IMPORTANT: Member ID to be credited with Airport Tax must belong to and under Passenger name or Paymaster name. The link below explains what is the website Credit Account and teaches you how to use it. https://support.airasia.com/s/article/How-do-I-use-my-credit-account?language=en_GB Unsolvable cases that you have already submitted to AirAsia, please report to below: https://www.mavcom.my/en/consumer/make-a-complaint/ https://e-aduan.kpdnhep.gov.my/
  19. Is IW still doing Miri-Pontianak route?
  20. Anybody knows if Wings Air is still operating the PNK-MYY-PNK routes?
  21. I seen few times MH and other non KLIA2 carriers land on RWY33 and taxi to KLIA1 when other 2 RWY are not suitable at that point of time.
  22. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Mitsubishi get orders and AirAsia get slots. Win-win for both. It's just business.
  23. I think it is the time to let Malindo ATRs to start focus on BKI and KCH base and expand to all these ex MASwings ATR routes. Malindo and Wings surely can cover TRK-TWU vv and also develop new routes from TRK eg TRK-SDK / TRK-BKI. AK also can do BKI-SDK-TWU-TRK pattern if they are able to fill seats for A320. Time for KK SDK TWU to embrace Medical Tourism from TRK BPN areas like Melaka and Penang did. DHT flights can remain with MASwings and subsidized by State and Fed Gov for affordable fares to the rural people. And some STOL ports should have the runway extended to minimum ATR operations. Eg: LDU is a STOL port with ATR supported ops.
  24. Because they come in a package of aircraft routing pattern. JHBIPH 0810DEP-0920ARR IPHSIN 0945DEP-1100ARR SINIPH 1140DEP-1300ARR IPHJHB 1325DEP-1435ARR
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