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  1. Spotting Log 5/3/2017 9M-AQQ off to Bintulu 9M-MLU 9M-AQG was based in KCH Hub earlier Guess who was flying this thing? Spotting Log 9/3/2017 9M-AQD PK-TXZ 9M-AGB 9M-AQH based in Kuching for now. AK likes to send old special liveries instead of those new special ones to be based in Kuching, or no special at all.
  2. Spotting Log 12/1/2017 I was in a hurry to catch this queen of the skies and I tot I would have missed the landing, but I made it in the end. For this shot, I wasn't ready to shoot yet. Passing by in front of me.
  3. Still waiting for the chance to be flying with NEO one day. By the way, it has been a while that I do not update my pictures here because of the hectic November. Taxiing for "her" departure back to Lumpur. I am sure you know that flight, as I had two friendly spotters with me staying under the hot sun. More like a business strategy to attract aviation enthusiasts like all of us perhaps. But, it is worth to try having a ride on a A320neo since we also know the flights operated by her at this moment, isn't it? hehe Malaysian 642 was on her way to Miri and back to here as Malaysian 2803.
  4. 4th Day of AGA in Kuching. Did a close up shot of the CFM Leap-1A engine number 1. Unfortunately, the lighting was't cooperating. While, AGA was taxiing to A for a full length departure at that moment. The beauty shortly rotated just right in front.
  5. Roar~ The CFM Leap-1A engines are very quiet. We almost heard nothing when the a/c was rolling down 25 with the reverse thrust applied. But it was a sad case for us that they made a right turn to intersection A2 for 25 departure as we expected to get a close up shot of the shinny new engine. Hopefully, they will go for A1 tomorrow, and we get that shot! 9M-AGA 9M-AJY*
  6. A correction on my previous post, which is 9th Sep 2016 to 14 Sep 2016 Spotting Log. Didn't notice that. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That shinny looking MXR tho, Prest. It has been a while for not spotting at the shophouses. Thanks guys. Can't afford your salute, Bro Firdaus. 9V-TAF is still being operated. Miss those golden old times. 13 Sep 2016 The lighting was not nice as expected, so I managed to do panning shots. 9M-AJE A beautiful de-rotation 9M-AQU Hyperdrive! 9M-MSG 9M-MWF
  7. 9th Sep 2016 Spotting Log Rushed and arrived at the spot on time with a fast heartbeat while she was still holding on 07. B-LPC. The sharklet of AJZ. Roar... Lifting from the runway with great velocity~ 9M-MLO 9M-MLU 9M-RYA. The one cannot be tracked on fr24. Quite worth to wake up early and go spotting this morning. 9M-AQC was flying back to her hub, JB. 9M-LNK. Vroom. Making noise down 25 9H-VFI(Vistajet) Notice that engine. Alright, it was back to normal. 9M-AHH. 9M-AJV 9M-RYA. Taxiing to Alpha for the full length departure due to inbound traffic on final. M54-03 Goodbye, RYA... Hope to see you again during the next spotting. 9M-AFG. Banana potato naa
  8. Randomly choose a few trip photos of mine and share here. Onboard flight AK6350(KCH/BKI) twice/more. This flight is the earliest flight of AK everyday. 25/12/2014 Sunrise 26/6/2015 9M-AHH, onboard AK6354(KCH/BKI) Got my cousins to bring me spotting in the early morning(the next day, 27/6/2015). Imagine how strong the lighting was, when this shot was taken on 7.24am. AHH was flying back to KCH as AK6351.
  9. Yeah. That location is quite risk. Have to be extra careful of the surrounding. The awkward moment is the HILUX patrol car passing by when I had just climbed down and then quickly bumped into bushes to hide. I hate the "lalang" which always cut my hands and legs. However, the things that you must aware the most are snakes, the terrain, the shattered bottle glasses on the stone road leading to the hill and any harmful creatures. And good luck, bro Spotting Log 13/7/2016 9M-MWE 9M-AQG She is based at KCH hub at this moment. 9M-AFW 9M-MSD PK-TXI This has been the second time to catch this flight that was delayed exactly on the same weekday, that is Wednesday. 9M-AHS Flight commanded by a KCH-based captain Entering 25 via A1 9M-AQS Panning time!
