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  1. Ya BC, by the way he answered, it was clear he's in the financial line...
  2. KK, Sorry i'm not an accountant, so have the following qts for you:- 1) I understand the concept of charging out the losses in one go, which straight forward accrual concept which ties in with your spreading over a few quarters idea, right? 2) So it's only a matter of cashflow management. I assumed if MAS had presented a profit scenario for the first 9 mths and showed a healthy cash position, then is it fair to say that MAS is in fairly healthy financial position? Assuming that they only charged out a portion of the fuel hedging losses but they still had to pay for the fuel COD rite? Do i make sense?
  3. 1) I'm with u there Tony, IJ has done a stellar job thus far at MAS. 2) I'm stressed out trying to make things work in a company with a fraction of a turnover of MAS. They have 100k over P&Ls, i have only to juggle 3 P&Ls at any one time.... so I salute the guy!! 3) When u become a leader, u realise that u can't please everybody. U make decisions based on facts gathered as good as they can be and have a very clear conscience about them. Sometimes u make good, at times u fall short... but that's life. 4) And so happen when u lead MAS, u're in the public eye too... even more pressure. 5) Even husband and wife don't see eye to eye at times.
  4. Sounds about rite KK. Ya true KK. Just wandering, if MAS wants to minimize losses from fuel hedging, what sort of accounting treatment are they able to do to minimize the impact on paper?
  5. 1) FY 2008 : Break even or small profit. They had managed to rake a profit of RM 198 million for the first 9 mths, so I doubt in 3 mths, the company can wipe out that much profit. 2) Yields are going to go down further in 2009. I think for FYE 2009, MAS will be under severe pressure to deliver profits. But i think shareholders should be able to understand if they don't. Notwithstanding that, if MAS does its best to keep costs under control, the company should be able to weather this downturn with a smoother landing.
  6. 1) I'm proud that MU approached AirAsia to become main sponsor on their jersey. It does show that a Malaysian company carries high marks. Who would thot that a name like AIG can be in trouble?? Anyhow, i just hope if Airasia does go ahead with the sponsorship, it would not jeopardize their financial stability in light of the global economic crisis we're going thru. 2) TNB - I really hope they have some sense. Pls don't consider sponsoring MU Jersey. 3) I think it's time to conserve cash but if want to invest, invest wisely.
  7. Maybe, just maybe that MAS' restructuring program could help mitigate the company from the current downturn. If it does have that effect, then MAS had a stroke of luck as it undertook a resuscitation program to stay afloat while it prepared the company for a global downturn... Time will tell...
  8. This is truly a global economic crisis of unimaginable proportions!! I just hope recovery happens faster than I think.
  9. Hi Greg, PM me if u are confirmed coming to Jakarta because I'm based in Jakarta at the moment. Will be great to catch up with fellow MWingers.
  10. Congrats MAS. Keep the profits coming, more importanty I hope their cashflow is good too.
  11. I don't quite understand why the King has not intervened in order to save the country??
  12. There are always opporunities in a crisis!! KUL could gain something!!
  13. The fact that BKK is getting more attention is a foregone conclusion because Uzbeks provide alot of labour to Thailand. I suspect AirAsia Thailand could gain more from AirAsia Malaysia on this. TF speaks on behalf of the entire group.
  14. True Edwin, still got profits. But sometimes P&L account can be 'tailored' to give a more reasonable picture while the cashflow paints a totally opposite picture. If I'm not mistaken, the revenue booked in during that period does not mean an immediate cashflow of same amount. Perhaps Azizul can give a better explanation on this.
  15. Aint there better issues for them to discuss??? It amazes me... She should go back to law practice.
  16. Just to reiterate Capt Nik's point about the Hajj being the 5th Pillar of Islam - Hence whoever is in involved directly or indirectly with this effort must have a clear and pure intention to take part in it and transcends all worldy matters. It is rather difficult to put into words when it comes to The Hajj.
  17. Hi Levent, Nice reports. I was just wandering since I'm now based in Jakarta, perhaps we could collaborate doing reports on the Indonesian Aviation scene? However my writing skills in this field is non existence, I just love aviation.
  18. Its a demand and supply issue. There are probably quite alot of people who don't mind paying the USD100 for abit of room on a 14 hr flite. Yes its another way for an airline to maximise marginal revenue.
  19. 1) Nabiel - No risk at all, economic downturns are cyclical - which mean they happen every 10 yrs or so. What's happening now is just another cycle. Everybody will recover from it and enjoy boom times again. However, as and when recovery will take place is another qt. 2) I believe that Intra Asian travel will not be affected that much simply because I believe we Asians have high savings rate and do not live on heavy gearing ( live within our means and rely less on credit). This in turn mean Asians should have significant more disposable income than Americans and Europeans. As a side note, China has the highest savings rate and forex reserves in the world. 3) We might see a drop in load out of US and Europe during this downturn but if Intra Asian loads are able to shore up the differences, then carriers should be able to weather the storm subject to other conditions being equal. My hope is oil prices to stabilise or even drop abit more during this downturn and easing up of fiscal policies ( perhaps lowering tax rate and interest rate) and a more expansionary monetary policies ( public sector spending) in the Asian countries. 4) However, airlines with heavy gearing ( have lots of borrowings and small capital base) may be at higher risk. So they might defer new purchases to reduce their debt obligations and strive for further operational efficiency. 5) Realistically, no one can really tell what's going to happen. Just my simple thoughts.
  20. 1. I don't quite understand why Kedah State officials is making a big issue about having direct flights for Hajj. 2. Based on Capt Nik's brief explanation above, there are quite substantial upgrades to be done if they want to cater for a B747, I wonder how much though? 3. Will the state be willing to give up more 'Bendang' areas for such a purpose? I think producing rice is far more productive. 4. Who picks up the bill for airport expansion works? MAB or the State? 5. Penang is the most viable airport since it's quite 'central' to those from Northern Perak and Perlis. 6. Yes, we are living in Interesting Times!!!
  21. I wonder if Malaysia Airports Bhd is among the potential buyers?
  22. Time will be the best judge of this strategy. I think that if internal/operational foundation is solid, then they should be able to weather this rough patch.
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