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  1. Malindo Air commences three times weekly Johor Bahru-Guangzhou service04-Apr-2019 Malindo Air commenced three times weekly Johor Bahru-Guangzhou service, operating with Boeing 737-800 aircraft (bernama.com, 03-Mar-2019). According to OAG, AirAsia also operates the route.
  2. https://www.euronews.com/2019/01/28/thailand-welcomes-a-record-38-point-27-million-tourists-in-2018 Kuala Lumpur - Silangit This year saisonal from 25th may till 23th august 4/7
  3. source: airlineroute Not bookable so far seems like charter flights
  4. Thai AirAsia Phuket - Phnom Penh 4/7 from 1.6
  5. Bangkok DMK - Shenyang 2/7 from 25.6
  6. KUALA LUMPUR, April 1 — AirAsia is offering promotional all-in-fares from RM99 to Quanzhou in Fujian, China, in conjunction with the launch of the new daily direct route from Kuala Lumpur commencing on May 1, 2019. In a statement today, the low-cost carrier said that the promotion is only for AirAsia member fares for one-way travel inclusive of taxes. AirAsia Malaysia chief executive officer Riad Asmat said the Kuala Lumpur-Quanzhou service further grows its footprint of unique destinations in China and provides greater accessibility to Malaysian and Chinese travellers. “AirAsia has been championing connectivity to China’s secondary cities such as Guilin, Shantou and Nanning. As we continue to expand in China, we look forward to exploring opportunities to connect our other secondary hubs in Malaysia to China as well,” he said.
  7. Airbus A320 -216 3140 RP-C8948 Philippines AirAsia posn / first in svc 26/29mar19 KUL-MNL-DVO-MNL after transfer ex 9M-AFT Source: skyliner
  8. AirAsia Kuala Lumpur - Jinjiang daily from 1st May
  9. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/Corporate/30366725
  10. Bangkok DMK - Fukuoka 4/7 from 3rd July Seems like KUL - Fukuoka is doing very well!
  11. Yes, planning 5 more A320. One is so far planned for Lombok.
  12. https://centreforaviation.com/analysis/reports/malaysia-aviation-malindo-resumes-growth-after-two-year-pause-462516
  13. Belitung is now visible in the AirAsia booking engine, but so far without flights uploaded. But seems like there will be flights from Jakarta too. Maybe CGK-Belitung-KUL and return?
  14. https://www.nst.com.my/business/2019/03/472656/klia-expansion-may-be-delayed-until-2023
  15. I put it in this thread....just a bit statistic from my side.....AirAsia X Business Class oneway for tomorrow when you book now and load. Price in Euro sorry ;-) In DMK you have the ex SQ, flying to CTS tomorrow and 2 ex China Eastern in all eco so far. i think in KUL one of these all eco birds? SO just to explain, ICN 10/12 588 Euro means 10 out of 12 seats are booked and you can now book for 588 Euro oneway for tomorrow. DMK ICN 10/12 588 EURO ICN 7/12 465 EURO ICN 10/12 588 EURO PVG 8/12 456 EURO KIX 12/12 KIX ALL ECO NGO ALL ECO NRT ALL ECO NRT 12/12 NRT 12/12 CTS 23/30 378 EURO KUL PEK 12/12 PUS 12/12 CSX 4/12 300 EURO CTU 3/12 456 EURO DEL 12/12 OOL 12/12 HGH 9/12 607 EURO JAI 1/12 229 EURO CJU 4/12 558 EURO AVV 5/12 433 EURO AVV 8/12 659 EURO KIX 10/12 735 EURO PER 10/12 558 EURO ICN 6/12 477 EURO ICN 3/12 477 EURO ICN 3/12 477 EURO PVG 8/12 351 EURO PVG 10/12 502 EURO SYD 9/12 849 EURO TPE 8/12 391 EURO TPE 8/12 487 EURO TPE ALL ECO HND 12/12 XIY ALL ECO JED 1/12 525 EURO TPE-KIX 12/12 KIX-HNL 8/12 1833 EURO
  16. https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2019/03/23/tony-not-the-remedy-but-the-problem-say-malaysia-airlines-veterans/ He is living in another world.....the past! For the unions...the bad bad foreigners were the big mistake.....omg...
  17. From which person you are talking?
  18. Last week i made a trip to Subang Airport to try the new train connection. I was really surprised about the low load factor....from KL i was one of two and on the way back i was one of three. A malay friend told me "the station is too far from the terminal...you have to use a grab from there" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sultan_Abdul_Aziz_Shah_Airport https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/metro-news/2019/03/02/calls-to-make-train-station-more-visible/
  19. Penang Base this Wednesday 9M-AQV 0620 HAN 1350 BKI 2010 KUL 9M-AQS 0640 KUL 0955 SIN 1335 KUL 1630 SIN 2100 SIN 9M-AFV 0700 KCH 1150 SIN 1530 KUL 1850 SIN 9M-AGT 0700 JHB 1010 BKI 1630 LGK 1830 KNO 2125 HKT
  20. Daily now from May And new: Source: airlineroute
  21. Yes, if all sarawakians will love AirAsia again when they start it overnight? Btw Langkawi-Phuket too....Malindo want to open that too.
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