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  1. Hi Ben, I am a Malaysian living in Jakarta- should meet up sometime- mobile 0812 1080823
  2. Get well soon gang. Hopefully spotting will be the medicine of all flus!!!! He He hE....
  3. Azahan, U're the 'Nose King'!!! Those pics are just awesome!!! Uncle Norm- u're one lucky spotter. Keep up the good work.
  4. Jonathan, Noticed the babybus pic u took with U Norm in the forebackground was slightly 'off balance' as it rotated!!! Any explanations for that occurence?
  5. I am still pondering on ANA's market segment strategy on buying a plane that could carry 126 paxs but could fly over 5,000 miles?? Mayb someone can help with the possible explanations.
  6. Good morning, Gorgeous golden sunset shot!!! I was just thinking of how u could make that photo a little bit more proportionate? Keep up the excellent job!!
  7. Hi trieu, Welcome my friend!! I like the TG pic with the sunrays struggling to break through.
  8. Magnifique!! Hmm I wonder if u can do that kind of tour in CGK??!!!
  9. I fly frequently on the 333 between KUL and CGK. For the past few trips, I've been hearing funny noises( like someone pouring ice out of a bucket) coming from the the overhead compartment!!! Till today, I'm wandering what the hell is the noise? Anybody has any idea?
  10. Gang, I had just logged on to A.net and saw a pic of MRD taken by Benjamin Freer and it made me proud to be a Malaysian- read the comments underneath the pics. The pic was superb, pretty much everything about the pic was to the tee. Take a look guys.
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