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  1. Guys do the search aircrafts and ships need a special equipment to pick up the ELT signal?And if they do at what height and range can the signal be intercepted?
  2. Putrajaya has submitted its preliminary report on the disappearance of flight MH370, but has yet to release it publicly despite insisting that it has nothing to hide, CNN reported. Are these people truly brain dead?
  3. Too much missing info to complete the jig saw puzzle in first hour?Simply unreal after exactly 1 month.Without them i am convinced they will never find this aircraft!The silence from our neighbors to the south and north is deafening .
  4. Reckless!I will join the chinese relatives , if they decide to protest in front DCA office at Putrajaya.I really dont blame them for being upset with us!
  5. The missing link of the first hour is where are all the the datas from radar coverage of Langkawi,Phuket,Hadyai,Penang,Medan,Aceh and not forgetting Butterworth?Also i am curious how much does the RSAF know?Was any of their E3 Hawkeyes airbourne that time?
  6. Can anyone here confirm about the fire that broke out at the MAS avionic shop at subang yesterday?
  7. MAS and the Malaysian Government will need the best lawyers money can buy to help them with impending lawsuits. That is without a doubt in my mind.The journey into the unknown future of the company sends chills down my spine.I sincerely hope to see a golden lining in the clouds for MAS.I cannot imagine being the CEO right now.
  8. RIP to those innocent souls.The right thing to do for some individuals is start writing their resignation letters.I want black and white hard facts of what had transpired in the first hour.Amen to them too:
  9. Oh wow 6 of them!I am sure RMAF don't need them ha?May be just one will do ha?
  10. Surely its not too much to ask for one or two Malaysian registered aircrafts to be part of the SAR there?It is our aircraft those people are looking for! It would be good for morale of the SAR teams for that part of the southern corridor .Verifying those satellites images has been proven difficult to verify every little helps.IMHO.I sure love to see Uncle Najibs VIP transport leading the way
  11. Why are there not single Malaysian aircraft in Perth?May it be a Falcon 900,GlobalJet,Surely MAS and Air Asia can send at least one each aircraft to join the SAR.Why we lepas tangan to let others do it 100%?Surely the civilian planes can help with the visual search?
  12. U mean air to air fueling for the search aircrafts.Not sure if the P3 have that capabilities .But than again i am not sure.But it certainly makes a lot of sense to deploy the A330MRTT to save those aircrafts the 8 hrs of flying time to get to the search area and returning to base.
  13. Too much info/breaking news is coming thru our beloved "SSN" long before the local press conferences .Usually denied by our local guys only to be proven true a few days later.Its time the Malaysian Government appoint a Neutral Russian expert as observer to better understand the situation from a different angle but same expertise.Too much .information is coming thru from one source in a very systematic manner.
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