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  1. I hope it really does speed up the baggage drop process. Especially in the mornings
  2. I called my bank for help last month actually for help and they are gonna investigate on that before heading to Rayani office. Then only when i received my statement and saw the credit were already in. So i didnt bother to go to Rayani office to collect the cheque.
  3. I went to the office in Shah alam to collect my refund. There were only 4 staff there handling refund. I was told to collect the check 3 days later and the cheque are dated 30 June. Reason being was, the CEO found a investor and the investor would pump in some money and then from 30 June onwards only they will have the cashflow for payout. Not sure how true, shall wait and see.
  4. Cikgu Kenneth, you can reach there from airport. Go to Departure floor gate 2, take bus 306. You should reach there after 1-2 stops. Once you get down, you will need to walk up to the obs deck. Its call Mt Osung obs deck.
  5. Onboard Qatar A350 Front the front From the rear From the hidden compartment Looking outside
  6. Went there on 2nd day of trade day. 17 Feb
  7. Suzuki san, very very nice catch! Lots of interesting traffic you caught!
  8. Happy 2016 guys! On 9 January , a bunch of us start off the day very early even before the sunrise. My first time spotting in dawn. Enjoy Take a guess who they are. To be continue.
  9. Nice nice catch, Francis!
  10. Hi Jason, We have finalized our poll. Our next Malaysianwings anniversary will be held in Hong Kong
  11. 9m-xac by Hon Kit, on Flickr 9m-xab2 by Hon Kit, on Flickr And when they were in their original dress
  12. Yup.. Caught her landing at KUL yesterday still in current livery
  13. 14/11 Great sunny day , so happen to pass by KUL to catch this one. Mahan Air A340-600. The last 747SP standing. Iran Air 15/11 Not the ideal spotting weather to start with. But great effect on aircraft and also an unusual traffic that encourage me to rush over for a quick stopover. Some nice effects over the wing Dark dark sky behind and some vapour over the wing. Not too long to go before BA swap this 777 for dreamliner. Biman sends its 772 today from the usual A310. Last but not least, the main dish for today. IL96. Many thanks to Syafiq for informing on her arrival.
  14. Nowadays AK to HKG also not that expensive anymore. Used to be quite high averaging Rm100-200 lower than FSC. But now could easily get Rm450-Rm500 to HKG return. Of course cant compare when they having super sale like Rm250 return.
  15. 9M-XAA should be end of lease by now right? Have not seen it flying for awhile now and not seen sitting in Klia. Any idea ?
  16. Hi all, Please vote only if you're genuinely attending. Thanks.
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