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  1. China Eastern BKI-CTU 17Feb at 1530hrs. TQ!
  2. 19Nov, 9:30am another blue bird will arr LGK. Enjoy your photo taking!
  3. Get ready your camera today, 16Nov 1430LT for the beautiful blue bird. Enjoy and share your photos!!
  4. Sorry a bit out of the topic..... you will see a blue bird in LGK today 16Nov....enjoy it.
  5. Yoong

    BKI 2011

    LOL...your earlier msg "Mon ETA 1855", nite as well.
  6. Yoong

    BKI 2011

    FYI, Every Friday from 1Jul - end of Aug ETA 1900 ETD 1950 KA A333
  7. Yoong

    BKI 2011

    Jason, I love the pix too!!
  8. Yes, I used the see SU in SZB back(around)1995-1999. Their planes attract me because of the Diamond logo on the tail. IT is the code NH used to fly to KUL (around 1996-1999), I got 2 friends work with NH.
  9. Are you book on SQ12 SIN/NRT?? If yes, there is a possibility the airline or travel agent issue the ticket wrongly. To Japan is 20kg SIN-SQ-JAPAN (20KG FOR EY) Unless your ticket route (for example) SIN-JAPAN 1JUN JAPAN-USA/CANADA 3JUN Abv itin FBA will be 2PC (1pc = 23kg) Call SQ is the best solution!!
  10. Yoong

    BKI 2011

    at least, now Terminal 1 is more colourful and looks so Next Generation. the next generation hub. how good is if Korean can send in their 738 at the same time also? Korean Air suspended their flight from 17May to 30Nov2011. So better take you "last" KE shoot before XXXXXX
  11. I agreed with BC Tam, I took MH120 PER-BKI STD0045 STA0625, they serve dinner/supper...I can't eat due to the time and I can't sleep due to the noise (crew serving meal)...2am is suppose to ZZZZZZ (beauty sleep) (don't disturb me) As my experience with KE674 BKI-ICN STD0015 STA0625, once on cruise-announcement made to switch off the light (can ZZZZZ) and prior to arrival they serve breakfast.... I had my sleep and my tummy are ready for the next excitment. I believe KE did some study on serving meal based on flying time, type of food ....etcs. p/s: i think it is not easy for the crew to serve meal prior to landing too. have to work fast ooo...
  12. Yes, hope KE will fly her to KUL or BKI ^^
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