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  1. MAS had a clean fleet. Boeing for short haul, Airbus for medium and long haul. Throwing in 8 787 together with the A350 makes no sense. Due to maintenance costs, crew training, crew flexibility, etc. Airlines are streamlining their fleets not the other way round. I don't buy the BS that it came down to price. I can only conclude political interference again.
  2. I hope its the A330. Love the 2-4-2 seating as I normally fly with wife. Used to love the 767 2-3-2 as well. MAS 777 2-5-2 was also good. Never liked the 3-3-3 or 3-4-3
  3. The fact that the company is listed makes no difference. Same with Proton and the rest of them. In other countries, privatised airports, being a monopoly, are regulated in what they can charge for landing fees, passenger fees and car parking fees. For example in Australia, their charges are regulated by the ACCC. In any other company, heads would have rolled for the debacle that is KLIA2.
  4. This is what happens when there is zero accountability. Due to monopoly and a government that is bankrupt, MAHB is actually operating on a zero risk environment. Build and spend whatever you want and if things don't work out, the passengers and airlines can pay for it.
  5. Is the cash+miles discount still on? The fare I am getting through Enrich is up to 25% less than the normal MAS website fare. I thought they got rid of the discounts.
  6. Why can't they have an editor proof read the report before release? At least get the grammar right.
  7. CX used to have a triangular route. You could get approval for that as long as pax cannot get off in Melb and vice versa.
  8. I'm pretty sure if you want to reroute via Melb you need to find your own way to get to and back from Melb. I'm going to reroute since it'll still be heaps cheaper than MH. Question is whether I can get the seats on the flights I want!
  9. Air Asia announced that they will be ceasing Adelaide on 26th January. Offering refund, credits or reroute from Melbourne.
  10. Just announced Air Asia ceasing Adelaide flights. Just great, I've got flights for the whole family in April.
  11. Just checked their Adelaide schedule. Looks like they will progressively reduce frequency to 2-3 flights per week late next year. Also some flights will be overnight from Adelaide. Hope this means they are not cancelling the route.
  12. Yikes, I've got bookings in April! Hoping that they will just reduce frequencies and not cancel the route.
  13. For all dates from 18 Jan 2015 onwards, Adelaide KL return is AUD1,560. I hope this doesn't mean that this route will be cancelled from 18 Jan. I think the price is to stop people from booking.
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