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  1. This Maybank analyst must be really dreaming to even suggest this. SIA will never buy or jv with MAB and given Malaysia politics will not be able to do so too. On other airlines, dont see any foreign airline would want to jv or buy into MAB as the only advantage perhaps is the domestic Malaysia market which Air Asia have the most and better advantage. And dont see MAB even able to make any small profits in the near future.

  2. it's high time to sell off MAB and or close it down if there are no buyers or takers, as after years of several "restucturings" to the tune of rm26 BILLION, MAB will hardly be able to make any profit or if it does a very modest one but its debts are way to high. One other solution is to see if Air Asia wants to take it over ad run it as a premium airline/ Definitely MAB under Khazanah or any govt-linked vehicles will never make the grade.

  3. And soon, it will switch to B787-10 - but there is a further premium on fares!

    SQ uses its new A350s and 787s from SIN-KUL-SIN mainly to use it for familiarisation for its flight crew. But however when SQ returned all its A330s, then it will be served with A350/787 Regional.

    Great news! Now we can fly to SIN with Air Mauritius. The price is somewhere between MH and SQ.


    Yippie :clapping:


    however one thing must bear in mind is that I have often see Air Mauritius flights being delayed many times.

  4. Yesterday PM Dr Mahathir met with the Russian President Putin in Singapore and asked for Putin help in getting Russia to help fix its Russian fighter jets. According to Dr M he said the RMAF have 28 russina fighter jets but only 4 are able to fly. This disclosure makes one wonder how the operational is RMAF. And believe even for its US made F/A 18 hornets, likely below half can fly too.

    Thats not good for the security and defence of Malaysia's air space without these front-line fghters.

  5. MH have been making billions of losses every year and even last year 2017 its losses was still over rm800 million. All in all the govt have rescued MH in the order of at least rm20 billion through restructurings and even setting up companies to buy planes for MH.

    As its has been making billions and still will be making losses for the years to come, its better for the govt now as its debt is so high that MH should be really sold off and not to any govt-owned companies or to govt investment companies like Khazanah. Perhaps the govt should approach air asia to take over MH as it have the experienc to run an airline and make money.

  6. do not agree with saying that "everyone make mistakes" in this case. Yes people do make mistakes but for such checks and especially when dealing with aircraft and flight safety, this must not happen. There's the MH ground engineer who did the ground checks before the flight and 2 others who are from MAS agent (but who are not technically trained for this). And then there's the pilot who does the walk around to ensure all is ok. Hence all these 2 critical person missed the bright red covers with the tag "Remove before flight" on the side of the cockpit? How can they not see it? Unless they are just not focus and going through the motion without really opening their eyes. There's about 250 lives onboard and fortunately this flight made it back safely with the assistance of air traffic control - unlike the air france plane with faulty pitot tube readings which crashed an all 300 people were killed. It just point to a serious indifference in doing a ground check of the aircraft rather than a mistake.

  7. introducing new uniforms is of no significance - the main thing is MAB to get its priorities right and get its tech crew and cabin crew in order and in sufficient numbers to prevent any further cancellations and multiple delays. Changing new uniforms doesnt help the airline if persistent shortcomings in flight ops and crewing is a nagging issue.

  8. And with the previous 2 bailouts, and the last Khanazah put in rm6Billion, the total amount spent on MAB would be more than rm20 Billion so far - and now just a couple of days ago MAB is trying to get funds to finance th= some 25 737s Max. But am sure the govt even under PH and Dr M will bail out MAB again - question is how much more and longer will the govt comtinue to do so.

  9. One solution is to entice sq senior executives and board members to lead mh, which was politically impossible previously.

    And it is still is and will never happen. The next best is to try to entice some AK management who are good in handling costs.

  10. Believe that TF will eventually order with AB as currently its fleet are all from AB and to introduce a few large twins will not be a cost effective way. And do not think D7 will not have more european desitinations other than London and possibly France/Germany. It's well known how TR uses Boeing as a means to get AB to give a better price only.

  11. Thats why with the so called new management team and the new CEO, it still end up with crew shortages and low morale issues.

    Substituting a A380 for 737s and A330s is not the ideal or cost effective ways as its too costly to operate an A380 to such places and given its higher crew cots and even airport landing fees etc. The "new" MAB should have focuss on its manpower and crewing needs and issues first. And from here we can see that tech/cabin crew for the A380s are avail but not for the A330s. Perhaps MAB should have current cross crew qualifications on at least 2 aircrafts asap ie at least the cabn crew for A380 to be able to operate the A330s too - which in case am sure most of the cabin crew for the A380 would have come up from the A330s too.

  12. It must have been very costly for MAB and revenue losing to deploy its A380s to BKK, SIN and to ICN. My sousin just returned from SYD ast wed on the A380 and it was only 40% load only with many pax having 2 seats to themselves and she was not sure if the upper deck EY is closed off. It would be better if MAB can get rid of the A380s even at a loss in value as just keeping these 6 frames around is even costing MAB much heavier costs and losses through its leasing costs.

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