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  1. Now this new addition to the fleet comes with ADS-B. So it can be detected with FlightRadar24.
  2. Arrived Miri from Kuching via MH2804 onboard 9M-MLL the Troll Masters. Well I dont mind to be onboard those IFE-less B738 of MH for less than 1 hour flight time. Hye Prestley in the tower.
  3. Introducing Hornbill Skyways' latest addition to the fleet. King Air B350 9M-WSD (previous rego LZ-MDV)
  4. I think it will be BTU. Heard there's lot of new shopping malls and hotels under construction in Bintulu at the moment. Provided the government do enough promotion on Bintulu to outside tourists.
  5. From far the YS11 look like Hornbill Skyways aircraft with the yellow,red and black stripe.
  6. Another picture taken from the same day as 9M-AJE's. 9M-AGU departed Kch for SIngapore as AK1771. I've flown on this particular aircraft few times to KUL. [/url]
  7. Last thread for Miri was 2012. So here's a new one. Back in hometown for the Gawai holidays. So took the time this morning to visit fellow spotter from Kuching at his new workplace. Spotted 9M-WSB in Miri. 9M-AHZ arriving from BKI as AK6075 3 of MASwings ATR 72-500 at Miri Base. FYI, the ATRs are now based in BKI and MYY. As the base in Kch have been moved to Myy. 9M-AQG arriving from Singapore as AK1756. This flight is operated by AirAsia (AK) Kuching Hub crew. 9M-AHS arriving from Kuching as AK6190. 9M-WSB holding at taxiway G while waiting for ATR to depart. ATR departs to Sibu? cant remember the destination. 9M-AHS taxing to Bay 4. 9M-WSB vacated active runway and taxi to Bay 5 to pick-up passengers. 30/5/2019
  8. My part of this new livery debut in Kch. DSC_0458e On final approach as taken from parking lot of newly opened Aeroville Mall. DSC_0462e Taxing to holding point A for Runway 25 departure. DSC_0468e Off back to KUL DSC_0469e Nice sunset departure with little bit of sunlight.
  9. There's a blessing of your posting to Miri sifu Prest. hahaha. Reviving Miri's thread. hahahaha
  10. This Kuching thread has been quiet since sifu terminal Prestley Shim went on hiatus to upgrade himself to sifu wbggtower. Will try to upload few pictures I've taken this year.
  11. The business class IFE looks good. Would love to try this to Taipei somewhere early next year.
  12. AirAsiaX first A330-900Neo expected to arrive next year in 2019 right?
  13. Cant trust FR24 schedule 100% bro. Supposed to arrive this morning but so far no sound. Even on FR24 nothing. Depends on the skill and imagination of the person who took the shots bro. Prestley got both hence granted the title #sifutower.
  14. Yup. Apparently due to noise restrictions imposed on the 727 operations by some countries. Which make Raya cant fly those 727 into those countries. Therefore, it is economical to get other jets to replace them.
  15. More than likely disintegrated. The sad part is, this type of accident normally dont leave any survivors. Hope the authority investigate this accident thoroughly and make amends to prevent this kind of accident from happening again.
  16. The jets arrived last Wednesday which 24th October. And thanks to our #sifuwbggtower Mr Prestley intel, I managed to snap the jets arrival. Starting with the Hawks. They were 2 Hawks. Only manage to get a shot of M40-32.They did a low level flypast above the airport then break left to join left-hand downwind to land. Now the 2 Hornets and 1 Sukhoi came in formation low flypast above the airport then join downwind like the Hawks. M45-01 with the the special livery at the tail-fins. M45-07 The Sukhoi SU-30MKM M52-18 Stay tune for more...
  17. Welcome Back WBGGSPOTTER Sifu Prestley. Malindo Air Flight OD1604 Boeing 737-8GP(WL) 9M-LCD
  18. Do they have enough B737NGs for the route expansion? Since they're not adding new jets.
  19. Until cancelled? So what happen to the subsequent flights after that? Cancelled as well?
  20. Easy to train crew of the current Airbus A333 in their fleet to convert to A330NEO. If convert to Boeing, that would cost them a lot!
  21. Prestley is officially in KL at the moment. Maybe we can see shots from KLIA by him. Of course under KLIA thread.
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