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  1. why some of the fighter had their canopy slightly open? ventilation? easy to pop open when sudden scramble?
  2. Al-fatihah May his family be strong for the loss.
  3. don't see any change on the logo apart from 'embossing' effect to look more 3d like..
  4. did under age children are allowed into the ATC room in the first place? too lenient I think..btw the child did do a good job
  5. I favor more on the glass cockpit, but I adore the old classic gauges and dials!
  6. interior look dull and cheap...probably just for testing purpose?
  7. saw this comment (which I think a little bit harsh) on website where those pictures came from (scroll below to comment no.6 - he commented as well the lousiness of the pictures) what's you guys think about it...I wonder this guy is our neighbor
  8. wow...look so nice..I wish I gotta chance to fly in it someday.
  9. I like A320..in fact I love all Airbus series as long they still implement the side stick controller..
  10. great news! finally gonna see this bird commercially in action..
  11. look nice both old n new btw the last pic...I think the center girl hold the Chinese "spring" character on the wrong side la..
  12. lol me wife laugh furiously seeing this (she's kelantanese)...
  13. nice pic mate , it's look like the cockpit is using CRT type display, I thought they use LCD type nowadays
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