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  1. Twice I've been on MAS a380 and economy class seat was disgusting... Bits of vomit not cleaned from the table. There was a smell of old vomit throughout the flight. We had to clean the table with our wet wipes before we could even use it. Cost cutting was showing even in 2013


    I'm frequently on long haul (including A380) and short haul on MH Business / Economy . Cleanliness didn't use to be a problem until around 2013 ? Nowadays seats look as if there havent been wiped down for weeks, and grime on IFE controller is a given (in any class).


    Have you guys ever see the aircraft cleaners at work? I wouldn't call it cost cutting as it happens all the time.


    Yeap, the team of 6-7 people are always there. Problem is I've no idea what they've been doing during the 40 minute turn around time. MasWings planes are downright filthy, though I've never tried Firefly or any other prop service in M'sia.


    Going to give AK some credit there in saying they at least have clean interiors !

  2. I went to Jakarta last month and I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Kemayoran area. I looked at the area and found out this area which appeared to be rather green and different from the slump housing around Jakarta and suspected it looked like an airport.



    Thanks !!! Didn't know this till today ... even though I've read the name so many times over during my childhood. Makes much more sense now :D (No access to Google in the early 90's)


    Flight 714 - Adventures of Tintin





    It is a sinking ship and there is at least 3 captains - the old CEO, the CRO and the new Irish CEO. So who is actually the one in charged here? Does the CRO reporting to the new CEO? Or the new CEO is reporting to the CRO? And just imagine the overlapping in the job scope that will happen.



    How about the Admirals & Captains at Khazanah ? Not forgetting if "MAS Act" passes, then we may be blessed with a Minister or three to ensure everything runs smoothly ;)

  4. I've always had all my HIlton stays credited into my Enrich account, maybe check to see if your MyWay preferences are set at miles + points?


    Yeap, had it set that way for the past 2 years (HHonors) but decided to switch to points + points since it never worked for me !


    Slightly OT, but does any other FFP offer status matching with Enrich / OneWorld Sapphire ?

  5. Gold not good enough la for Suzanne


    I've also been facing problems claiming a recent CX J flight with Enrich, usually all my miles post into Enrich without a problem.


    Anybody managed to have Enrich miles posted from Seri Pacific (ex-Pan Pacific next to PWTC) or Hilton (HHonors Diamond) offers ?


    Despite making sure my Enrich number was recorded down , never had it posted once from any hotels.

  6. Was here a few days ago, for me it feels like a toned-down "RIMBA" concept.



    "Check In" - No Boarding Announcements Sir



    Entrance Corridor











    No significant change to toilets. Shower tiles same as before ... Old & Stained



    New Soda Fountain. Strange they could not buy one with an Ice-Dispenser ala Nandos. Pressure is abit high so drinks tend to spill straight into the bowl of ice provided.



    On the day, Buffet of Chicken Rice + Roast Chicken + Condiments. Not bad and a nice change. Noddle Station was BeeHoon Soup or Mee Curry.



    IMHO this is the biggest disappointment in the lounge. Instant Coffee, and with no fridge you can't add milk to Black Coffee. White Coffee was tooo sweet (tastes like kopiko sweets) and Soya Bean Milk was lumpy and tasted closer to flour.



    Back Counter. Note less choices on this Coffee Beverage Machine



    New Massage Area ?



    What I think is a massage area had a lady in MAS uniform stationed inside. Unfortunately she was camping behind one of these recliners, watching videos on her HP (without headphone mind you!) and chatting with the cleaners ever so often. When I was leaving the group of 3 was enjoying a little picnic, complete with handphone music and loud gossips. Perhaps to give first time visitors a "Pasar Malam" vibe ? :p No attempt or signage to indicate what is offered here.

  7. RayaniAir seating config. with all Economy 169 ( Y) posted on their fb today. Looks like it's a former MAS 734.




    Going through their FB page :


    1) @yahoo address for contact

    2) Route Map shows Melaka - Kuching but graphic is Melaka - Mukah. No airport there is B734 capable

    3) Many copyright infringements


    Another Silverfly in the making ? The mind boggles as to how people continue to imagine the airlines business as something they can learn on the go

  8. It's a reskinning exercise. The guts (that is the booking engine) remains the same.


    Was booking a flight yesterday.


    Still lacks user-friendly-ness, ie: When selecting Date, the Calender pops up. Nice ... until you only want a one way ticket, and you'd have to start the process again to tick "One Way" .

  9. How was the crowd for the Red Bull air race.




    A 5/10 rating for Qualifying Day IMHO.


    Will post what little pictures I have tommorow. But overall I'd say the event could do with much better publicity. ie: Free shuttle service within Putrajay that day, but with only ONE sign, which is at one of the bays @ Putrajaya Sentral. Only mention of this service is on putrajaya council website posted just the day BEFORE. Had to search as Help Desk had no idea when the shuttle was going to turn up/interval.

  10. @Zamir, where is this open air spotting place located? Land side accessible? Great photos!


    It's the "verendah" for Check In Area @ KLIA2 :p


    In a few months will be seating area for the various eateries ... so not sure if it'll remain free access.

  11. Quite a fast pace restructuring (28 May), I wonder if there is a timeline to get these things sorted out. Hopefully nothing is rushed out (if it does, for what and for whose benefit?)


    I am putting my money that the Brahim contract will be terminated. This is the most highly publicised unfair contract that MH signed in the past and if it passes through due to Badawi or whatever reason, then this so called restructuring is a BS. Hoping the management/media to expose other contracts with the same nature that were somehow well kept from the knowledge of the curious public.


    It is refreshing to read MH admits that it has excess staff, something that they never acknowledge in the past.


    But the staff cutting target is rather low, only 10% from 20,000 = 2,000 staff. IJ's past VSS in 2006 recorded a better number, 6,500 were offloaded from the payroll.


    Looking forward for the development comes 28 May. This whole reboot is quite drastic so we will witness a lot of drama unfolding.


    On staffing, they probably don't want to rock the boat too much. Just hope the 10% are selected based on "past performance" and not merely (old) age !

  12. Who's going and which tickets you have bought? I can see that only Zone A tickets are for sale online...RM169 for weekend. Would like to know if there are other cheaper zones or with a better view if all zones are similar priced. :rolleyes:


    Mine is the RM85 for just qualifying day. Zone A (Ticketpro.com.my)


    Saw someone on lowyat selling for RM50 Zone D , but ticket dosen't look like the one I have (no color, barcode) so abit doubtful.

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