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  1. She got cute ice cream from cutest staff! =P @ R&R Genting Sempah https://t.co/5F2epeH6gJ

  2. After 1 week plus this construction has been abandoned, time to resume construction. #MyLego #10243 http://t.co/J6VpkhTqw8

  3. RT @_naim RT @NatGeo: Photos: Inside the Hajj, one of earth's largest gatherings http://t.co/66XHZYKfDP

  4. From one house to another house. Good night zzZZzz. @ Bandar Tanah Merah,Kelantan http://t.co/Mhlo6w8KOH

  5. Uhhh nama siapa kena jual ni... Lelong lelong lelong... #KekLapisSarawak http://t.co/6P4kcJr4qD

  6. So 8 days to Check Day, today is trial... 13 aircrafts need to control in Sarawak Airspace. http://t.co/7CltqbBqqW

  7. RT @nudya_ Road accident are more often happen than air accident but does it stop you from driving a car or riding a bike?

  8. I'm at Damai Beach Resort (Kuching, Sarawak) http://t.co/lRWFR25XdM

  9. Day 10, exercise 12, 11 aircrafts & simulate radar failure. (@ Department of Civil Aviation Kuching) http://t.co/orGMvadf8s

  10. Tak pernah tengok di Semenanjung setakat ni. Tapi begitu famous di Sarawak. #NasiKerabu http://t.co/NQszI5r8PZ

  11. In few minutes, Kuching Radar Controller say "Malaysia 2521, radar service terminated, contact… http://t.co/d2K4ibYIkQ

  12. Some remain here some not... (@ Youth Floor) http://t.co/VyFnNu9f12

  13. Going to another side of Sarawak... (@ Pangkalan Feri Samarahan) http://t.co/TqjM8Xw0ND

  14. Nice panorama with blue sky + green mountain as background. Good morning & happy weekend. @ Kuching http://t.co/guZfiUU7yc

  15. Selamat malam u'oll... (@ Grand Continental Hotel) http://t.co/iQYG43cmFM

  16. Menunggu kehadiran orang tersayang. (@ Arrival Hall KIA) http://t.co/4aPwOEZPRT

  17. I'm at RJ Ayam Penyet Kopitiam (Kuching, Sarawak) w/ 2 others http://t.co/TbtcqbSdFv

  18. Finally it retired the number. RT @airlineroute Malaysia Airlines Beijing Flight Number Changes from 14MAR14 http://t.co/D9b2ho14FB

  19. Day 8 here... (@ Department of Civil Aviation Kuching) http://t.co/igV1APIPX6

  20. Pls take note =) RT @Aisehman I'm sure he's very competent but for the next DCA D-G, can we have someone who's good at the job and English?

  21. Day 4 here and today Kuching ATCC SAR on stand by... (@ Department of Civil Aviation Kuching) http://t.co/np4p0hN4WS

  22. Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Controller Center control an aircraft until Igari. After that we will transfer the aircraft to Ho Chi Minh ATCC.

  23. Something new here... (@ CityONE Megamall) http://t.co/J3gjMRzXLW

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