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  1. Planned in today, Air Transport International B752C N753CX ATN731 ETA 0745LT from FJDG.
  2. The two RMAF C-130 involved in the search will depart to home base tonight. Departing Pearce at 2100 & 2130 to Subang via Jakarta Halim.
  3. Very spectacular shots guys! Really enjoyed viewing those amaaaazzing images of the VC-25 captured from various angles up close and afar. Thank you guys..and great to see the enthusiasm! Did the choppers monitor the area from above during AF1 departure and arrival? SZB received lots of interesting military traffic over the past few weeks... TNI-AU Fokker 28 RSAF C-130H PLAAF IL-76 PLAAF Y-8 US Navy P-3C Orion US Navy P-8A Poseidon USAF VC-25A USAF C-40C USAF C-32A USAF C-17A Globemaster III USAF C-5B Galaxy USMC UH-1Y Venom USMC VH-60N White Hawk US Army C-20 - Unverified Indian Navy P-8I Neptune Indian Air Force C-130J JMSDF P-3 JCG U-4 JASDF C-130H ROKN NP-3C Orion ROKAF C-130H I guess the C-32A (98-0002) is the back up plane.. I've not seen any recent image of 82-8000. There was a C-17 and another C-32 at WMKK. The C-32 is likely 09-0017, similar livery as the one in SZB but with two humps on the fuselage.
  4. Delta Airlines A332 N856NW just arrived from Osan AFB as DL8876.
  5. A0950/14 NOTAMNQ) WMFC/QFALC/IV/NBO/A /000/999/0307N10132E001A) WMSA B ) 1404260825 C) 1404280230 D) BTN 0825 - 0855 ON 26 APR AND BTN 0200 - 0230 ON 28 APR 2014E) AD CLSD (EFFECTIVE 1625 - 1655 LOCAL ON 26/04/2014 AND 1000 - 1030 LOCAL ON 28/04/2014) https://notams.aim.faa.gov/notamSearch/
  6. Oil Spill Response C-130A N121TG due in today around 1030 from Seletar.
  7. Aha..! New colour winglet on the 727..Thanks for sharing, Ellist.
  8. Another P-8 in SZB yesterday..it was also sighted in Labuan on 13th April.
  9. I've just been informed a P-8 Poseidon 168433/LF-433 arrived Labuan last week and departed to SZB a few days ago.
  10. The Oman Royal Flight which I mentioned above is identified as G550 A4O-AE, departed KUL for BWN earlier today.
  11. Saudia Cargo B744F flight SV6887 arrived from Dammam earlier today. It's TF-AMU again..
  12. Awesome shots. Looks like a bulb on the GLEX needs replacement... Two CH-47SD Chinook and three AH-64D Apache passed through PEN last week. One of the Apache has the Longbow radome installed on it.
  13. Woah..Reaaally nice. First visit of a C-5 to SZB I think.. That comparison image, brilliant idea. Fantastic job
  14. Oman Royal Flight probably due in one of these days. Still no info on ETA and equipment.
  15. Thank you very much for the uploads, KS Ong and T Azahan. Viewing the final photo, I just noticed it also have counter measure devices under the wings, similar on the VC-25. Any C-5 photos, guys?
  16. The Macchis maybe..haha https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/559847_601376583205871_326678628_n.jpg
  17. One submarine and two ships arrived few days ago but still no aircraft carrier yet. Several transport aircraft have arrived plus chartered aircraft too.
  18. Today's Lufthansa flight LH782 was operated by an A343 (D-AIGU) in lieu of the usual A346.
  19. I've just been informed a C-17 of 172nd Airlift Wing arrived SZB a few hours ago.
  20. Sounds to me the search operation from the air might be scaled down or perhaps discontinued.. From ABC news :
  21. Good catch, Nik. TNI-AU sent their Fokker-28.
  22. V8-ALI arrived Subang Air Base yesterday.
  23. Due in shortly from Macau is a Challenger 850, M-DWWW.
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