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  1. Perhaps linking them to this thread would be more straight forward. This begs the question, why would MH not have an in-house tech team to supervise / audit the building of the website as it goes along ? Did an elementary tracert on where my data goes upon starting the booking engine, and it seems to route through something called SKALI.net. Want to know what's more horrible than time-outs ? I found the data passed is NOT SECURED. Credit card info, DOB, email, names ... poofff ... if someone had a sniffer around then the data is basically handed over to them UNENCRYPTED. MAS = Mana Ada System. I've heard this mantra since '97 when they made the move to KLIA and supposedly fielded a "new" passeger handling system. Was stuck for 2 days as a young traveller then. I don't mean this as a bashing post but security wise, this is probably the worst website I've used. I believe the average wordpress blog has better security features. Also, just in case some tech people are watching in; why do you leave footers on most pages with contact info ? ie: Jeffry Elliot. j3ff@thatairline.com etc. Also much of your software remains unpatched. PATCH THEM NOW. Edit: Removed contact info. Publicly available either way.
  2. saw this trending on airliners.net and is a nice read, re: livery planning wonder if MH put the same though process into theirs.
  3. I'm all in for this, especially since I'm looking to return to S'wak after my graduation next month. Any higher range antenna though ? Willing to put in ~RM1k
  4. Why not use amphibians for inter-city routes too ? I don't know of a town/city in S'wak which dosen't have at least 1 major river running nearby. Would save the 20-30minutes car ride to the airport itself. Personally I'm hoping for Cessna Caravans instead of the Twin Otters which IMHO are too large to offer flexible (convenient) schedules.
  5. MH is a national airline / flag carrier. A uniform for "Malaysian AIrlines" would reflect that. Since when has grey been a prominent color in Malaysia ? Also whats with the 4 button vest ? I'm no fashionista but its in pretty bad taste imho. Now we have Grey + Blue as the MH colors , image see-ing a blue check in desk manned by a man in a grey suit.
  6. I'm curious as to what pilots do during cruise I once asked an ang mo MH F50 captain and he said he would start planning the next leg or fill paperwork and enjoy the scenery. This was in the 90's and for intra-borneo routes so no iPads, smart phones or Kindles ... But what would the crew of say B737 KUL-KCH or even longer haul flights do? Thanks TK if you would entertain my question
  7. Hi all, Having done my final year project looking at aerospace projects, I've been intricately interested in the way instruments relay information to the pilots. This was outside my scope of study ( was more towards lean manufacturing etc) but now that's its summer for me I guess this may as well be the best time to kick things off For example, on airspeed indicators, planes such as the spitfire and DH-106 Comet used what we have now on our car dashboards, the circular meter But on modern aircraft (military or commercial) it's the speed tape: Pic below with full credits to fellow forumer TK So when did people start moving towards this new method of displaying information , and has it been an improvement over the old method ? I've started this thread in hope of further input and will continue updating as I start digging Planning to visit all the aviation museums in the UK during my last month here
  8. You'll be suprised how many Malaysians are within Airbus, Gulfsteam or even Lockheed Martin ! Did my internship with Airbus in Filton and there were enough Malaysians there to start an unofficial "Malaysian Soc" with around 60 of us engineers. The Chinese are mostly lacking in engine technology, imho the most complicated part of a plane. As for criticizing "china products" one just has to look at how fast they reach the market. They don't spend years and years fielding a new phone. There's little bureaucracy (or quality checks:P) but that was the way it was with Western countries back in the 1920's . You made a contraception and tried to sell it asap. With the cash China is dishing out, I won't surprised when "Made in China" is a mark of quality.
  9. Is it me or does it seem that there are no window seats in First ? The only windows I see are above the foot rest and not beside the passenger
  10. +1 The article also starts off with If he could take a swipe at the German Chancellor (notoriously strict) then I think he could take a roundabout way of complimenting Airbus's automation. Doubt it. Unless MH board is seriously incompetent and hailed TF as their master straight after share swap...
  11. The bulge is just to level the A330, so there's no moving components in there. It won't be able to raise or lower itself ala AN-124 or C-5 Galaxy http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/picture-airbus-a330f-gets-blister-for-new-nose-gear-as-revised-layout-levels-cabin-floor-to-ease-211629/
  12. The best decision to come out of this "share swap" deal yet
  13. I'm sure you could spin if off to management as a "media event"
  14. 1) The MAS lounge at the Satellite terminal already has a kids/games room. They used to have a p/s2 in there as well, so what is this new renovation supposed to bring? 2) Regional lounge will be designated only for First passengers? Would C ticket holders be turned away ? 3) What's Malaysia Airport CIP lounge ?
  15. superficial, but the color red leaving MH's livery has been attributed to this AK-MH share swap. Now that it's off, can MH finally have a decent "dress" for its aircraft ?
  16. I find it odd that seaplanes or amphibians are not even considered for rural routes. Certainly a subsidized fleet of Cessna Caravans or Twin Otter with floats would be way cheaper than building an airport in the short-medium term. These transports can even be VIP converted for express flights between town/city centres from the express boat jetties.
  17. Awesome topic has been revived ! :clapping: Thanks TK ! Out of curiosity, is that a cabin video feed on the central console / electronic panel (in front of throttles?)
  18. However the recent availability of B734 certainly didn't come by surprise to certain individuals. A businessman would plan at least 5-10 years down the road. Anything less and he would have (sorry to say) a disaster such as MH.
  19. No idea why the SG gov would continue to use the F50 as a VIP transport though. Have spent 15 years flying the F27 / F50 as a passenger (intra-borneo routes) and they are atrocious for work, the best you could do would be to doze off from the constant vibrations or cabin heat ! Took my 1st flight when I was 2 weeks old and despite the shortcomings, the F50 remains my favorite aircraft. Used to take it over the ATR-72 while possible. Certainly the Lee dynasty would see sense in giving a transport aircraft where meaningful work could be done ? Or is the SG PM not worth that much ?
  20. Any verdict / official report on the incident ?
  21. Seen the MAS Wings video announcement ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=468IIVcf5b8 Skip to 48 seconds and continue watching. This is what's shown on every flight (if the screens work).
  22. Not a government apologist, but it has to be noted SG highways are built on proven ground unlike most of ours which have to cut through water logged land, hills and villages. Less we forget, the Eurofighter is commissioned by Eurofighter GmbH, by default a German entity. At present, we've no idea how much the German & British (majority shareholders @ 33% each) have poured into this program. These governments will also want to profit, hence we cannot except a "fair" price for such an advanced fighter. I am fully against money going into an undeserving pocket, but mostly I find criticism of our armed forces to be unfair.
  23. Have always thought the A380 as an ugly bird (whale jet). Yet these 2 pics are starting to sway my opinion: 1st displays a very determined nose, while the 2nd has an exceptionally elegant (mathematical) sweep and those engines !! . Definitely looking forward to riding her in August ... ugly livery or not !
  24. http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search?airlinesearch=Atlas%20Air%20%28SonAir%29&distinct_entry=true Third shot has a pic of the upper deck. Sad how Britain has rationalized it's way out of a proper VIP transport. I'm also surprised by how easily MP's here resign over the smallest misdemeanor, guess this is the true definition of a public servant.
  25. Oppss .. I did not see the disabled friendly toilet at 59H as pointed out by Mushrif. I was under the impression there was only 1 disabled toilet, which was located on the upper deck Another mistake by me, will be flying in July Just hope no equipment change since I've already switched my tickets once due to MH flip flopping on dates the A380 will fly on LHR-KUL. I wonder how they will paint their check in desks, especially at Kuching and Kota Kinabalu since they serve both domestic and international.
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