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  1. better take as many pictures now,as the white not gonna be kept clean,judging from their upkeep of the A330 exterior all with dark stains. Does anyone know if they have the led ambient lighting or is it normal lighting like current A330 as this is gonna be the long haul work horse.Jetstar is now installing all led lights for their A320 fleet.
  2. So is that 8 flights per week? (x7 +x1)? They should deploy A350 on this 11 hour journey and save 30 percent cost as its a long flight.
  3. the pax are all coming from Australia to London,Melbourne A330 pax transferred at sin onto the London bound A380 which originates from Sydney.So whether its kul or sin stop over it doesn't matter, Except that stopping over at kul is way way more cheaper as far as cost is concerned and now a days 5 star or 7 star cost is a factor and every penny counts. There will never be a JQ flight from Australia to kul as JQ/3K is firmly planted at changi and it makes no commercial sense to fly directly to kul when there is already a frequency to Singapore from Melbourne and Perth.And then just a short jetstar asia flight to kul
  4. To be fair Qantas did make a marriage proposal to MH,But MH was the shy girl who did even wanted to meet up for the first date. Had they done that things my have been different today. https://www.ausbt.com.au/qantas-set-to-decide-singapore-or-kuala-lumpur-for-qantasia-hub
  5. https://www.thenational.ae/business/aviation/qantas-replaces-dubai-with-singapore-on-kangaroo-service-to-uk-1.624500
  6. Lots and lots of ways to make the catering better,the service better but.... 1. One simple rule to follow to make it easy for the crew is to offer wine from small bottles (185ml) not gigantic ones as they do now, like emirates and Qantas this makes it easy for the crew. Small miniature coke and lemonade(12oz ) as well and other fizzy drinks they carry so easy for the crew. easy for the crew. 2 -10 for another day 2, Catering... Kul previously circa 90's used to have great catering but declined thru the years....brahims...... but hey we can still return that era for some recreation of great inflight meals.
  7. Just last week their A330 tyre burst in Auckland and waited 24 hours for new tyre from kl
  8. thats a very very good idea bud!It will make it more pleasing to the eye and not to much to take on. Also the crescent and the stars are already there on the flag next to the word negaraku,so no need to repeat.
  9. And now government bail out for 6 months to liquidate assets http://www.reuters.com/article/us-alitalia-restructuring-idUSKBN17Y115
  10. I dont know if MH doesn't care a hood for on time departure or something else,but you're so right the inbound and subsequently outbound flight from kul/akl is never ever on time. Delay delay delay. Saw 9M MTH at air new Zealand hanger.took a picture. ps: How do I upload pix here?
  11. There are now 10 Chinese airlines flying into AKL using A330 and 787 equipment.
  12. Have traveled so many times on that sector and the loads are so so light that I thought this will surely come to an end some day. But was made to believe that its the cargo value space that EK was after with their 777 on that Mel/kul/dxb route and Vice versa. You actually think EK will put their pax on MH Kul/Mel when they can easily fly them direct to Mel as they are currently doing on their A380's which are going non stop avoiding Kul?And if their flights are full then on QF direct A380 services, choice 3 probably dxb/bkk then QF bkk/mel choice 4 dxb/kul then on MH metal onwards. Sadly Mh needs to be more aggressive with their tie up.
  13. If seems that EK doesn't take MH code share seriously or MH just code-shares for name sake,otherwise this EK flight (KUL/MEL) should have been code shared with MH and and up gauged to A380 equipment, also the BKK/SYD could have been KUL/syd if code shared with MH and the tieup with MH was serious enough.
  14. .EK 408/409 - the current DXB-KUL-MEL route which is going direct from OCT 31st. This is also the most likely to be upgraded to the A380 IS THIS TRUE?NO MORE KUL/MEL?
  15. There is only one reason why the cabin crew are there. Its CASA requirement that should an evacuation needs to take place there are trained personal to open the exits and evacuate people and lead them to safety. (45 pax per one crew, so for example on an A320 with 180 pax you need min of 4 crew or else the plane cant depart.(1 per every main exit). Everything else is secondary,including service.Having said that its nice to have courteous crew which makes the flight more enjoyable. But as far as your personal belongings are concerned.you carried them all the way from your home then why do you expect someone else to carry it for you in the plane? Just bring enough weight as you can carry. Imagine if a crew goes around carrying bags,in one duty 4 flights he will be meeting 180 x 4 sectors= 720 pax.How many bags do you expect him/her to carry? The rule of the thumb is YOU PACK YOU STACK.Only exception YPTA and WHCR and frail pax.
  16. was chatting with a CX Captain and he said its that decision is cause union issues and also as said before 5 A330 transfers to KA
  17. 20 flights a day between sin/hkg and most low cost airlines so with the same reasoning should they not switch to some of their flights to dragonair to match the low cost?
  18. So sad to See CX leaving KUL. Blame it on all the political fiasco and the unstability it has caused in Malaysia and ringgit. As per what Perlis Mufti Dr Asri Zainul “They don’t realise that the country is being destroyed by abuse and misadministration,” .
  19. Can imagine a lot of MAB aircraft towing from KLIA to KLIA 2 and vv,once they terminate on one terminal and next flight next morning is fom KLIA 2. Brace for further delays.
  20. MH service this days is very basic,akin to nursery level compared to other 5 * airlines,where service begins with hot towels,and cocktail on cart service.Then later ice cream or something. On my flight last week to Auckland,the loads were extremely light,but the crew found it hard to just sort out 12 special meals that were catered. All passengers were just sitting quietly and did not ask for any thing extra.Yet I overheard the comment by the crew from one aisle to the other during service "Dah nah muntah darah". On the plus side,the meals catered out of KL very quite good for a change (Change of menu?). But the same old desert keeps making it rounds.
  21. The aircraft is state of the art and looks amazing but looking at the Y class arm rest in the video looks fragile and has lost lots of weight.One day it will just b the size of a bamboo stick.
  22. not only in KK but KL as well.see their website
  23. What a smart move by tourism Malaysia. Now we will see advertisement of Malaysia in countries where SQ flies and promote malaysia.All this to gain more passengers for themselves too.This will bring in more tourist. MH is not in the position to do this as itself is in the intensive care ward and until it gets well in 2 years time then maybe.
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