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  1. Nice pics and interesting info. Thanks, TK.
  2. I nominate this as the picture of the month. Well done Si Fu Norman. Somehow it looked more like Emperor putting through LeeCH's horse racing bets to the bookie hq.
  3. Thanks for the info, Capt Radzi.
  4. Shakir, all nice shots from you. Well done.
  5. That's a nice shot, Khor - different from our usual angles.
  6. Hey Syidan, I know of an MH pilot who ended up marrying the lady controller in Kuching airport. Ada apa ke?
  7. Well done, Iggy. Your camera did well in the poor light.
  8. Seth Sibu is in Sarawak state (as is Kuching) and located in the Malaysian part of Borneo. Borneo Island (it's a really BIG island) is shared between Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia,
  9. Thanks a million for the sexy shots, Pieter. Lelystad would be my kind of airport - GA planes and the Aviodrome where flightsimmers love to meet. The chopper sequence shots are just wonderful. Norman, I think the co-pilot (the one on the left) is a lady though my eyes do play tricks on me..
  10. Thanks for that beautiful shot of Hainan Airlines, Sneeze. Love the livery of China Eastern
  11. Thanks, Colin. Happy flying.
  12. Nice of you to put up those pics, Idham. Seldom get to see Senai on our forum. Here's a shot taken 10 years ago from a C172 after passing Gunung Pulai:
  13. Thanks for the beautiful WSSS right hand downwind shot and the overhead panel shot. Looks like the APU bleed button is on though the APU is normally off in that phase. Is that right?
  14. Enjoyed those Chinese babe photos, Sneeze. How about some Hainan Airline pics?
  15. Welcome aboard, Cheng Chun. Whatever news you have, we're happy to hear them since we all have the same interest. Hang in there and best of luck in your studies.
  16. Nice one, Radzi. Love the rotor sound.
  17. Very nice livery! Thanks, Radzi.
  18. I can understand how tired and worn-out you are, Izanee. Just know that I appreciate what you're doing and hopefully you are getting the satisfaction of doing something useful for mankind. But you do need a break off and on and maybe go spotting with us?
  19. Beautiful, Azman. Love the Heliconia shots.
  20. Love that pic, Jon - sharp and shining MRM.
  21. Thank you, doomo, Yukihiro-san, for the AFA shots. So it goes to Phuket too...hmmm.
  22. Damn good one, Si Fu Norman Jon, enjoyed your shots tremendously esp. the 345 heading for CKG.
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