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  1. What about the new Panasonic Fusion seats? Would be real cool if MAS install these for their 738 and 380. If they do I'm riding them for the rest of my life! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNrQhRuQshE&feature=player_embedded
  2. from Twitter: MAS MAS Starts Direct Flights To Istanbul On Oct 25. All-inclusive, from RM1,128 one-way. Book yours yet? http://bit.ly/2LnuMY Done a brief search - departing KUL 0030, arr IST 0600 depart IST 1500, arr KUL 0705+1 as internet is quite slow in my area I did not take the initiative to look for service days. My guess would be the success of interline/codeshare agreement with Turkish Airlines?
  3. FY had been known to throw out surprises at times we least expected, i.e. no more fuel surcharge. I think this might be another one of those, maybe a new ticketing office? Or free shuttle service from LCCT to SZB? That will channel some long-haul passengers from AK to their regional services? Just look forward to Oct 15 then!
  4. I seriously have doubts on how MH will be utilizing their 380 when the time comes. When PMB placed the orders in 02/03 AirAsia didn't really came into the picture yet, while competition around the region is still supportive of MH's growth. Who would have thought things took such a drastic change over a span of less than 10 years. I remember seeing somewhere that MH's decision to buy 6 and only 6 was because it was the minimum profitable amount - maintenance, crew deployment etc. So anything below that MH should really consider swapping for smaller (and more promising) models instead of swallowing all of this, which doesn't seem healthy in the long term.
  5. If the KL-Singapore High Speed Rail become a reality, the scenario would change to 'travellers between SG and MY ditch planes for trains'. Distance between KL and Singapore is actually merely an hour by high-speed train, almost the same via plane. That's what's happening in Taiwan: after the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) became established and offers reliable services at prices comparable to the local airlines, we see the gradual demise of FarEastern Aviation (FAT), and major shrinkage of TPE-KHH traffic. A bullet or high speed train would allow passengers to purchase a flat-rate ticket, even at 15 mins before departure. Passengers would enjoy the freedom of departing anytime as long as there's empty seats, and arrive in the railway station, more commonly situated in the city center, instead of some far-flung estate some government chose as their airport (think KLIA). Hope the train becomes a reality one day.
  6. jysim


    I was seiving through some 2000 to 2002 issues of Businessweek and I found several very interesting airline ads. CX was then trying to promote its internet booking and ticketing facility while MAS was coming up with MAStar - a MAS division for private charters using a 737-700. Sorry for not taking a picture but the description included a private suite onboard, a meeting room equipped with all business compatible equipment and a bathroom if I can remember. Anyone with more information on this? And the reason it no longer exists?
  7. MH's Y Nasi Lemak is very authentic with sambal and sotong. They even packed the fried peanuts and ikan bilis in small plastic containers to maintain its crispiness. For a Malaysian it may taste like heaven on the way to FCO or FRA, but I saw the French lady beside me take two bites and left the rest of it being stowed away later. Anyway, CX on the list is a wonder - the last time I know their Y class meals are next to AirAsia's pre-booked meals.
  8. Then how about an international-domestic mix of flights with MH? For example, I bought MHbasic for the following flight but my itinerary shows:\ TPE-BKI H class BKI-KUL-PEN Y class PEN-KUL Y class KUL-TPE H class According to your saying above I'd earn 70% for both my H sector and 100% for my Y sectors? If it is, Enrich may not be as worthless as I thought.
  9. A start of a 'downward spiral' as Jala so meticulously warned back in 2005/6? I certainly hope not. But once again, things are really not looking good for MH - while most agree that the environment is very challenging for all, MAS doesn't seem to be actively involved in preparing for a rebound or recovery from the economic crisis, which some say has started in Asia. No new aircraft orders has been made (postponed since an eternity ago), meaning once everybody starts flying again when the times are good, MH will be left with all the rattling planes and fuel-gauzing 744s. Compounded with the failure of entry into ANY SINGLE ALLIANCE (Skyteam wants Vietnam instead of MH), things definitely seems catastrophic. With the current loss and passive attitude, a repeat of Alitalia is not long down the way I think...
  10. Pardon me for my ignorance, but a quick look at Vietnam Airlines' route shows only minor contribution to Skyteam's S.E. Asia's network and almost nil enhancement in their Aussie/NZ market prescence. MH has wider coverage for for India/China/SE Asia and also better prescence down south, which, in my own opinion, still makes them attractive for Skyteam. All MH can do now is cross their fingers and hope Skyteam or oneworld is still interested in them.
  11. older aircrafts = more expensive maintenance new aircrafts = 'wow' factor, new car smell, easier maintenance, better performance the long and the short of it is, with excess cash, MAS should invest in new aircrafts first (and probably put up some ads to match some of them competitors) before even thinking about buying other airlines. I don't see the logic, buy other company = ??
  12. A 738 is unable to fly non-stop for 6 to 7 hours, and I believe passengers wouldn't like to be stuck in for that amount of time too. Though somewhere along the way Malaysians, and maybe the world should acknowledge that no matter which type of aircraft - narrowbody or widebody, new or old - we fly, the main purpose is to get from A to B with the least hassle, time, and money, and of course the best service.
  13. Ryanair uses 738 though. A pure 738 fleet.
  14. I personally find the cubicle/suite a little claustrophobic since what you see all around you is panels, panels and more panels. Referring to a proposal to MAS in 01/02 when they were engineering their current F product, semi-translucent curtains were used as partitions between seats. It would give a more spacious and airy feeling while not losing a certain amount of privacy. As for where to mount the (hopefully) 24-inch screen it'll be an interesting thing to ponder upon Update the concept with a fully-flat bed with linen and down-filled duvet and MH would not be far behind.
  15. I was grumbling to Mum about the scarce amount of LCCs serving Taiwan (only Jetstar Asia to SIN at the time being) yesterday, and now...ta-da My excitement comes not from AK serving TPE or KHH, but from the heavy discounts that MH will give soon after. Heh, hopes AK is true to their words this time!
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