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  1. The company that i worked for prefer Oman Air to singapore as they provides really early flight just in time for a morning meeting at the office in Singapore. Then they will book SQ flights back. Fare is good for companies though who do not use low cost airlines.
  2. Actually Oman air KUL-SIN-KUL timing is really good for day tripper.
  3. Azizul, do you have any info from your rumours department that is there a high percentage that the aircraft will be swap? Need that info if you have as I'm gonna book a flight just to fly on their 777. Cheers!
  4. VN cabin crew was ok I thought . They rarely smile, but they get their job done. Attentive , every request I made I got an answer. Plus the amazing low fare. I won't complain. Only their ground staff isn't good.
  5. Air France 240 switched to 77W today and in Skyteam colour. 9M-AJS was previously with Philippine Air Asia Biman A310. Wished the 3 engine aircraft were still here.
  6. I would still wanna see them continue flying their 757 as long as they could. A320 is everywhere.
  7. Aircraft own by Malaysia. With 9M rego still on.
  8. One of the A340 still parked over at MAS Hangar. Last seen on 7 Feb.
  9. Surprised with Iraqi A330 now in full colour Jetstar Asia sent "Asia's got talent " livery
  10. Indonesian President Jokowi departing on this blue sky morning to Brunei. Callsign : Indon Air Force One. Thanks Mir for letting us know her arr/dep time.
  11. Thanks Mir. Will try catch it tmr
  12. January is always a pleasant month to visit bangkok. Clear blue sky. Cooling weather especially in the morning where one can experience 18 deg of breeze. What more, winter season hence more exotic traffic to BKK. Starting off with the home base airlines. 747s Orient Thai. Used to wear Saudi livery. Thai A380 A340 787 A320 Transferred from Thai Smiles. Ribbon livery used to be on still can be seen.
  13. With oil price being low for now. Picking up used aircraft more feasible for short term replacement? Aircraft such as A340-500 should be good for long haul sector.
  14. Manyak bagus, Azahan! Good job.
  15. Their A330 is good. They used to fly their 757 here is crap. Good to see them back.
  16. Wingview from the first row of Economy class. Lav corridor A sample of the lavatory
  17. After an hour of waiting, we proceed back to the aerobridge preparing to enter the cabin. 3 very friendly cabin crew requested a photo of them We were not the only few that gonna enter the cabin before all passenger.
  18. As the aircraft landed, taxi pass Anjung Tinjau and coming towards gate C12. Here's video of her arriving to gate.
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