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  1. 1. To reach silver tier, one may need to fly 5 sectors less or 5000 miles less than normal silver. To reach gold, fly 45 sectors instead of 50 or 45000 points, and for e-plat, fly 130 sectors or 130000 points.


    2. Gov of Malaysia crest on the card. Nothing special....


    3. Fly with full Y or B class and access to lounge for free.


    i've fly with full Y but never get access to GL <_>

  2. Need help please,

    I have booked return promo flight tickets (KUL-AKL-KUL) using Enrich point for my mother in-law. Unfortunately she had an accident, a young boy with new driving license hit her from behind at the car park. Doctor advise her not to travel due to head injuries. My question is, can i transfer the ticket to my bro in-law? any other option? maybe somebody from enrich can help..... try to call the but having problem to connect to enrich...



    *I can provide the letter from doctor.

  3. Excellent point raised up! However, MH does not allow for the YQ charges to be omitted from its T&C.


    This is the exhibit for 1 adult:


    Redeem return ticket KUL-AKL-KUL:

    Total miles required: 30,000

    Surcharges: RM 1,317.00


    Code Description Amount MY Malaysia: Passenger Service Charge MYR 65.00 each IA New Zealand: Passenger Security Charge MYR 24.00 each KK KK MYR 90.00 each YQ Fuel and Insurance surcharge MYR 1138.00 each




    Redeem 2 one way ticket (KUL-AKL then AKL-KUL separately):

    Total miles required: 15,000 + 15,000 = 30,000

    Surcharges: RM 679.00 + NZD 246.95 (RM 618.26) = RM 1,297.26


    Surcharge for KUL-AKL:


    Code Description Amount MY Malaysia: Passenger Service Charge MYR 65.00 each KK KK MYR 45.00 each YQ Fuel and Insurance surcharge

    MYR 569.00 each


    Surcharges for AKL-KUL:


    Code Description Amount IA New Zealand: Passenger Security Charge NZD 9.02 each KK KK NZD 17.43 each YQ Fuel and Insurance surcharge NZD 218.00 each YR Admin Surcharge NZD 2.50 each



    Separating the booking does resulting in savings of RM 19.74 anyway.


    thanks for the info MAR...

  4. The best offer for AKL in the current WoR is selling for 15,000 Enrich miles one way KUL-AKL in Economy class. Therefore, you could redeem 45,000 miles from your account for your return journey plus a one way journey for your wife. The other 15,000 has to come from your wife's account for the other portion of her one way journey.


    Interestingly, you can not purchase the intended ticket for your infant from MH's website as the website and many other airlines' websites as a matter of fact are not designed to accept a booking of an infant travelling alone.


    hehehehe no such thing infant traveling alone..... will purchase the tickets at mas office...

  5. My last trip to AKL (last Spring) only cost me RM1.4k (return trip) via SIN on JQ :).


    The short transit at Changi was a dealbreaker for me as I'm not a fan of stopping at BNE/SYD/MEL for few hours after an 8 hour flight from KUL/SIN. I would rather stop for 2-3 hours at Changi (closer to home anyway hehe..) and then get on my 10+ hour flight to AKL. KUL-SIN-AKL almost feel like a direct flight to me :rolleyes:


    What's your itinerary going to be like in AKL, Meor? It is going to be autumn by then and expect (almost) daily rainfall in North Island.


    Super cheap deal you got there ridhwan, my wife doing the itinerary. we maybe going to the south island as well as my sister inlaws said not much to see in north island.


    Due to enrich promotions, we might ended up using our enrich points to go for Holidays!. I do have 56, 000 points and my wife 17,000 points. so we just need to purchase infant ticket.

  6. H C Chai, etihad one of the choice for pricing less than RM5k we dont mind for 1 stop but direct flight better.


    If you don't mind a transit, Etihad seems to be offering some attractive fares ex-SIN. S$855 (roughly RM2100) for adult and S$70 (roughly RM180) infant.


    The routing will be Singapore - Brisbane with Etihad, and Brisbane - Auckland with Air New Zealand. They even do open jaw for the same price (e.g. SIN-Auckland, Christchurch-SIN).




    Booking class is U, non-refundable ticket but change of date is allowed for S$50. Luggage allowance is 30kg! The fare rule does allow free stopover in Brisbane but their website doesn't seem to let you do this.


    Etihad has many airline partners including MH, American Airlines, Bangkok Airways so its worth finding out which frequent flyer programme you should bank your miles to...





    Thanks sam for the lovely pics.... i'm sitting 17A just 3 seat from the emergency row. Wait for my trip report and verdict on the new plane....


    Date: 18.11.2010

    Flight: MH 2642

    ETD: 1325hrs

    Cruising: FL370

    Speed: cant remember (but very fast)

    Seat: 17A

    MW on Board: Meor





    Subject of the day - GE A321



    Btw, do you think the 3rd picture is over bright on the white portion? :( I shot using RAW format and converted to JPEG.



    i think you need to calibrate your monitor la.. hehehe ...murah-murah......

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