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  1. It's even more shocking that domestic and international passenger security checkpoints are shared. How difficult is it to ask someone to carry a huge bottle of liquid explosives thru security using a domestic boarding pass and then hand it over to the international passenger airside. Or worse, the same person could check in for both a domestic flight and an international flight and use the domestic boarding pass to clear security and then proceed to board the international flight. Carrying firearms onboard an international flight is not that difficult at all. Anyone could fly MKM-KCH without even encountering security and then proceed to board an international flight to say SIN again without encountering additional security...
  2. I believe you can use starbucks' wifi at KCH. I spent a good 3 hours sitting at starbucks using wifi on sunday while waiting for my flight to KUL.
  3. I will be on a KUL-PEN-KUL same day turnaround next monday. Since it is a no service sector do they have any spare snackboxes onboard that i can ask for from the crew. I just want to take it home.
  4. I personally wouldn't spend RM1500 just to fly on Y+ plus SQ leaves you in LAX which has extremely limited connections to LEX without making at least one additional stop.
  5. Orient Thai on BKK-HKG would most likely get you on a 743 at a very reasonable price
  6. You could try PIA but equipment swaps are extremely frequent there and they are leaving the fleet fast...
  7. Updating... ASIA 1 Singapore Airlines (A310-300, B747-300, B747-400, B777-200ER, B777-300) 2 Cathay Pacific Airways (A330-300, B747-400, B777-300) 3 Tiger Airways (A320-200) 4 Jetstar Airways (A320-200) 5 Air Asia (B737-300, A320-200) 6 Thai Air Asia (B737-300) 7 Indonesia Air Asia (B737-300) 8 Thai Airways International (A300-600) 9 Lion Airlines (B737-900ER) 10 Malaysia Airlines (B737-400) 11 Firefly (Fokker 50) 12 Pakistan International Airlines (B747-200M) EUROPE 13 Air Berlin (A319-100) 14 Air Berlin (Germania) (Fokker 100) 15 Swiss International Air Lines (A340-300) AUSTRALIA 16 Ansett Australia Airlines (B767) N. AMERICA 17 Southwest Airlines (B737-700) 18 United Airlines (B747-400) 19 United Airlines (United Express- Skywest Airlines) (CRJ-200ER) 20 US Airways (A319-100) 21 US Airways (US Airways Express- Piedmont Airlines) (Dash8-100) 22 US Airways (US Airways Express- Republic Airways) (EMB-170) 23 Jetblue Airways (EMB-190) 24 Continental Airlines (MD-80) 25 Delta Airlines (B767-300) SOON TO ADD 26 MASwings (DHC-6-300 Twin Otter) 27 Air China (B737-800) 28 Shanghai Airlines (B767-300ER) 29 All Nippon Airways (B777-200ER) 30 Asiana Airlines (A321-100, B767-300)
  8. Preparation: I always start my countdown as soon as my flights are booked. I pay particular attention when the countdown falls below 30 days, 20 days, 10 days and 5 days. I also have 1000hr, 500hr, 200hr and finally 99hr 59 min countdowns. This helps me build up the anticipation before a flight. In particular, when the time to flight falls below 99hr 59 mins I start a timer running on my handphone so I am continually reminded of the time left to flight. About 10 days out I will start preparing documents for flight which include my flight log and flight data information sheet. Packing starts soon after. (I usually travel heavy) Baggage: Minimum of 2 check in bags, optimum number of 3. (Although this may change now that AK/FD/QZ is charging for bags) The reason why I check in that many bags is simple. I'm given the weight allowance, might as well use it. Furthermore I collect bag tags so 3 gives me allowance in case some are damaged. On the odd side... Usually on flights back I will bring back lots of supermarket groceries. For example when I return from Thailand I will bring home lots of shampoo and liquid soap as they are riduculously expensive in Singapore. When I return from Hong Kong my bags are usually full of Bonaqua brand mineral water. (at least 20-25 litres worth, my friends and I love them). Instant noodles are my next most carried item. Usually a huge box or two full of exotic local brands whenever I return from any Asian country (can't find instant noodles in the Western world) for distribution among my friends. Getting to the Airport: Always public transport. It helps that I'm connected to WSSS by a direct bus service that gets me there in 45 mins. For flights out of WMKJ I usually cross the causeway the night before and spend the night there should my flight leave before 9am the next morning. (Not an exciting experience I must add) Choice of Airline/Choice of Airliner/Airport/Frequency etc:: Always something I've not flown on before if I have the choice. I have done odd routings just to catch something I've not flown on before or something really rare. In order of preference: 1 Route which includes a NEW AIRLINE, NEW AIRCRAFT TYPE, 2 NEW AIRPORTS 2 Route which includes a NEW AIRLINE, NEW AIRCRAFT TYPE, 1 NEW AIRPORT 3 Route which includes a NEW AIRLINE, NEW AIRCRAFT TYPE 4 Route which includes a NEW AIRCRAFT TYPE 5 Route which includes a NEW AIRLINE 6 Route with