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  1. Just curious to know. Why do they closed that road at 32L? Is it because people stop by and disrupting the traffic passing by or what ? Does anyone know ?
  2. Well, they do published this news in The Star today. Its kinda very sad to see the 737-300 retires. The full news: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?f...&sec=nation
  3. KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines has cancelled its evening MH74 flight from here to Hong Kong on Tuesday due to bad weather conditions on the island city. In a statement here on Tuesday, MAS said the MH74 flight had been scheduled for departure at 6.45pm. Datuk Tajuden Abu Bakar, MAS director of operations, said, “We took this decision in the interest of passenger safety on receiving updates regarding the deteriorating weather situation around Hong Kong arising from typhoon Hagupit. “We expect the situation to normalise after midnight today (Tuesday) and will upgrade our morning service MH72 tomorrow (on Wednesday) to a Boeing 747-400 flight. This is to accommodate all passengers of MH74 today to reach Hong Kong by 1pm tomorrow on MH72.” Those who need more information, can call MAS’ 24-hour call centre at 1300 88 3000. -theStar Online-
  4. Went to KLIA on the Wednesday, 17th September 2008 and hang out there from 10am-6:30pm. Below are some shots which were taken to share to you guys. Enjoy! Being towed away Heading Back To Singapore
  5. I can't wait to view the photos of the new airport. Please guys from the east, snapped some photos and share with us.
  6. KOTA KINABALU: The RM1.4bil makeover of the Kota Kinabalu International Airport is one step closer to completion – the new main terminal will become operational tomorrow. Malaysia Airports senior general manager Datuk Azmi Murad said operations at the existing terminal would be transferred to the new RM720mil building at 12.01am. He said the new Terminal 1 is capable of handling up to 3,200 passengers per hour during peak periods as it has 64 check-in counters for international and domestic flights as well as 17 aircraft parking bays. Azmi noted that elements indigenous to Sabah had been built into the interior of the terminal with the design of column heads inspired by the wakid or traditional baskets used by the Kadazandusun and Murut communities. “Ethnic patterns of the Rungus and Bajau communities have also been incorporated into the way the floor tiles were laid out,” he told a media briefing at the new terminal building yesterday. He said the old terminal that had been used since the 1980s would be demolished and rebuilt by mid-2009. It will be integrated with the new building, doubling the floor space to more than 100,000 sq m and be used mainly for domestic arrivals and departures. Azmi said 4.3 million passengers used the airport last year, making it one of the busiest after KL International Airport. In comparison, the number of passengers passing through the Kuching and Penang airports last year was about three million. For this year, Malaysia Airports was expecting up to 4.6 million passengers would pass through Kota Kinabalu International Airport, which has the capacity of handling up to nine million passengers annually. “Going by an average growth of between 5% and 8% in passenger volume annually, we expect the terminal to reach its capacity in about eight to 10 years,” Azmi said, adding that there was still room for expansion. The airport's redevelopment also included the construction of a low-cost carrier terminal that opened last year and the extension of the runway to 3,780m and a full-length taxiway scheduled to be completed next year.
