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  1. OT. Alot of constructive criticism both in this thread and many others. I wonder if anyone from MH particularly those in management actually read all this and put it in use.
  2. The headrest cover and pillows made it look 10x better.
  3. Bed looks kinda small, wonder how plus sized passengers would fit.
  4. Whats the route from Boeing field to Kuala lumpur like? Boeing field-Hawaii-KL?
  5. Doesn't the current A330 utilize a full glass cockpit? Just wondering, what difference would LCD displays make?
  6. Im sorry but since Im not in flying school I was wondering how this new system effects cadets. Faster graduation? Less holidays?
  7. What does it mean to have the course integrated? Thanks.
  8. Excuse me? Did you know that delays can cause money?
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