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  1. Well I don't think Engineering or Catering has a say in it, so who should share the blame with IT ? What's worse is that other parts of MH seem oblivious to the problem caused by this new booking engine. Call centre said "tiada masalah lehhh" when told I could not book KCH-SIN for end of Nov and instead had to do KCH-KUL-SIN due to company policy of flying MH. After explaining I had just flew this flight yesterday, the receptionist came out with all sort of excuses, ie: codeshare might not show, ataupun its not a daily flight.
  2. Weird that they swapped the red of the state emblem for black on the tail. The font reminds me of those used on "boutique" hotels wannabes , just dosent seem to have substance.
  3. This seems fun Scenario 1 BN wins 13th GE and DS najib retain PM Selection criteria ... As an ex-Defense Minister, decision left to RMAF generals. Possible winner : SU-30MKM to reduce lifetime cost of current fleet and maximize fleet commonality Scenario 2 PR win 13th GE with DS Anwar as PM and 2 Deputy PM's of Chinese/Indian descent. Selection criteria ... Reconciliation to Singapore as agenda. Shared defense capability in view of rising global tensions (China vs Japan etc) Possible winner : F-15 / F-16 SG. Israeli components swapped for "Buatan Malaysia" ... basically licensed stuff
  4. Actually, I think equipping aircraft with a separate electric motor on the gear would be the way to go. These things are small, don't weight more than a person, dont need gearboxes and are best at low speeds And the Malaysian government practices fair socio-economic policy ?
  5. I was seated next to a MasWings officer on a recent sector and was told the following : 1) MasWings are making a lost on domestic inter-borneo routes. Would not survive without subsidy. 2) MasWings are planning to get jets. By 2015. Apparently MH B738 ... perhaps those that were leased ? 3) The Tag line for them is to be a BIMP-EAGA community airline. Route expansion includes Philippines, Indonesia, India and Peninsular M'sia. 4) No plans for amphibious aircraft 5) Need 2 more ATR to run a efficient schedule. 6) Management office still in Subang instead of Borneo I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information , but the person seemed genuine in his passion for MasWings. I think MAS should just concentrate on being a premium airline and leave the low cost sector alone.
  6. Anybody knows what this bird is doing in BTU ? Saw her today (28/9) parked at apron around 1230. Couldn't snap pic since was in a hurry
  7. Nope Apparently their training Capt was giving joyrides in Lahad Datu during Merdeka Week. Got his hp and going to try a call tomorrow. on the website it looks like a C152. I was in the UK before and could go back to do a PPL. Mind sharing if your experience was good ? And if so, which school did you go to ? Will update if they provide equipment list
  8. Fingers crossed ! Anybody the routes this new partnership will focus on ? An interesting start would be by introducing amphibians since both M'sia & Indon are blessed with rivers / seas and most major towns are situated along either one. Not sure if B787 will make a difference. Top priority for a budget traveler is cost and schedule. if you have 5 x connections to a city compare to just 1 , equipment type won't matter.
  9. I believe this was shared somewhere before on MW (since I have the sited booked marked ) Still an awesome read ! Still hoping somebody within MH decides to do a good documentary on it's early days as MSA
  10. This is definitely unquestionable. Shame nobody submitted it to the Guinness Book of Records while it was still active. An airport that was literally in the heart of the town. Rumors have it that a new bridge / tunnel will connect the current BTU airport across the river. If this falls through, distance will be around 2KM from terminal to town center
  11. I won't mind giving it a go. Right now claiming Enrich miles takes more than a month Sorry, I meant getting a reply from Enrich takes more than a month. Only to be told "Miles have already been credited from xxx sector". Except that I was claiming miles from sector yyy
  12. How is the average age of AK's A320 8 years old ? This works out that they took delivery of all 116 A320 in 2005.
  13. I'm not sure how long the course would take, but yes tentatively going to be full time and finishing ASAP.
  14. So far I only have an estimated figure from Sabah Flying Club, and was given RM35k for completion of their PPL program. Still waiting for a proper breakdown and more info, ie: if costs change for 1 on 1 tuition and if taking the course full time or part time will make a difference. Anyone else care to join me ?
  15. thanks for that ! just went to their website and gave a call too. Seems friendly, so waiting for a breakdown of costs to come by email
  16. Hi all, hoping to get some insight into obtaining a PPL license in Malaysia. Some background : I'm a recent Engineering graduate and finally have the freedom (and finances) to take up powered flight training. I'm from Bintulu, where the ex-GGIFA school was. Since they've closed down, I was thinking of other alternatives around M'sia. Important factors for me are duration of the training and cost. I'm looking to set aside no more than 6 months to gain a PPL. I've already done some "taster" flights while in the UK and used to be part of my university gliding team. I'm open to flight schools outside the country as well if anyone has recommendations I've already looked up the DCA list for PPL training, however most places I called don't seem keen to offer 1 to 1 tuition ... or have rather inflexible times. I would also prefer to pre-study any materials I can from books instead of taking classroom sessions.
  17. Is it updated or are the graphics still like MSFS 95 ?
  18. My virgin experience on the A380 [LHR-KUL]. TR coming soon !
  19. Perhaps linking them to this thread would be more straight forward. This begs the question, why would MH not have an in-house tech team to supervise / audit the building of the website as it goes along ? Did an elementary tracert on where my data goes upon starting the booking engine, and it seems to route through something called SKALI.net. Want to know what's more horrible than time-outs ? I found the data passed is NOT SECURED. Credit card info, DOB, email, names ... poofff ... if someone had a sniffer around then the data is basically handed over to them UNENCRYPTED. MAS = Mana Ada System. I've heard this mantra since '97 when they made the move to KLIA and supposedly fielded a "new" passeger handling system. Was stuck for 2 days as a young traveller then. I don't mean this as a bashing post but security wise, this is probably the worst website I've used. I believe the average wordpress blog has better security features. Also, just in case some tech people are watching in; why do you leave footers on most pages with contact info ? ie: Jeffry Elliot. j3ff@thatairline.com etc. Also much of your software remains unpatched. PATCH THEM NOW. Edit: Removed contact info. Publicly available either way.
  20. saw this trending on airliners.net and is a nice read, re: livery planning wonder if MH put the same though process into theirs.
  21. I'm all in for this, especially since I'm looking to return to S'wak after my graduation next month. Any higher range antenna though ? Willing to put in ~RM1k
  22. Why not use amphibians for inter-city routes too ? I don't know of a town/city in S'wak which dosen't have at least 1 major river running nearby. Would save the 20-30minutes car ride to the airport itself. Personally I'm hoping for Cessna Caravans instead of the Twin Otters which IMHO are too large to offer flexible (convenient) schedules.
  23. MH is a national airline / flag carrier. A uniform for "Malaysian AIrlines" would reflect that. Since when has grey been a prominent color in Malaysia ? Also whats with the 4 button vest ? I'm no fashionista but its in pretty bad taste imho. Now we have Grey + Blue as the MH colors , image see-ing a blue check in desk manned by a man in a grey suit.
  24. I'm curious as to what pilots do during cruise I once asked an ang mo MH F50 captain and he said he would start planning the next leg or fill paperwork and enjoy the scenery. This was in the 90's and for intra-borneo routes so no iPads, smart phones or Kindles ... But what would the crew of say B737 KUL-KCH or even longer haul flights do? Thanks TK if you would entertain my question
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