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  1. Oops, sorry to both of you. Getting old lah.
  2. Great hot shots. Thanks, Ed.
  3. Another cute babybus. Thanks, Sneeze.
  4. Love the ATR shots, Ricky.
  5. Norman, your shots are "gold" class, lah. Looking forward to more.
  6. Thanks for the pic, Apouy. Not enough LCD's lah, so not so canggih. Maybe the Indonesian manufacturers still prefer the "steam" gauges.
  7. Waiting for more from you, Norman. Thanks for the nice touchdown shots. LeeCH, that was a superb explanation. Can't imagine the impact of a stalled nose drop for a Heavy.
  8. Love your bucket and petal shots and the Royal Barge shots. Really really nice!
  9. Apouy, I'm told your CN235 has really canggih (sophisticated) avionics. Betul ke (true)?
  10. Maybe......our LRT trains run without drivers already. They are now making experimental cars that run on "invisible tracks" on roads guided by "autopilots' linked to a GPS and the city traffic computer. You get into your car, punch in your destination and the car works out the shortest, least congested way to that point and drives you there. The car's exact position is radioed to the city traffic computer all the time and sensors keep it a safe distance from other cars.
  11. With modern gadgets like infrared cameras, HUDs and autoland systems, only the law is preventing us from eliminating windows from cockpits. The Global Hawk flew from the USA to Australia (7500 miles) with no pilot on board. The aircraft is as big as a 737 and the "pilot" flies it from the ground.
  12. Khor, that's a really good shot.
  13. Horn not working? Maybe the flap lever was correctly set but the flaps didn't extend?
  14. I thought the B737 had uncommanded rudder movements some time ago. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/news/local/737/response/
  15. Even ramjets and scramjets need fuel. The only difference is that the incoming air is "rammed" into the engine by the speed of the aircraft rather than by a stage 1 compressor. One would first need a rocket booster or something to push the aircraft to a high enough speed for the ramjet to start working.
  16. Han & Jon, thank you guy is for making life easier to bear with those lovely pics. As some MWingers call it, MWolves thread is a great attraction. Regards to Hani.
  17. Nice ones, Sneeze. Love that Gulf Air.
  18. Han and Jon, thanks for the beautiful pics. You guys are the best!
  19. Simply amazing shots, Eric. Love that Vueling c/s.
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