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  1. doubt so as unless its school holidays in Malaysia then one may see an increase in passengers but even then the flights maybe full on A330s but not like its way overbooked. Mel and SYD schools are having their one week easter break only. But using the A380 will mean an extra 220 extra seats and doubt even MAS have time to have a promoton fare for this seemingly last minute changes. I took the morning flight out of MEL in Feb and it was only 40% - 45% load!!
  2. was surprised too when saw in on flightradar on late 15 april heading towards MEL. Thought too its likely a substitute for the A330 service but then to send the duging to MEL and SYD will be like running at less than 60% capacity as even the A330 flights are likely not 100% load. Such a waste of asset and fuel.
  3. and of all things, it was a asian - chinese looking man whi was forced, punched and drag out. how can United do this even if the security personnel was wrong in using physical force.
  4. believed air asia x have 5th freedom to pick up passengers from Osaka to Honolulu. But for Malaysians travelling to US, do not see the market expanding much as firstly its not easy to apply a visa to US and be harder from now with its more detailed vetting as mentioned by trump and secondly the cost for a US visa is like rm700 which is alot to pay for a visa. I do not see air asia x flying to honolulu for long.
  5. for one the ERL is too expensive as now it osts rm55 per person and not forgetting that from sentral, passengers and esp visitors will have to take a taxi to their hotels which will add another rm15 to rm25 easily. For that total amount one would be able to take a standard airport taxi. And if there are 2 persons, a taxi would cost cheaper too and straight from airport to the destination.
  6. as mentioned the route is for the 777-300ER which ex-MH birds are not. There have been circulating that the 2 773ERs leased will be coming from EVA air and that the interiors will not be reconfigured as its for a short 2 year period.
  7. Believed Air Asia X would be flying from Philippines to US ie Hawaii and then to the west coast - and not from KUL. Thats also the reason the been talking about this fly-thru system.
  8. so- it meant that MAHB have not done enough to get Foreign carriers to come or return back to klia. Simple. It's the local airlines that pushed the expansion and more frequency to get the pax numbers up.
  9. growth in passenger traffic is more due to the expansion of Air Asia, Air Asia X and Malindo etc. But am surprised to notice that PAL have actually left klia for sometime.
  10. well Emirates 773s are also 10 abreast seating and they have very good loads. However emirates seat pitch maybe slighjtly better than Air Asia X.
  11. believed it got to do with maintenance of the jungle centerpriece and over time as usual the slack in maintenance is just one of the things that is a Malaysia boleh thing.
  12. it will be really surprising if Air Asia X would get the 2 77Ws to operate LHR - as air asia have been wholly be a airbus operator. It would seem different for AriAsia X to just operate 2 77Ws and have pilots and cabin retrained just for these 2 aircrafts. Even the engines are different and have no commonality with any of its existing fleet.
  13. Don't know why in the interview Tony makes references to SIA twice. They are different players and one is a budget carrier and another a FSC. Even Tony mentioned that AK has female pilots but SIA don't have? See no relevance again as many other FSC carriers do not - believed even MAS do not have a female pilot(?) and many Asia FSC also do not.
  14. it does seem not well planned or scheduled as diubt other airports with 3 runways will close off 2 runways and especially during morening peak. Even for calibration, it should be done after peak hours like say from 12pm to 2pm etc
  15. actually there are 3 runways
  16. major airlines in US are still flying very old aircrafts like the 757s and 767s with an average age of between 25 years to near 30 years old and includes too like the 737-300/400/500.
  17. by 2017/18 the A350s would have arrived and its hard to find enough charters even the seasonal pilgrimage flights for all its 6 A380s. It would be still a heavy loss for MAS to pay for the A380s and the only way is to unload and sell off its A380s even at a lower price to cut its losses. On the KUL-SYD/MEL routes even currently - well 2 weeks ago I flew back from MEL on its A330 and was shocked that the load in EY was only 30% !!
  18. aircarfts can still fly with some of its equipment inoperable as there is this here is this MEL or Minimum Equipment List which allows the aircraft to fly. Even an aircraft with its APU inoperative will still be able to perform its flight.
  19. thought that the 2 pilots have to key in the same set of coordinates into the FMS? but the fact remains that the CPT keyed in the wrong coordinates and didn't realised it till airborne and warnings from the aircraft alerts.
  20. But there's still no takers for used A380s as MAS has 6 A380s to unload but find no takers and have to continue to use them for its London flights and lowering fares to fill it up and for haj charters. Likewise SIA's first 5 frames are coming off lease and no airlines have expressed interests and actually Thai had wanted to get rid of theirs but again no takers. Wonder when and would it would it even happen for these A380s to be sold or leased.
  21. I booked in mid oct - but on weekdays but do see most weekdays are avail except usually weekends - however some weekends are just marginally higher than the rm1.9k
  22. Just booked a flight in October from KUL to LHR return and the total fare comes up to rm1,921.90 net!! It's really very low and never happened before. How can MAS turnaround with fares like this but its good to me and many fellow travellers. But looks like MAS twice daily A380 flights to LHR still cannot pull in the load.
  23. anyone knows how much in millions that MAB used for bringing this 744 back?
  24. in the very likely case of CM going to Emirates, then MAB will have to face much greater competition from EK directly and will even see its only European destination of London undermined by EK and even on routes to Australasia. As currently MAB European flights are all code-shared and flown on EK metal, EK will likely launched more of its own frequencies to KUL and onwards to Australia too - where MAB also flies to in its own metal.
  25. There is certaintly no need to rename KLIA2 to avoid any confusion to esp international travelers and AK spending all these unnecessary money and effort in so doing which can go towards to offsetting its air fares. The primary reason I can see why Air Asia is doing that is to try his hardest to get back some concessions or discounts as do believe they still owe MAB some millions in past fees etc that it had not paid due to their disagreements with MAB. But on fares, yes Air Asia is not as cheap as one would think as have gotten twice MAS airfare to Melbourne return which were cheaper than Air Asia X this year!!
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