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  1. oh yes baby !! :yahoo: now I can visit my gf in aust with sooooo much ease
  2. i miss that sound! used to be on a F50 at least once a week while i was still in s'wak :)
  3. just back from Bintulu airport ... and saw that they we're constructing a single story block that's suppose to be their classrooms (no planes yet for now )
  4. yeap...heard about this since last year . planning to take up a PPL during my summer holidays ... according to the instructors , they will be helicopters n fighters as well
  5. Loved the way they potrayed the KLM captain ... esp when he told the crew to find those 4 missing passengers. They missed the tour guide tho ...
  6. Now it's just an empty piece of land . Normally used for events/ fairs [eg;Kite Festival] Other times can take ur car to play a lil drag racing because there's no gate and nobody guarding the place.
  7. I'm from BTU Shot with my 1st cam (Take note of the third F50 landing) (Nicely lined up)
  8. when i was a kid i would get my mom to ask for me , the friendly flightcrew would always oblige MH and Royal Brunei . Now i'm in form 5 ... tried asking myself , no luck
  9. 1st choice :An-225 Mriya 2nd choice : T7
  10. new BTU airport currently has the longest and widest runway in S'wak . Sorry no figures ... just taking the goverment's word for it
  11. Sorry a lil out of topic , but i'm curious about what happened to the MH f-50 ?
  12. borrow thread Where can i get more of these ATC transmissions ? Any Malaysian 1's ?
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