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  1. Walao..very nice! I'm going to try this spot soon.
  2. SXI1434 crossed over PEN around 1530 today en-route to Seletar.
  3. Southern Cross International is ferrying another aircraft from Europe. This time is a Fokker 70, PH-KZG for Air Niugini, flight SXI1434. Rumours around saying it might drop into Penang or Seletar either tomorrow or Tuesday.
  4. SXI1429 now on descent into PEN.
  5. MASwings latest aircraft, 9M-MYD is on approach to SZB as MH5197.
  6. Interpol Turn Back Crime livery (PK-AXY), flight QZ7 from Dubai is currently on descent into KUL. http://www.interpol.int/News-and-media/News/2014/N2014-209
  7. Good catch, LaurieB ! Cobham Aviation E-190 D-AEMG has started its delivery flight today from Maastrict as SXI1429. Hopefully it will pass through Penang tomorrow or Saturday en-route to Adelaide. To be registered as VH-NJA
  8. Thanks for sharing, Jahur. The object in the background, in your 2nd last photo looks like an Airfish WIG craft: http://www.wigetworks.com/products.html
  9. HMSF B744 V8-ALI due in today between 1800-1845.
  10. I just found out that there was a MD-11F, N435KD arrived KUL yesterday and departed this morning for Malawi as flight NJ3765.
  11. Superb catch of the B787. FIA co-pilot camera shy? Hoho Thanks for sharing, guys.
  12. Thomson Airways B752 G-OOBE now on descent into SDK. Flight BY972 from Gan Island, Maldives.
  13. HMSF B744 V8-ALI has just departed BWN, likely heading to SZB.
  14. It is rumoured that HMSF will depart Subang to Penang, either 4th or 5th November.
  15. SXI1422 is currently over the Bay of Bengal. This delivery flight made its previous stop in Hyderabad instead of the usual, Nagpur.So, its either to Penang or Seletar this afternoon. Check FR24 in 3-4 hours time.
  16. Virgin Australia's latest Fokker 100 PH-CXF has started its delivery flight today, from Woensdrecht as SXI1422. Might be passing through Penang this Sunday as the other previous delivery flights did. It will be registered as VH-FZH in Australia
  17. Maybe the aircraft is in Malaysia for remote sensing activities http://arsf.nerc.ac.uk/documents/AO2014Malaysia.pdf
  18. New website is up: http://www.rayaairways.com/ Image source: http://www.aircargonews.net/news/single-view/news/raya-rebranding-completed.html
  19. ZJ916 / QO-S Typhoon FGR4 ZJ925 / QO-R FGR4 ZJ918 / QO-L FGR4 ZJ919 / DC FGR4 ZJ935 / DJ FGR4 ZJ802 / ?? Typhoon T3 (twin seater)
  20. RAAF deployed a King Air 350 (A32-426) and two P-3 Orion. RAF C-17 (ZZ172) and RAAF C-17( A41-207) probably sent some cargo earlier this week.
  21. MIR

    KUL 14L in 2014

    Singapore Airlines Cargo B744F 9V-SFK is due in from Adelaide today around 1830, as SQ7285.
  22. Alliance Airlines Fokker 100 VH-FKD departed Penang this morning as ASY108. It's heading north, likely military charter. Previously it did Perth-Lombok-Kuching-Penang as UNITY60*.
  23. Could there be an aerial refueler and some super jets passing through tomorrow? This evening, SBS World News reported: "Tomorrow the Prime Minister, opposition leader and defence force chief will farewell two more contingents from airbases at....." 5:08, http://www.sbs.com.au/news/video/330183235844/SBS-World-News-17-September-630-part-1
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