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  1. Noticed the city name or the more familiar element in the airport name ? Simply put - penang has a greater "well known" value than bayan lepas, just easier for the masses to relate to. Can't agree with you more PEN is no 3 in pax number statiscally but Let's not digress, Revenue is the comparison and not number of passengers(cargo revenue being the main contributor) We know PEN is not comparable in passenger number with intra borneo traffic factored in. But PEN is a hub in its own right, it has more non stop connectivity to other International cities and more international carriers serving PEN than other Malaysian airports excluding KLIA. Not to sound rhedoric, It takes much much more than just airport authority to attract passengers/airlines.
  2. "Cause Penang is more recognizable than Bayan Lepas" REQUOTE Airport Names must be easilly associated with, familiarity must be there. People know penang better than bayan lepas locally and internationally, why also KLIA instead of Sepang only? Your question is you think the reason of name change is for revenue growth and attracting more airlines?? You already have the answer. On the plus side, penang is steadilly number 2 in revenue after KLIA, there are more international airlines/cargo than other m'sian airports, growth of tourist arrivals, The airport is being renovated to cater for growth (and that is not because of name change)
  3. Cause Penang is more recognizable than Bayan Lepas, memories are cherished but progress must push forward.
  4. ooooh, another 340.. looks beautiful....good shot Bob!! And everyone too for the rest of them too!! wow guys, very the happening ah spotting excursions..... Congrats wilson,you found new spot named moo moo! got to do some spotting soon ! any spotting next weekend or you gonna be busy collecting angpows?? Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone!!
  5. weeee !!! 343 - been sometime since!! my last ride was SQ's celestar ..... good shot Bob... Hi Bob, I think I saw you while I was boarding my flight to Sin inside the terminal last week...
  6. On the same day the "alleged" merger was announced - a refute was issued by both parties...... http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,2...482-664,00.html QANTAS has denied its budget subsidiary Jetstar is in merger talks with low-cost carrier AirAsia. "We are not in any formal merger talks with anyone at present," a Qantas spokesperson said today. The spokesperson did say Qantas regularly spoke with other airlines about possible partnerships or agreements. A report in Malaysia's The Star newspaper, citing an unnamed source, said Jetstar and AirAsia were in merger talks, possibly involving a share swap, to cope with the slowing worldwide demand for air travel. http://business.smh.com.au/business/airasi...81223-749z.html AirAsia shoots down Jetstar mergerMatt O'Sullivan MALAYSIAN low-cost carrier AirAsia has dismissed speculation it is in preliminary talks for a possible merger with Qantas's budget offshoot, Jetstar. Less than a week after Qantas broke off merger negotiations with British Airways, the Australian carrier has again become the centre of speculation after Malaysia's The Star reported that the airline had been in talks with AirAsia. The newspaper said AirAsia's boss, Tony Fernandes, and his counterpart at Qantas, Alan Joyce, had preliminary talks about a merger last week. But Azran Osman-Rani, the boss of AirAsia's long-haul subsidiary, yesterday scotched the report and said that the airline was not in talks with the Australian carrier. "I think it's completely pie in the sky," he said yesterday. "It's the first time I have heard about it. We are just busy on our own plans … growing [the business]." Jetstar's chief executive, Bruce Buchanan, also played down the speculation. "The key message is that we always talk to a lot of airlines but I wouldn't read too much into it. My primary focus is rolling out the Jetstar brand in Asia," he said. Qantas has said it is keeping the door open to links with other carriers, particularly in Asia, although Mr Joyce said two weeks ago that the airline was "not talking to anybody else" at present. After failing to agree with BA about the share ownership of the merged entity, Qantas is seen as more interested in courting an Asian carrier because of the region's better longer-term growth prospects. Macquarie Equities believes a tie-up between Qantas and Malaysia Airlines is more likely, despite Singapore Airlines or Cathay Pacific viewed as being better suited for the Australian carrier. Competition concerns would be the major barrier to the latter two merging with Qantas. "A strategic tie-up with Malaysian Airlines looks the most likely to succeed, given the interest shown by Malaysian management in seeking out a strategic partner and an admission from the Malaysian Government that it would be open to foreign tie-ups," the broker said. Malaysia Airlines has named Qantas as a possible partner in recent weeks, despite sources at the Australian carrier playing down suggestions of a tie-up. They began merger talks earlier this year but these broke down over the likely ratio of shareholdings in any merged venture. Qantas is also said to have long harboured a desire to merge with Cathay Pacific. The Hong Kong carrier has a large international hub and extensive freight operations, and also has strong links into the fast-growing Chinese aviation market through its subsidiary Dragonair. Macquarie Equities emphasised regulations in Asia made mergers harder in the short term, although liberalisation of previously protected routes, such as Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, was a "step in the right direction".
