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  1. Just steering back to the topic for a bit - what are the chances that AirAsia X MY will get most of the A321NeoLR orders, while AirAsia X TH gets most of the A330Neo orders? 50%? 75%
  2. We may just see something like Scoot's business class introduced for the a321XLRs. Unless they will still use the same J seats as the a330s.
  3. You guys are tickling my funny bone haha. But back to the AAX a321XLR - i forsee this will go to the chinese cities first for AAX, while the a330Neo will be slotted for the europe expansion out of Bangkok for TAAX. Maybe even for FUK. Also the a321XLR could mean the return of KTM. Maybe. The only question is when the smaller jets be EIS for AAX. My dream of seeing an X on a smaller jet is coming true.
  4. I wonder which AK routes will get the a321s first. Also I wonder if D7 will take on the a321s and deploy it for long and thin routes for seasonal purposes. Hokkaido can work with the high density a321 when the a330 is too much i feel.
  5. I feel its more like for US-friendly nations that wants the Y-12F but do not want to be seen buying from China. I dont know -world economic relations is a tricky thing Not sure about aircrafts. Maybe aircraft parts?
  6. I do like the STOL capability - 540 meters. This could be a great option for bringing cargo into Pangkor/Tioman. Seeing it can carry 3 x LD3. Closer to ASEAN countries? Doesnt answer for ME and African countries though.... Maybe it also to remove the stigma of a China brand?
  7. https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2019/05/490968/malaysia-set-be-top-distributor-y-12f-plane TIL that we are going to start production of the Y-12F in Malaysia. Is this one of the reason Kedah is pushing Kulim International hard? Even so, this is good news for the Malaysian Aviation scene.
  8. Just for fun, does anyone has the a320/321 in MH standard livery? Also moving to an all-airbus fleet can be both costly in the beginning and cheaper in the long run. I think there will be a big investment in re-training, but later on swapping between the a320/a330/a350 is easier. But then i'm talking as a layman fan here - anyone more qualified want to chime in?
  9. AirAsia, the region’s largest low-cost carrier, may set up a base in Macau to serve Chinese travellers, becoming the first foreign airline to throw its hat into the ring since a January policy that ended Air Macau’s quarter-century monopoly in the gambling hub. “Entering China could be via Macau,” said AirAsia’s founder and chief executive Tony Fernandes, in an interview with South China Morning Post during Credit Suisse’s Asia Investment Conference in Hong Kong. “We do not have to be in mainland China, but being in Macau is like being in China.” A base in Macau – the first toehold in China for the Kuala Lumpur-based carrier since an inaugural service in 2004 – would put the airline within easy reach of Chinese travellers, who are expected to make 400 million trips by 2030, more than double the 145 million trips they made in 2017, according to a forecast by online rental platform Cozystay. https://www.scmp.com/business/companies/article/3003420/airasia-says-it-may-set-base-macau-first-overseas-carrier-throw
  10. The lights or the fence? From where i took the photo, the build-up is in between the lights, and forcasting the height of the deck, it should be above the tiang. Similar effect with climbing up a ladder on top of a pickup. It should also be just after the green building just in the perimeter.
  11. Went by Jalan Pekeliling, and ascertained the exact location of the planespotter deck: Also here are some live construction views (which is without people as it was lunch time): I wonder if MAHB will be tarring the site next to the construction for parking, as it is lower than the street. The canopy may be a good thing at this location, as it doesnt really obstruct views of planes landing. Plus it is a good sun shield as well. But yeah, we need maybe an Express Santan or Family Mart to open there. Express because the deck looks small.
  12. Do we have any images for the ramp? Is it the same/similar to the ones US airport uses? It is definitely barrier-free friendly rather than steep stairs.
  13. Wonder if this could be a catalyst for MAS to convert to an all-Airbus fleet. But the 25 orders are firm yes? I did read somewhere MAS is looking to finance for 8 planes. Is that not part of the 25+25?
  14. Question to everyone - does anyone remember which livery landed in which airport in its heyday? I know Landor was a visitor to SZB when it was still KUL, but did the BOAC livery arrived here? And did the Landor landed in KLIA?
  15. Is this the official rendering or a proposed design? I do wonder where will this be. And will they create a parking area for people to park their cars? Being elevated is great (no more ladders!). I agree with Azizul - there should be a functional ground floor. Even if it is just a place with tables and vending machines. Unless MWings wants to open a mobile store selling drinks...
  16. Not saying KA is an LCC. As in handing over the NRT-KUL route to Zipair tokyo, like how cathay handed KL to Cathay Dragon. Speaking of which, how is the load for JAL NRT-KUL?
  17. http://www.frontdesk.com.my/index.php/2019/03/09/klia-to-have-planespotter-deck-for-enthusiasts/ Finally, after so many years. Just hope this will not be a 'build-it and forget-it' kind of deal. I reckon it will be at that open space next to the 32L approach.
  18. Wonder if Zipair Tokyo will be to JAL what Scoot is to SQ and take over certain routes from the mother company. And will it have KUL be like Cathay and Cathay Dragon.
  19. Did AirAsia X finalise the decision on the A321Neo? Or all a321neos will be heading to AK? Haven't seen any reports confirming or denying that.
  20. With a fleet of 320 and 321 Neos, i think that would be a great thing for flexibility. More pax with the same frequency for some routes. Or even better, can intro thinner routes with decent frequency. Last i recall reading here, they are still holding on to the booking. And the B787 may just be the carrot for A to sell them the 330Neo that Tony wanted.
  21. Unfortunately we are still at an impasse over the A339 order by Tony: https://www.nst.com.my/business/2018/07/387817/airasia-airbus-deadlock-over-multi-billion-dollar-order#cxrecs_s
  22. Sorry for pulling this thread from the mothballs. Just saw an episode of Heathrow: Britain's Busiest Airport, and they were talking about the inaugral to KUL. https://youtu.be/y3-USmQ0Hqg?t=2135 At least they managed to catch up and arrived on time in KL.
  23. In October, Airbus announced the acquisition of Bombardier’s next-generation C Series airliner. Now, it looks like Airbus is thinking about renaming its new jet. The Bombardier C Series may soon be renamed the A200-family, sources told Bloomberg’s Benjamin D Katz and Frederic Tomesco. More specifically, the CS100 and CS300 would be redesignated the A210 and A230. https://www.businessinsider.my/airbus-to-rename-bombardier-c-series-the-a200-report-2018-4/?r=US&IR=T
  24. Wonder how will the seats come into play on D7 flights.
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