none of the above There are exceptions to this rule though... Frequent Flyer Program: UA Mileage plus for all my *A travel.. which isn't exactly a lot Booking: Call centre/Ticket counter whenever possible and does not incur me extra costs. Nowadays the only routes which have no extra booking charges for callcentre/ticket counter bookings are MASWings flights which makes it rare. Otherwise all internet bookings. Paper ticket whenever possible at no charge. Getting a paper ticket on PIA last year was bliss... Check-In: Always counter. I hate self check machinery As early as possible.. I like having the freedom to wander airside. After all it's not everyday that you get to visit the airside area. Onboard: Hand in data sheet, find seat, stow bag, take out video camera. If the flight is in daylight I hate not being able to take a takeoff video. Otherwise, habits differ depending on carrier. Usually on longer flights I will perform my walkaround ritual whereby I walk around the cabin (assuming widebody) enjoying the view of everybody sleeping. Following that I perform my lav cleaning whereby I clean the mirror, wipe the sink area and restock toilet paper or tissue peper from the storage compartment behind the mirror. It's sick and disgusting but I find it fun. Always make sure not to let my skin come into contact with any bodily fluids though... After all if I don't do it, the FAs will... I usually don't sleep onboard flights if i can help it. I'd rather enjoy the magic of being airborne and watching the numbers in my flight log increase each second... Post arrival is time for visiting flight deck before leaving. (Usually last) Duty Free Shopping: Never ever... Student budget lah... Travelling in Group: Depends on the people traveling. Can be good or bad. Traveling alone I usually speak to people around me. Most of the time at the airport whereby I have met some really interesting individuals.
  9. Can anybody tell me if KUL-PEN is a snackbox route or no service route? I've booked myself KUL-PEN-KUL for RM152 to fly the MH A330 for KUL-PEN. My last and only trip on MH was SIN-LGK-SIN back in 1994 so I really have no idea what to expect from MH nowadays.
  10. Thinking of booking KUL-PEN-KUL to waste my morning in KL. (I arrive on Jul 06 2330 in LCCT and leave on 1640 on Jul 07 also in LCCT. ) The only problem is the flights i've selected leave KUL at 0915 and the return frm PEN arrives at 1255. Is it safe for me to assume I \will be able to catch the RM1.50 shuttle at 6am frm the LCCT and will my return flight leave me enoough time to dash to the LCCT without taking a taxi.
  11. I received this dreaded message upon arriving in CGK on Saturday... Pardon the blanked out sender.. I deleted my own copy and had a friend send back the copy I sent him.
  12. It would be the case if singapore was still part of the federation... I think the very least that can happen is to allow hassle free entry for singapore-malaysia travel. US-Canada is so easy for Americans and Canadians. Why can't the same happen here.
  13. Yep.. I can confirm that. I've myself entered Malaysia more than 10 times without the immigration card so far. Can't find the press release but it's there somewhere
  14. I've slept overnight at KUL, JHB and BKK before and I must say that KUL has been the best out of the 3. Granted it was in the MTB where I managed to find a nice spot at the obs deck to spend the night. BKK wasn't too bad and I spent quite some time talking to the woman manning the info desk and she taught me where to find the best spots for sleeping in the terminal. (I wouldn't want to spend a night at Don Mueang though) JHB on the other hand was the worst of the lot. That was the only airport where I could lie down on a row of seats and hear mosquitoes buzzing in my ears. I woke up with red ears after one night. I have since found out that the area where the check in counters are at is the most infested and the most stuffy as well. Just too bad it's my main airport for joyriding in Malaysia and my student budget can't afford a cab ride or else I wouldn't have to take the last bus to Senai frm JB and spend the night before a early morning flight. Another stay coming up in July... I've also spent many nights at SIN studying at fast food joints. To be really honest it isn't an airport I would want to spend the night in. Too cold and lack of privacy...
  15. The reason why B6 is doing this is to enable them to fly with only 3 FAs onboard as opposed to the current 4 on the A320. Previously B6 offered either 36in or 34in of legroom depending on which part of the aircraft you are seated. Rows 1-11 had 36in, anything behind that had 34in. They didn't charge for sitting in the forward cabin. With the removal of rows to allow for extra legroom, the aircraft can now fly lighter than before, saving fuel costs. Also, since they now charge for extra legroom, it becomes an additional source of revenue for the airline. All this added to the savings from having one less FA per flight help to increase total revenue for the airline in the long run.
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