  7. it was discused at length here : http://www.malaysianwings.com/forum/index....hl=cattle+ranch
  8. Alif - If it's the pictures - yummy!! they are replacing peanuts with pecans, almonds, walnuts and brazils...... those imported nuts cost a bomb in malaysia.... (Are we dreaming!) if they do - it's a nice enhancement.... maybe they it get it cheap from China - since it is also widely produced there now. I speculate that it will be along the lines of nuts coated with honey/sugar (and sprinkled with sesame) akin to those served in chinese restaurants as appetizers......
  9. my pleasure on the tips....hope you have a good trip to Hkg..... well, the duck and the goose taste almost the same to me.... except goose is more expensive! I like the liver frying drinking trysts... I should do that again some day! on the contrary - go bang on to the hustle and bustle of TsimTsaTsui and experience the Real Hong Kong, why head to someplace quiet if you want to be Hong Kong...... info on paying lounge : - http://www.hongkongairport.com/eng/passeng...-in-lounge.html
  10. santa need to really sweat to bring in north american airlines to klia. (not even delta after merger) by the time he does that he will not be that plump amiable figure we all know, he will be a grumpy old man from all that overwork... north american traffic into malaysia comes in via foreign airlines... there are multiple daily flights to so many cities in us via singapore whilst we only have 1 daily to LAX and several times weekly to NY through our flag carrier...
  11. here i go again, there is one nice chinese restaurant in Canton Road - the road that is adjacent to the harbour centre right up to china hong kong city in Tsimtsatsui - it's after silvercord building (Same row) the siew ngor/roasted goose there is ok, better than most. I forgot the name of the restaurant - you can also try asking the concierge in rennaissance for assistance..... there are (some) eateries/Char chan teng that may serve roast goose if you are not fussy, ask before you decide to go in.. Rennaissance's chinese restaurant is also an option. Roast goose is easier to get in restaurants than eateries.... alternatively - you can splurge(big time) in Spring Moon/The Peninsula or Yan Toh Heen/Intercon HKG which is near your hotel. It's a pity you will not have time otherwise, side track a bit - Intercon HK /Spoon by Alain Ducasse and Nobu.... (Splurge lagi big time for some really good world class dining experience!) but of course the best roasted goose in hong kong is beyond your time and reach for this trip - it's in sham tseng...
  12. Rennaissance is in a good place, walk a bit to the kowloon harbour (good for evening performance of hk's cityscape - symphony of lights - highly recommended for avid photographers like you) passing the space museum, hk cultural centre, avenue of stars (HK's hollywood walk of fame) Tsimtsatsui in kowloon is itself a shopping area, then take the historic star ferry across to HK island, take a bus to The peak station and there on a tram uphill for a breathtaking view of kowloon peninsula from HK Island... Both the kowloon (Cityscape) and The Peak gives you different day and night views that are breathtaking!! having lived there and constantly showing friends and guests around - i am somewhat a pro.... Chai - Wow, your stopover is very short, time is limited - my suggestion - after check in - kowloon harbour (City scape - day) - take the star ferry to Hk island - hop on bus to The Peak station and The Peak (San Teng) The bus will give you a small bit of taste in Central Hkg. - take the star ferry back to Kowloon (Cityscape - evening and symphony of lights show) - walkaround Tsimtsatsui - go back hotel with aching legs and tired feets, but feel exhilarated and satisfied with the views.... highly recomended must do's - The Peak, kowloon harbour front, historic star ferry ride.... enjoy hong kong, asia's world city!