  10. Selamat Hari Raya Looking forward to your new awesome videos. Spotting Log 29/6/2016 M54-02 9M-AHS She made a left turn flying over the Cat-city after departed from 07. 9M-AFW Eastbound Sibu 9M-MSF Followed by the catches on 4/7/2016 9M-AFU 9M-AQV
  11. Spotting Log 12/6/2016 AirAsia 9M-AQO Positive rate of climb, gear up! Off to Kinabalu MASwings 9M-MWE Malindo Air 9M-LNY AirAsia 9M-AHZ Can see the PF and PNF through the side window. Full body Malaysia Airlines 9M-FFF Most pax may not like to be on-board this old non-BSI aircraft, so do I. But, love to spot this old livery from spotting perspective. Asia Cargo Express(ACE) 9M-GSA Malaysia Airlines 9M-MLU MaLU RMAF M23-33 AirAsia 9M-AQM Spoilers~~~~ Reverse daaaa greeen. Decelllll~~~~
  12. 9M-MWJ 29/5/2016 7/6/2016 9M-AFA(The Apprentice Asia) Watch out Mr.Tony was here to supervise his workers. 9M-LNM 9M-LCD arrived at Subang airport yesterday after 9M-LCC. Hopefully, we will be blessed by their arrivals during daylight. 9M-MXB Mike X-ray Bravo! Bravo
  13. Mr.Charles, it is supposed to be from Royal Malaysian Air Force(RMAF). It is an Eurocopter EC 725 Caracal(Cougar) and was displayed during Lima 2015. Hopefully, I have replied your question. If the info given is wrong, anyone is welcomed to correct it.
  14. Mr.Waiping is right. Spotting Log 29/5/2016 9M-MSA 9M-AQZ She rotated very early~ M55-08 Saw this heli kept doing holding patterns at the south of airfield, probably they were under training. M44-01 Unexpected movement 9M-MXG The tail 9M-XBC A shinny polished big metal bird. Smell bau kedai~ Some people do call bau kedai as bau cina. 9M-LNF(7500th) The bird which is now getting older in Malindo's fleet. Power up! Let' roll~ Not me... But some spotters did catch her. Yea, indeed. It is too early unless we are very early birds.
  15. Spotting Log 27/5/2016 Focused more on nose shots on the day. 9M-MXN 9M-AHZ(In revised livery now)
  16. Well, it is raining outside. Had been editing some wingview photos. AK5231 KCH-KUL 29/11/2016 9M-AQC A cold morning Taxiing to A2 Holding current position at A2 due to traffic. A MAS B738 was departing 07 and made a water splash along the runway. Landed at KLIA2 AQC greeting with those friends parked there. Nice to meet AJT again after spotted her in KK on June of 2015
  17. Have time limits tonight. Had to finish editing these few photos as soon as possible. Spotting Log 23/5/2016 XXG for today. A tail shot 9M-PTA 9M-AQV Could feel that she was proudly passing by.
  18. Nah, it is not really a secret. Sharing is caring. You have to go spotting when the weather is very very nice(especially clear blue skies) and there's strong lighting, so it is not preferable when there's no lighting or cloudy. Strong lighting helps to make your pictures look sharp and bright even you haven't edited any of them.Try to play with the aperture F8.0-9.0 while keeping the ISO at 100 and the shutter speed is around 1/800 depending the strength of the lighting. Sometimes, I may go lower until F7.1 when the lighting is not desirable. In editing, you have to play with the level, curve(brightness) and hue(add if necessary, but don't be too much). You use the magic wand tool(more convenient when there are no clouds in the background) or the quick selection tool to lasso all the aircraft parts. Then, apply the smart sharpen on it. The setting I usually use-amount 100-200% with radius 1.0 pixels. The sharpen setting literally depends on the camera you use. The last step of editing is to resize the picture. That location I went yesterday is in front of a Chinese restaurant called, Overseas Seafood Restaurant. But you need to have a long lens for that. My lens is able to zoom until 250mm only. And, thanks.
  19. That symbolizes the happiness of every Kuching spotters. Spotting Log 22nd May 2016 9M-XXT(The Phoenix) The tail part which includes the vertical stabilizer and rudder. The most exciting moment 9M-MSG(MonoSodium Glutamate) Vroom
  20. Spotting Log 7th May 2016 9M-XXF Haven't got a complete set of D7 special liveries that are XXT(Phoenix) and XXU(X-Men Apocalypse). 9M-MUA 9M-LNW(With blue-ish LED lights) 9M-MXG Malaysian 642, line up Runway 07 via Charlie. 9M-XXP Never forget that she is the first one that made into Kuching on the first day of the D7 flights!
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