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  1. Airbus A320 -251N 8514 9M-RAH AirAsia delivery 01-02dec18 TLS-KRW-KUL ex F-WWDK Next one ;-) source skyliner
  2. https://www.planespotters.net/airline/AirAsia-Group Looks like "only" 2 more during the next weeks.....plus the 2 A333 for TAX.
  3. Airbus A320neo 9M-RAK AirAsia Y186 Nov 2018 Active D-AXAL Source: planespotters Now on the way to KUL on flightradar
  4. Kuala Lumpur - Fukuoka 4/7 from 28th february
  5. I think that they will start europe with routes from DMK! Bangkok is the much bigger market out of europe.
  6. And provision for doubtful debts for AirAsia X Indonesia of 138 Mill RM!! ( Page 4 of Presentation )
  7. Fukuoka - Kuala Lumpur is coming! You can select it on the homepage. So far without flights!
  8. Thai AirAsia Krabi - Chongqing daily from 7.12 Philippines AirAsia Cebu - Macao daily from 8.2
  9. Airbus A330 -343 782 9M-XBE AirAsia X M-reg canx 22nov18 & delivery 23nov18 CRK-KUL ex M-ABLO source: skyliner
  10. Airbus A320 -251N 8487 HS-CBK Thai AirAsia delivery 14-15nov18 TLS-DWC-DMK ex F-WWBZ Source: skyliner
  11. I think its more that onestop-flights are producing a lot of more costs! I was in OOL in february and take a look at the AAX-Ops there. The crew changed always in OOL. So you need 2 crews and the jet is long time on the way because of the 2 stops. The only other one-stop KUL-KIX-HNL is a bit different because the mainmarket ( i think 90% ) is between KIX and HNL. So you can get good yields on both legs, KUL to KIX and KIX to HNL. Maybe the same with the future KUL-TPE-KIX. OOL to AKL is not yieldstrong enough to make it work. All around OOL is leisure traffic.
  12. AirAsia Kuala Lumpur - Guilin from 4/7 new 7/7 from February
  13. I ask myself how they wanna use 100 ordered A330neo in the whole network if they couldnt make Auckland work? Or it is because of the addon OOL-AKL...so far nonstop is not possible. But hey they offer to start KL-Srinagar 4/7 with A333 :-P
  14. Johor Bahru I have done some work and here you can see a possible! utilsation plan of the 6 jets based in JHB! This plan ist made for the second week of december! Could be some changes in January for example. They canx 3/7 TGG. For that, IPH goes to daily. The first time is the departure time in JHB, the second the arrival time in JHB. For further questions dont hesitate to ask me.
  15. Thai AirAsia Pattaya - Khon Kaen 4/7 from 21th dec
  16. Here in Germany Condor offers the route to KL very often for a very cheap price. Looks not good...
  17. Meanwhile they are talking about just one of the two. The second one should stay in Indonesia for Hadj-Charter...
  18. Indonesia AirAsia Lets have a look to Indonesia! Since the crash in 2014 the fleet of A320 was down from 30 to 22. Then in Dec 2017 and in Aug 2018 they add one A320, so they are 24 now. Operating now again under one AOC, Indonesia Airasia. Indonesia AirAsia X is more or less not more excisting. Based on the data for december the bases are: 9 A320 at Jakarta 7 A320 at Denpasar 4 A320 at Surabaya 3 A320 at Medan ( one of the 3 with nightstop in KUL ) 1 A320 serves as a reserve. Indonesia is a very challenging market for AirAsia. The market is growing, but the prices are very cheap. They are trying to focus on a few international markets like KUL, SIN, DMK and PER. Many domestic routes were canceled due to competition.
  19. https://indaily.com.au/news/2018/10/30/lion-air-subsidiary-negotiating-to-fly-into-adelaide/
  20. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/10/31/sabah-appeals-to-authorities-to-reconsider-halting-kk-tawau-kk-sandakan-flight-routes/
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