  7. Man, this is one scary thing to see a big hole there. But, luckily no one is injured during the flight.
  8. IPOH: Housewife P. Susila was stunned when she heard a loud bang and saw the object that crashed into her garden here yesterday, just metres from where she was standing – it was an aeroplane. The two-seater Eagle 150B was largely intact and was upside down with its nose embedded in a patch of plants in Susila's nicely-maintained garden in Taman Chempaka. The wingtips had just missed the boundary wall and a pillar. A set of garden furniture just metres from the wreckage was untouched. Relating the 1.30pm incident Susila, 49, said: “I was inside the house when I heard a loud noise. When I looked out of the door to check, I was stunned to see the plane in my garden, just metres from my doorstep.” The two-seater Eagle 150B trainer aircraft crashed-landed in the garden of a double-storey link house in Taman Cempaka, Ipoh, Thursday. The trainer and trainee pilot survived the crash. Soon after, several people were shouting at her to tell her to open the gate so that they could help the two pilots who were still in the cockpit, she added. Trainer Mohamad Faizal Kamaruddin, 37, and his 23-year-old trainee Ahmad Tarmezee Ahmad Lotpi were in the airplane belonging to an aviation institute here. It is believed that the pilot had lost control of the aircraft before it crash-landed into Susila’s compound. Ipoh traffic chief Deputy Supt Mohd Rodzi Rajab said the two men, who were badly injured but in stable condition, had been admitted to the Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun. Police said they were still investigating the incident and had yet to identify who was flying the airplane. Crash-landing: The wreckage of the two-seater airplane lying in the garden of the house in Ipoh Thursday. Chia Kwan Hong, who was having lunch nearby said he saw the plane hitting a tree first before it crash-landed. Chia, a 25-year-old computer salesman, said he and his father Kook Kheong, 51, rushed to the crash site to see if they could help the survivors. After 20 minutes, rescuers managed to free the two men from the wreck and rushed them to hospital. -The Star Online-
  9. Budget carrier AirAsia said Monday that surging fuel prices will force carriers worldwide to merge or face bankruptcy. AirAsia's founder Tony Fernandes insisted he will continue with an ambitious expansion plan despite the industry turmoil which he said had sent 27 carriers out of business in the past four months. "We are seeing a consolidation in the aviation industry. Some will merge while others will go bankrupt. A lot of people are not going to survive this (fuel hike) including Asian budget carriers," he told reporters. Fernandes said AirAsia had been approached by other airlines about tie-ups and operating deals, but did not elaborate. He insisted the carrier would stick to its plan to expand routes, increase flight frequency and accelerate the delivery of the remainder of its 175 new Airbus A320 aircraft. "There are two ways to deal with the oil prices. You can put your head in the sand and kill yourself. But we believe we need to go out and market," he said. "I'm not going to give up now because of high oil prices -- we have 6,000 staff." Fernandes said AirAsia will mount additional flights to Hong Kong and Guangzhou and open new routes to Ujang Padang and Balik Papan in Indonesia. "We are still bullish. Ticket sales have been very good in the last few months. A lot of Singaporeans are flying to Kuala Lumpur to use AirAsia. We do not see any slowdown. There is still a big untapped market potential," he said. "There is no change in our growth plan," he said, adding the carrier would not simply increase ticket prices as a means to offset rising costs. Fernandes said he was optimistic that oil prices would come down but said: "My job is to survive even if the oil price is 200 dollars a barrel." Due to the economic slowdown and the introduction of new aircraft, as well as increased connectivity between regional destinations, the corporate sector has been starting to use the budget carrier. "The corporate passenger segment grew 300 percent in the last three months," Fernandes said. In May, AirAsia said its net profits defied escalating fuel prices to leap 86 percent in the first quarter. AirAsia, launched in December 2001 with just two aircraft, has become the region's biggest low-cost carrier and been imitated by national carriers and other low-fare start-ups. -msn News-
  10. And for me: Malaysian Airlines Air Asia American Airlines Singapore Airlines Thai Airways KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Air New Zealand Deutsch Lufthansa AG British Airways Qantas Airways Garuda That's it after that.
  11. Oh my goodness. Seat colours so ugly wan. Why can't MAS stick to the original colour instead? Its so colourful and doesn't suit the interior of the plane at all.
  12. Wanted to watch this but eventually my brothers are watching Discovery Real Time about American Choppers.
  13. Those sketches are beautiful. I like the new design of the Terminal 3. But, I do agree with you guys that the RM35 grand to refurbished all as stated in the sketches is way too impossible. It will much more and cost a bomb for them to redo again.
  14. Guys, For your info, DB means "Deutsche Bahn". Its a railway company from German. If its Razmyn other nickname for it, then we don't know what it mean stands for.
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