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  1. Fabulous! Anyone know when she leaves & what time exactly?
  2. Can't help but note the irony that the name on the fuselage says "Batik Malaysia" whereas the motif on the tail is anything but! (Anyhow, looking forward to flying them sometime soon....)
  3. Despite MH149 being the last scheduled flight, I noticed from Flightradar24 that the last one to physically depart KUL was actually MH123. (Preceding it was MH20 and before it, MH149.) Bye-bye, MAS!
  4. Hahaha....cross lagi. Presumably so. Thanks!
  5. Anyone know which would be the last MAS flight to operate under the old/original Air Operators Certificate (AOC)? Edit: OK, just saw Ashley's post and checked out the Instagram. MH149 KUL-MEL it is.
  6. Makes for an interesting comparison of wing sweep and high-lift devices!
  7. Hi! I've noticed for sometime that Firefly's 9M-FYA always operates with callsign HANUMI. Anyone knows why this is the case? Thanks in advance!
  8. Just wondering if anyone knows what would the norm be to change arrival/departure procedures and/or (I believe it has happened too with the opening of klia2) add new waypoints? Can DCA unilaterally change or create them, or are there the rules of international governing bodies that need to be observed? Cheers!
  9. On top of the hardware already being discussed, revisit core values that once instilled a clear sense of pride among the crew to be part of MAS and from which we consistently got great service. Any airline can offer money, but the sense of being part of your airline - your flag carrier - gives you a distinctive edge in terms of service.
  10. Superb! (Glad to know we have a 787 operating to KUL now.)
  11. 1755hrs: Seems like we're back to 32L and intriguingly, less holding cf. the last few days despite the evening congestion. Is that a coincidence?
  12. Happened to log onto FR24 at around 14:50hrs and was surprised to see just how many aircraft were being put on hold. Anyone have an inkling what's going on?
  13. Just wondering.....how is it that Malindo Air's ATR72s show up on FR24 when Firefly's don't? Do some ATR72s have ADS-B, and others don't? (As always, many thanks in advance.) P/S:- Anyone notice FR24 picks up heli's too these days?
  14. Fa Fantastic - thanks for sharing!
  15. Non-standard phraseology aside, was it ever likely that ATC would clear the aircraft to descend to just 400ft.? Just wondering.....thanks!
  16. I still think MAS' logo looks best on the 747. Maybe it's the tail's proportions. :-)
  17. Can anyone recall what equipment did JAL use into SZB after it moved on from the DC8? Many thanks in advance.
  18. Depends on your propensity to walk!! Nearer Runway 15, it's about 3.5KM from Skypark; on the opposite side, near the seafood restaurant, it's about 1.5KM.
  19. Doc, do we know why Tun wanted to call it Pacific Eagle? Did that have anything to do with a target market?
  20. KC, Really love your shot of the three liveries!
  21. I arrived beside RWY15 just after 5pm, only to see the RTAF C-130 lining up. I deduce that must've been you guys, then, I saw - with the cameras and "elevation extension" devices? - and walkie-talkie too? (Myself, but a casual spotter - I do head down there once in a while, when I can. For someone outside the industry, seems like a lot of good fun.)
  22. Anyone noticed BKK has T-VTBS2 tracking movements there?
  23. I wonder if they would do inflight sales of Indonesian batik.
  24. Apart from their Nos.1 and 2 and a myriad of delegates, Gazprom even flew in ice-skaters for their exhibition stand at the 25th World Gas Conference (WGC) earlier this week - didn't quite realise they needed two (three?) planes though!!
  25. Maybe one will be assigned to operate LH782/3 in the near future!!
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