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  1. thats a rare catch u got there...semper fidelis
  2. Went to MTB yesterday in gloomy weather... pardon me for the quality hehe
  3. WOW!! great catch guys...
  4. Well no ...not that day...its empty during my visit at noon...but many fixed wing all around though... wmkm such a busy place after all hehe
  5. Glad you guys like it... also present that day...
  6. here you go guys...happens to be visiting melaka tower that day
  7. Thank you sirr *salute* Thank you flee.. can't believe I've forgotten about that thread...haishh
  8. Nice set Mdsaleh & Flee!! care to share the setting used?
  9. The tech crew consist of our own local boys which is MAS tech crew
  10. agreed.... who ever invited is really is very very lucky ... spotting session anyone?
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