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  1. yes im sure..it's not the prerecorded one..Im really sure..
  2. Omg!..i really love the safety demonstration announcement...Exactly like those!.. Em. can i ask something.. On My flight to ISTANBUL in December 2005,All the announcement are/is made by the pilot.. Excluding the safety demonstration.. Both for Outbound and Inbound.. I had the same crew for both flight and the same Pilot are making the announcement.. Does the cabin crew doesn't make announcement on the A330's??
  3. I heard a man smashed the overhead thing JUST to get the oxygen mask.. is it? and some say that some of the oxygen mask wasn't working normally..
  4. The Promenade,Kota Kinabalu i guess.. cause in July 2007,i went to K.K and stay at the Promenade.I saw a group of MAS Cabin crews..
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