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    Aviation lover.. Love gaming and also Flying.
  1. I Love Hong Kong too.. can MWs make a holiday for members there ??? Thank SV for the pic especially bird eye view of Hong Kong Disneyland..
  2. I think the Mak Cik from Kuala Terengganu Still says "hok tu "er asiya" tujoh pak tujoh
  3. loh.. What your sister name ?? And Who your future 'ipar' hahaha
  4. So.. many aviation company doing te exhebition there make me more excited want to go there... i see the apron pic.. why it only have 3 big aircraft ?? A380 will come to LIMA'05 ???
  5. There are a lot cheap hotel at Langkawi.. just for 1 day i think you don't need a 5 start hotel.. just camping at beach sure cool.. here the link for hotel.. there are online reservations too.. enjoy. http://www.langkawi-info.com/ P.S : If i don't have work to do this december maybe i will join u guyz at LIMA.. But lot assignment next to complete..
  6. I think there night ferry too... I am going there for LIMA'03.. realy great memory there with fighter aircraft flying above our head..
  7. The Salary is realy a good deal.. better than an engineer. Realy make me blowing away.
  8. Thank guyz.. i realy appreciate those answer. you guyz realy nice to me.. even i new hear realy warm welcome. Thank I realy like my member no. 300 hehehe what a lucky number.
  9. Aina

    Proud Photo

    Now I know why i can't see anything on that link.. A beautifull Photo of 'Papa Delta' hehehe realy sad about it being fake photo
  10. Waoo.. Nice Clean Office there Mr.TK look realy new. Are you Captain of that aircraft sir ??
  11. Hehehehe.. yup I am Sabahan but not from KK.. Thank All for fast reply..
  12. I love Hello Kitty realy love this painting Nice
  13. Hallo I am new here.. I realy want to be stewardess.. Can Anyone tell me How to apply ?? I realy admire this Job.
  14. Aina

    Proud Photo

    Hallo Why I can't see the photo went i open this link. http://www.airliners.net/open.file/946338/M/ *Why this thing come out ??? There is no photo in our database with that ID number. Back. I realy love this blue paint aircraft.
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