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  1. NST very disturbing news and RIP to the victim but isn't all crew accommodation sharing ? so this leaves only a short time for the incident to happen.
  2. this is becoming much more than coincidence or "bad luck" for Qantas. Anybody knows why their mishaps are always much more graphic than the average failure ?
  3. Only found the souvenirs missing , apart from that all the rest were available on KUL/LHR leg last week (including the sandwich ) A complain would be the cabin crew did not know any other combination of cocktail apart from the generic few already on the menu ...
  4. thanks for this ! Wonder why MH placed the reg so far back , till it looks slanted due to the fuselage curvature.
  5. just wondering, why is everyone leaving their shirts untucked ?? I don't want to sound like a school teacher, but certainly it's courtesy for the public to dress appropriately ?
  6. When MH were in charge of the Rural Air Services (RAS) in Sarawak & Sabah, how did they choose the pilots for this ? I'm quite sure not many ambitious pilots would take to flying the Fokker 50 or Twin Otters. And being from the area, I've had to use the F27's & F50's for 20 years now so just curious about how thing worked before (and maybe now with the ATR ? ) The Fokker captains were usually at least 40+ and not mainly Malaysians (Japanese,Philippines,Dutch etc) but First Officers were always young Malaysians. Not quite sure about the Otters though since I'm seldom on them ...
  7. something just came to mind ... since this a380 sim is new (june/july) but has the old livery and 9M-MXA , the 738 was painted in Nov. Can it be inferred that this livery change was more of a rush job than part of a long term strategy ?
  8. I'm intrigued why MH isn't going for a unifying theme between their (new)planes and lounges ? Certainly the cabin of those 738 don't not have that tropical feel.
  9. Those who are rich, won't be free enough. And those who are free, won't be rich enough I'm certain there are a couple of people in KCH willing to do this, but will it be enough to sustain the club & maintain your planes ?
  10. Close to none. Just quote someone an hour rental, fuel price and landing fee ... I think they'll be comparing how much kampua/laksa they're able to get with that money ! And if there are people rich/free enough to go for a private PPL , they could get GGIFA from Bintulu to come everyweek or so and pick them up Or rather, they will already have licenses from Aust/NZ which I heard is a hotspot for M'sians to do their lessons.
  11. great shot guys ! too bad MH didn't take the chance to set a new standard though. I see the "simplicity" aka cheapness in the new livery now, blue in front and red at the back to match the cabin and those seat dividers in C looks like they came from a 90's Mercedes. Plain bulkheads, unchanged toilet ... why couldn't they keep with the old batik/floral style that fits in with the Malaysian identity ?
  12. thanks for the video ! but I couldn't see any damange, let alone a "broken" right wheel
  13. I agree, Firefly even has them on the storage bins ! Thankfully MasWings dosen't have this, and the drop down screens only have Tourism Malaysia videos giving a hint of gov intervention (yet still classy ) Hopefully MH dosen't try to emulate AK's strategy this time ....
  14. I think it would have been much nicer if the blue & red bands were thicker. From the video, the plane doesn't stand out as much as the previous livery. Also, why did they have to change "malaysia" to malaysiaairlines ? the new 2 tone title seems pretty cheap imho.
  15. Was initially excited by the new livery, but can't help thinking the "modern" pattern looks abit similar to Garuda (??) Expected something classier from Hibiscus/ Heliconia livery. The majority of white would seem rather out of place on a wide body (A380)
  16. Another thing is , all 3 are engineers !
  17. Was on MH389 (Shanghai - KUL)this week , and the Capt there managed to calculate the break fast time to 6.27pm (accurate to the minute!). After which the Cabin Crew began to serve meals to the Muslim passenger , approx 1 hour after we had ours
  18. just wondering, do any flight schools operate out of / use subang ? (RMAF discounted)
  19. hey guys , sorry for digging up an old thread & this is going to be OT but .. does anyone have all the callsigns of aircraft that leave subang ? incld private aircraft ? many thanks in advance !
  20. Was guessing there were putting me on a wild goose chase too Talked to the headmaster and Captain something something last time. Not very convincing .. but still looking to get my PPL though. too bad flight schools in M'sia only give lessons in batches.
  21. does the bintulu flight school offer a PTL license now ? i tried a year ago (june 2009) but was told this would only be available later since "there was a batch of china southern crew in training" at the time , and was told to try again next year.
  22. i'd agree fare price in borneo are much much higher for inter-city connection. (not to west malaysia) but i guess this is just to off set the cost of operating aircraft there. I use to fly to BTU-MYY once a month and the aircraft was always 1/4 full !
  23. wow ! thats really close for planes traveling close to 300kmh !
  24. hmmm ... i'm more interested in their salary. is the RM 27k inclusive of bonuses ? I would expect the most senior of pilots to earn more.
  25. i would say consistency lacks on MH. sometime i'll get a whole can , sometimes i'll get half a cup ... but having flown on MH for 4 years long haul (KUL-LHR) & (KUL-BTU) i'd say MH economy is pretty decent. their beef steak on international routes is absolutely tender , i've seen pax asking for seconds even ! and satay on domestic is much welcomed over their snackbox will be travelling again on those routes in a week , and hopefully the service will be the same
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