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  1. Don't know if this has been asked before but I'm new to FFP programs. Am I right to say miles converted from credit cards do not contribute to Enrich tier miles?
  2. It all goes down to pre-planning! AK did not only tell the world they will be moving to KLIA2 on 9th May. AK released this news on 15 April, and I do not believe the Immigration Dept have not thought that they will be stretching the manpower across three terminals. They could have always temporarily post Immigration officers from other gateways to LCCT/KLIA2 to mitigate such issues. The point is, from the chaos, the immigration department does not seem to have any foresight in planning for the future, as with few of other agencies and ministries. And as with the typical, apparently culture of the gov. civil service, we find fault and put the blame on the others first, unless until someone else prove we're wrong, and then continue living in denial. (Remember the guy who blamed Boeing?).
  3. Finally for once MH is not in the list and they would realize they are no longer a top airline and need to buck up IMMEDIATELY.
  4. Here is the English version to that video.
  5. Hey people, Here's the link for your reading : http://www.atwonline.com/news/story.html?storyID=19617
  6. Malaysia Airlines's IFE is still not up to the mark compared to other airlines like SIA or Emirates. It is high time for MH to replace the Select 3000i with a newer generation platform.
  7. I'd rather choose MH over AK. AK will never replace MH's position.
  8. Malaysia is better in constructing newest,most technological advanced, biggest, tallest, etc, but they are poor in maintenance. Building new buildings means paving path for corruption. Simple. My two cents
  9. Got to know from A.net that SA authorities doesn't allow Mh to increase its frequency
  10. Obviously we would hope the two big airlines in our country remain profitable even analyst predict that there wouldn't be any airline be profitable.
  11. Nothing happened to BOM, but Mumbai city itself had bombings..
  12. Let say if MH uses the old terminal, what's the point of disembarking. RIght?
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