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  1. Since the last renovation of MH Satellite Lounge I've been using the CX lounge (because of the self service bar ) Can anyone confirm CX is now exclusively for Platinum members ?
  2. Not only that, the restaurants now have rattan wrapped iPad "menus" . couple of bugs, mine was displaying a room service menu , and when given a new one it didn't have prices. Point to order over WiFi also missed since the WiFi was down Best of luck to Sama-sama but already missing the Pan Pacific
  3. my flights from June 2012 have not been credited, despite filling in on Enrich Online, calling and sending them an excel file with all the details Current backlog at 25 flights ....
  4. Thanks, I assume forumers who are attending before 29/3 are all on Trade passes as well ? The last LIMA I went to was in 1997 (?) so just checking if there are any document checks for those with Trade passes
  5. Impromptu decision to try and get to LIMA'13 Won't be able to make the weekend for "Public" ... anybody knows if there is a criteria for people to register as a "Trade Visitor" ? If it helps, currently working as an engineer for a petroleum company
  6. hmmm .. someone who registered just to ask this question (and no other posts)
  7. A slightly salty version of fresh air limau would be perfect. Can be served, hot, cold .. mixed with soda or just water
  8. fantastic livery ! Something I feel Ironman or Captain America will have no qualms flying in
  9. IMHO the factors in the article paints the whole picture, but the main reason / subject for this Controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) would be disregard of instruments by flight crew. Why would they think the equipment was malfunctioning ? Is Russian technology so prone to failure ? I thought after the Ɯberlingen mid-air collision, the Russians have been trained to rely more on instruments over human directions. (ATC okay-ing 6000ft)
  10. Amazing shots !! Really curious what aircraft is this ? EDIT: Heh .. just noticed while typing ... there's an image of a blimp in the lower screen Probably explains how the Captain can have her hand resting/pushing down on the control stick
  11. And now the wait begins ...
  12. Looks good. It lists the frequency range but I'm not sure who else will be on there. Able to pick up Police/Bomba ? the SBS 3 pointed out by Gavin lists Maplin as a distributor. Will give them a ring tomorrow and see if they can have it sent to store
  13. hope the weapons + helmets are just there for the photoshoot and not compulsory to literally "hand carry" throughout the flight.
  14. UK vs M'sia KFC : UK Menu Includes : Baked Beans, Corn, Gravy, Chicken Strip, "Hot Wings" (half chicken wings), Smoothies , Bacon on Zinger Buger Uk Menu Excludes : Mash Potato, "Spicy" style Chicken , Buns, Snack Plate/Dinner plate combo. KFC in M'sia is so much nicer though. In the UK it feels like the chicken was left to soak in oil before serving No crunch & meat that oozes liquid
  15. Thinking of getting an ads-b receiver this month. Anyone suggest a good one ? Can these receive radio transmissions as well ? Traveling to the UK so "importing" shouldn't be a problem.
  16. No. I flew in Oct and it was B734. Had a flight to BTU-KUL-BTU 2 days ago which was served by B738. Outbound : 9M-MXK [brilliantly comfortable with new seats, clear windows + IFE ] Inbound : 9M-FFE [Crap seats, crap legroom. B734 beats this any day ]
  17. As a UK trained engineer, who worked on a project sponsored by RR aerospace I have to mention these engines are put together in the UK by 17-19 year old apprentices. Out of an assembly line of 50 people, at most only 2 will have university degrees, who do the inspection. The BBC Series "How To Build" has an episode on this too. IMHO, RR deciding on Singapore was due to them already having a strong foot hold there in terms of personnel & equipment. Not to mention the numerous supply contracts they have to the Republic of Singapore Air Force.
  18. [Taken in KCH] My return ride to BTU. Naked gear without her covering Also saw a Falcon 7X with VP (or VQ) reg holding for take off when we landed. Couldn't get a shot but wondering if anyone knows which craft it could be ?
  19. anybody knows what 9M-GIF is doing in Kuching ? Seems to be the only Cessna gone from ex-GGIFA flight school hanger.
  20. able to change select seats while checking in with flymas.mobi. just had a flight yesterday
  21. A 2 month + update. Have not even gotten a taster flight yet. Sabah Flying Club Cessna has been grounded due to faulty instrumentation. Feedback is very slow, and currently considering Aust as an alternate.
  22. I'm surprised AK included weight. Even Ryanair only does size restrictions at least when I last flew them early this year. My backpack easily weights more than 7kg, with laptop (ancient), cams and lenses alone.
  23. Finishing of new J seats is quite poor. Loose panels & screws on 4 of the 6 seats booked. Comfort wise I didn't notice a difference between the new and old. Has to be noted that on the new J, the seat locks up once the table is taken out of the armrest. So you're pretty much stuck until the flight attendant clears the table. Also no guava juice for inbound KUL flights.
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