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  1. its confirmed by Singapore Foeign Minister that S'pore govt will puck up the tab for Kim's stay and entourage. S'pore is spending S$20 million to host the summit according to PM Lee, as S'pore contribution to world peace.
  2. " So MAB should consider using the A380 more on flights to China/Japan/Korea/Australia/New Zealand/Middle East - these places are the sweet spot of A380 economics and MAB should then tailor its soft products for these markets." The main issue is that altho the A380 offer better economics on medium haul, but even if MAB uses it on its regional routes, it still would not be able to fill up the seats. As I have flown few times from KUL-MEL on its A330s and often times its not full and on its return MEL-KUL sectors at times its only at most 55% load. Same goes for flights to China. Occasionally of course it will be full but the average load is much less than full. If MAS uses the A380s and had to lower its fares so much to try and sell seats, then it will also not be making any money. Dont forget too that to operate the 4 engined A380s on regional routes is not cheap compared to the twins.
  3. Looking at it, of course Kim would fly on the Air China 747 as that is much newer than his VIP soviet plane. Believed too that China have offered or Kim have requested China's assistance in providing the 747 and likely that Kim or NK is not paying for it - just like for Kim stay in St Regis is picked by by the S'pore govt.
  4. MAB is constantly having sales to boost up its sales but even without the A380s, it doesnt seems to work even with low fares to fill up its planes. Imagine now MAB is offering SIN-SHA at only S$353 and SIN-MEL at S$530 which is what basically low cost carrier like Scoot is charging. Dont think the Gulf carriers are interfering so much as SQ still manages to hold on their own to Europe and Australia and often cant even get seats to esp Australian cities like MEL.
  5. MAB tried offer low fares but still couldnt breakeven and cant even fill the plane up.
  6. MAB doesnt really have a concrete plan for the A380s. They were suppose to form another company to hive off the A380s for charter so as not to show a "huge loss" in MAB when the financial year comes around but till now that has not taken off. 2 of the A380s are supposedly to be reconfigured for haj charter flights but the cost of conversion runs up to easily some US$20 million or more for the reconfiguration. It's very sad to see these 6 A380s end up being hardly used even as a sub fleet and only cost a heavy burden on MAB financials. The A380s were bought then about USD320 million each and x 6 be USD1.9 BILLION or rm7.8 BILLION, and are now worth less than half or even nothing - as there's no buyers even for these used planes. Maybe Dr M can look into this and see why these were bought in the first place........even SQs 2 ex-A380s are to be scrapped.
  7. once the LHR goes full A350s, the A380s will not be needed except for temporary services when the A330s goes tech or in heavy maintenance or temp capacity increase but at most only 2 A380s are needed at most. The others will not do much flying except for occasional haj charters. But its very expensive to keep these A380s around and will keep MAB from even making close to breakeven.
  8. SIA will operate the A350ULR with business class and Premium economy with a total seating of 161 only.
  9. heard that the "new" A332s that are already here are not flying much as there seems to be a shortage of tech crews and hope MAB can resolve this when all the A332s arrives in a few months time.
  10. TDM and his new cabinet are now on a path to reduce debts and remove unnecssary govt agencies and even manpower. But believed that for MAB, there will still be govt intervention more in providing financial aid to the airline as if not MAB would go under as its still making losses ad will not be able to turn a profit soon. Even then after a few restructurings, the govt had pump in about rm20 Billion over the years into MAS and up to today, it is still unable to stand on its feet and require govt financial thgough its GLC. Let;s see is Dr M will finally say enough is enough and sell off MAB.
  11. He just backed the wrong "horse" whatever reasons given. Now the govt will check on whether NAVCOM did ask AK to cancel its additional flights. But then again the extra flights could also have meant carrying voters who support BN too.
  12. Tony quickly changed sides and his posting yesterday uses a old picture of the A320 "A True Malaysian" painted plane with Dr M face.
  13. well at least 4 of the dugongs are serviceable now unlike before.
  14. saw 3 dugongs parked at the remote bays opposite gate C16 at 10am.
  15. but of course MAB cn break the lease or even any contract - just that it would have to pay alot for such actions.
  16. seriously doubt Boeing will give such a heavy discount percentage than or more than AB - and further more the order if it comes will not be a big number of 787s - at most about 20. And further more not sure if D7 will want to fly truly long haul as Tony have said a few times that low cost carrier cannot make profit over long haul ie in flights more than 12 - 14 hours. In fact he did mentioned the max would be 8 hours or under and that the aircrafts can be better utilised too. From Japan to West Coast US, even the A333 can do it as Delta have been using this plane for its trans-pacific flights.
  17. yes MAB have all the rights o terminate leasing agreements etc - and thats how despite many "turnarounds" and restructurings that MAB is still losing money and unprofitable. Now seems MAB is looking at other widebodies other than the 6 A350s that they are operating. Withe such a sall fleet even with up to 25 aircrafts, it should remain a one type widebody to get the economies of scale in fleet maintenance, aircraft parts/spares and tech n cabin crew commonality,that is so important towards costs, and that only a proper fleet planning can reduce its operating costs. One can easiely see how SQ or CX deliberately "misusing" some of its long range widebodies even on regional sectors.
  18. With only 25 widebodies, MAS better stick with A350s which they already have some now and stick to a single type of aircraft to ensure efficiencies in ops, maintenance, spares and crewing. On Emirates flying A380s and 777 to KUL, it should be making some money and at least breakeven as doubt Emirates would want to "lose" money and use KUL to feed its DXB flights.
  19. Thanks for the info. But if MAS have decided to lease these A332s, then they should have in mind to use these for longer flights for 8 hours to near future 12/13 hours and hence have galleys that are equipped for the longer flights. Otherwise dont se why MAS would want to lease these planes for if its to use for more regional flights and they should have leased the larger A333s which can fly close to 10 hours without load restrictions.
  20. did the cabin crew take more actions than to just tell the pax to return to her seat?
  21. It would be wise and practical to use these 6 A332s for its longer haul of over 8 hours as it have the range and more ie for its New Zealand service which MH uses its A333 with restricted payload as its almost 11 hours long.
  22. heard D7 is looking for up to 8 used A330s
  23. SIA will receive another 7 78Xs this year with the following dates : Delivery Dates: 2/04/2018 1/05/2018 8/05/2018 14/05/2018 12/06/2018 1/08/2018 10/10/2018
  24. The SIA 787-10 can fly up to 12 hours if need to be but SIA will use these for regional flights. SIA ordered 49 of these B787-10s and should have 6 by year's end. It also have 67 A350s of which 21 have been delivered and flying. The A350ULR will start its delivery hopefully before July. SIA will have the most number of advanced fleet in the next couple of years.
  25. seriously doubt D7 will buy any Boeings and introduce a new type of aircraft into its fleet especially if the numbers are not much as it will cost them quite a lot to introduce a new type of aircraft from parts to crew training. And I do not thikbk D7 will fly to far away places with flight times of more than 12 hours. It may hwever introduce London flights just for the "prestige" of it as such long haul direct flights would not be really profitable for D7.
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