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  1. Suzuki san , great to have you back in KUL. Im glad you enjoyed your trip and had many great shots. I had few to share some shots from Narita shot in October. Starting with Lccs 1. Vanilla Air 2. Spring Air Japan Next, something rare for me. ANA Connection Air Tahiti Nui
  2. Most FSC charge full 1 way fare. Where by promo fare are usually return ticket.
  3. Actually EY416/413 has been operated by Jet Airways Aircraft (A6-EYA/EYC) all these while. But great to see 77W back operating EY418
  4. Great shot iwan. Regarding raw, get faster memory card. Shooting raw only give u added advantage in editing. Thats why file size is huge.
  5. The FF series and earlier ML series should be going first. Those ML series with new livery now probably gonna stay long term.
  6. I dont have that issue of bring bottle to Australia with my recent trip to Sydney
  7. MH cant afford to reduce the 772 fleet as of now. They are going back into service after some checks.
  8. Thanks Mir. Do keep us posted for the arrival time.
  9. Next year will be our 10th anniversary. We should plan big for that. What should be do? I was thinking , next year we should go spotting on a boat in HKG. That would be fun.
  10. Walter, The haze was actually bad. And it rain for about 45 mins later in the afternoon . Overall, we had great time with accompany from Vietnam. Now we are looking forward for the 10th Anniversary which will be 27th June 2015.
  11. MW anniversary is less than a week away. Looking forward to meet everyone again. Since 14/15 is in use now. I suggest in the morning we can gather at the Lakeside next to Jalan Pekeliling
  12. Kenneth, prior entering the aircraft . At the door, look up. Most Boeing aircraft has it. Airbus don't have I think. Never see any on Airasia
  13. The finale.. Soon the door "closed" , we proceed to Domestic Golden Lounge where they had the press conference and photo session. Question and answers , you can refer to the newspaper. KS Ong took the opportunity to get some autographs. The Pilots The Cabin Crews The Managements The end Thanks for viewing.
  14. Likely its true. AHH could also be going off on lease to the Irish
  15. 9M-XXR delivered yesterday . Arriving from Singapore as XAX689
  16. Continuation... As we leave long after everyone left the tarmac, we proceed to the door waiting for all passenger to disembark the aircraft and MAS CEO to enter the aircraft. Everyone rushed into the aircraft and we caught stranded outside. When we managed to enter the aircraft as everyone leaves, the mini celebration has ended. Hence , we loiter around the aircraft. Ong cover the aircraft at the front while i cover the back. And some final pic of the cabin To be continue...
  17. Malaysia Airlines has been operating Boeing 737 for a long time . From -200 , -300 ,-500 ,-700, -400 and -800 series. Now they are retiring their -400 and operating solely on their -800NG. 9M-MQA was the last lady that operates the last flight arriving from Penang. With 85 pax , 8 crew and 1 lain lain onboard touched town runway 14L at about 9.40pm. Here are some shots of MQA taxi to gate. To be continue...
  18. Vietjet was suppose to be Airasia Vietnam
  19. Reposting.. Mods, pls delete the above
  20. http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=7826059 I got it arriving from SGN.
  21. It came from Brunei. Sultan of Brunei should be heading to Kuala Kangsar. Expect her departure maybe tonight?
  22. The Russian winglet look different because it isnt a 757. Its TU-204
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