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  1. Heard of Tiram Air operating from Senai Airport? Anyone care to elaborate?
  2. I will miss you Col Zack.... your legacy will continue. May God bless you and place you among all the noble and legendary aviators in heaven. My utmost respect to you. Salute.
  3. Looked like a very hard landing to me.
  4. My list..not as impressive as most of you 1. Malaysian Airlines - A300, MD-11, B747-300, 737-400 2. Saudi Arabian Airlines - B737-200, B747-100, B747-200, L-1011, A300 3. Singapore Airlines - B747-400 4. AirAsia - B737-400, A320 4. Pelangi Airways - F-50 5. Etihad - A330-200, A330-300, A340-500 6. Easyjet - A319, A320 7. Air Macau - A319, A320, A321 8. Jetstar Asia - A320 9. China Eastern - A320 10. Cebu Pacific - A320
  5. PC Yuen


    its the same "sinking" feeling when the pilot retract the flaps to normal position.
  6. I flown that plane back in 2005. Condolence to the family and may God bless Mohd Ishan's soul.
  7. Yeap..it was 17th Nov 2005. I had to take emergency leave for this once in a life time opportunity to attend the visit by the mammoth A380.Had a chance to visit the belly and cockpit as well. Still keeping all the momentous and goodies from the event.
  8. Anyone knows which engines opt for the new AirAsia A350s?
  9. Spot on Khaled! Back then mat rempit were basically harmless but menace to most motorists. Unlike mat rempit these days. Sigh!
  10. FYI, my flight instructor from TUDM was a former mat rempit before he got into the Air Force. The biggest room in this universe is room for improvement! People do change....
  11. PC Yuen


    Capt, if I were you....( which I will someday! ) I will opt for Airbus. Yoke to Stick! Airbus is easier to adapt since it has common rating for most narrow bodies and wide bodies. Many airlines find the Queen of the Skies is not economical to operate hence they will most likely to convert them to cargo flights. L'airbus est l'avenir!
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