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  1. im agree with you jamie..i like more MH fittings the colour so boring..
  2. im already block my seat upper deck..with friends and family..hopelly im going to be upper deck with my kids
  3. hi guys just wondering any bassinet economy upper deck on MH A380?im going to fly 16-8-2012 with 2 kids(3 year old and 1 year)the MH call centre rebook seat for us on upper deck 32E and 32F..anyone can get me any information please..thanks
  4. i think mh going to bring A380 to amsterdam for sure
  5. i like the plane..seat cover very nice..hope they put on A380
  6. looking good big mama http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5015/5477159917_5b26c3a01a_o.jpg
  7. the traveller flew with first / business class pay lots of money..they want more comfortable and quiet from baby or kids crying..i do agree with mh
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