  13. wah, wah, wah very the happening in penang when i am away..... got dreamliner , got lavender, got finnair again! You guys stayed till late to catch the taiwan flower !! quite rare to see them in here!!! Oh Wilson, your guest is Chaity...... Chaity, you fly to penang to spot aircrafts, KLIA lagi syiok lo.....
  14. CATS coming back to Singapore again ah?? where you get info ah Kenneth, showing at the durian is it??
  15. I am still very much intrigued with A and B birds....... they are the real graceful swans of the skies...... for this one, don't have the looks - but have the works..... heheehhe!!
  16. It all starts from a dream, AK's success was a dream before it happened, Takeover, Buyover, oooooh ! you think Temasek will allow that ? wonder how will SQ handle AK's jibes... Possibly again another snub from a high horse! In order for KLIA to be a hub. Malaysia Airlines has to sweat/innovate to compete with SQ Malaysia Airports has to be efficient (if they are today - why is Govt still funding 1bil per annum?? waste of taxpayer's money) Tourism Ministry plays an important role!
  17. Pardon me, I really have to sound rude. That aircraft looks as if it is made of carboard boxes glued together, and the red "lips" makes it looks like a monster.... After looking at all those flushed aerodynamically eye pleasing aircrafts, this is one grotesque looking aircraft..... Now I wonder why they call it fixed wing "amphibian" aircraft!!!
  18. Wooo - wilson, busy... Bob, will pm you when I am back to penang, will group up with Wilson and Yusoff again..... Adrian
  19. Well they did not specify which aircraft type sim, but the article mentioned b777 experience of one the participants. "MH owns 6 aircraft simulators b747-400, b77-200, a330-300 and two units of 737-400 and a Fokker 50" I think I should give it an experience, something worthy. During college days I went on once SQ's B747 cockpit tour, a family friend who is also a SQ pilot who is onboard at the same time took me on the tour. There were so many things everywhere that I froze in nervousness that I may touch some equipments, the experience was awesome and unforgettable... Norman - I think its a maximum number of person, minimum is not restrictive I guess Time to make some enquiries.....
  20. Did you and Yusoff welcome him with your cameras apart from Bob ??? Bob - we should join you one day for spotting (If you don't mind, that is !) so luxurious - BBJ and Airbus pun ada, they sure travel in style!! now what about those poor people, badly damaged roads that we drive.......
  21. Now that I have time - was flicking through MH's - Going Places (Nov), page 34 caught my attention.. Excerpted from the Magazine : - Our Flight Simulator Experience Programme is conducted at Malaysia Airlines Simulator Building, MAS Complex A, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Subang, Selangor. Each 60 minute session is open to a maximum of 3 participants at RM500 per person. Gift Vouchers are available. E-Mail - simexperience@malaysiaairlines.com for more details log on to : - www.malaysiaairlines.com (could not find the page - don't bother!) Sounds like an interesting idea... anyone experienced it before?
  22. just out of curiosity - how do we derive that MH always offer the lowest rates on the EZE routes? How do we as forumers get to know insight specifics on route profitability - It would be interesting to learn where to get this information? Classified, no?? The economics maybe very small - but if you say multiple countries to an airliner (with a combined population), then it's a different scale, what about petrogas industry (gateway to brazil), cargo business ?? A lot of Chinese(PRC China) people make use of MH as a carrier to South America as well. Connection to S America is very thin in Asia - niche market for MH perhaps??? Qantas is starting to fly to EZE as well, is it a growing sector perhaps?
  23. With few airlines serving this route, it makes viability more viable I have occasionally swerved into not believing when I read forums (here and other sites) saying that MH is bleeding profusely on this route, face saving route and that it is a politically motivated route, and yeah - right down to a comment that the route was meant to serve an ex-premier who has a cattle ranch in Argentina!!! Have not flown to EZE - but my experience with JNB and CPT was full. Although 1 or 2 full capacity trips I experience does not represent the Airline or that the route is doing well. I am sure MH has the necessary insights on route profitability and would have axed it long ago if it is really draining their blood out.
  24. this is hilarious!!! the airport is getting further and further!!! Trying for new record feat - most number of white elephants built maybe??
  25. gosh this is serious - danger lurking in the airline company..... This is a damaging publicity for Qantas, they are struggling to keep the "safest airline" tag and this happens.....
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