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  1. Woohoo! the big birdy has just landed at 1840 hrs
  2. I was there to spot today China Airliness! Silly Langkah A340 Weird looking nose on Quek Quek Vietnam A321 dunno wat plane is this.. never see before.. lol. MAS Cargo And before i leave.. Thats all.. Pictures were poor today.. use wrong setting. When viewing on camera was ok.. transfer to pc is.. terrible.. Sighh
  3. not a bad idea also. at lease we now can change from Aircraft spotting to bikini spotting. haha
  4. there is no Rm50 for Gold Coast . I just book the XL seat. for both flight. costing me Rm3209 inc tax. den add another 20 for luggage. total Rm3229. ahh!! business class without service! haha. i manage to search Rm50 to Gold Coast and rm4** from gold coast though.. add up including tax is Rm1141. not bad right?
  5. Hi guys! this is my first time doing spotting . so, pictures wont be nice.. haha.. hope to improve more soon. on my way to weather station who is this? lol.. big bird coming!! prepare 9V-SRG arriving from singapore Big bro from Frankfurt cathay on the way back to hkg After this, i went around LCCT. and dint feel like going home yet, so i go back to the spot and continue! but the sky is getting dark, i had no choice to leave as im being to generous to feed those mosquitoes.. 9V-SRG leaving for singapore Thats all for now. Thank you
  6. Cut meal for flight less than 4 hours? thats suffering! even for flight 1 hour from wmkk to wsss without meal also suffering! i must eat onboard!! haha..
  7. Hon Kit

    AirAsia X

    Since its first flight is after raya, what is the plane gonna be doing? pose infront of lcct? of pilot start doing some training onboard?
  8. Hon Kit

    AirAsia X

    sad thing is , no inflight entertainment.. haha
  9. if there is anymore girls, get 1 for me too? lunch on me! haha..
  10. Hey bro, may i know how did u get the SQ's silverkris issue?
  11. Changi indeed improved alot. while KLIA... dont deserve to be in that list...
  12. woo hoo! great shot!! the 1st picture looks like in flight sim.. haha
  13. i just bought a ticket to kota bahru from lcct. 1 way rm69. and i book twice for the return. total only rm138!
  14. wah.. u get to go into the Volga. i left perth on 15th july and i only get to view it from the terminal. nice shot u have there.. very nice
  15. Has the bid started? I feel like bidding.. I want to be the first to fly!!
  16. ah! cant seem to find any RM88 for kl -sydney. its Rm488
  17. did anyone kena hand luggage weighing? the last time i was on a flight to perth , my hand luggage was wayyy over 10kg.
  18. hi there, in my opinion i 'll take the 1st option. its cheaper and dont hv to spend a night.
  19. oh yes! now i got it.. look at the wing , and windshield wat a great spammer.. well, if i dont know , i got to ask. if i know , i wont ask. if u dont know, and dont ask, there's sumthing wrong with ur brain there buddy.......... no offense. yeah ! i knew that way. but sometimes, not all planes have the label there. so, im trying to know how to differentiate just looking at the body, not lable.
  20. As topic above, how do u differentiate between those 2 model. I kept comparing both aircraft picture, i dont see any different between this 2 model.
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