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  1. Should get him to shariah court n b trial for alcohol consumption ! If not mistaken ; will get the Rotan if found guilty .
  2. MH 330 Business Class..... truly NOT a number one Asian Product! In conclusion , lack of innovation .
  3. The very least is that they have been invited and the invitation itself is good enough to give a good impression in winning and keeping the hearts of regulars! Let's hope they take note and look forward for a bigger celebration for the A380 next year!
  4. Well Said ! Based on the images seen ... these new A330s should b limited to just 5 hours of DAYFLIGHTS only, and it's the business class that has dragged them down . Somehow the MH 772s n 744s Business class looks more spacious , even tho' their amenities may not be as good as others. I always feel that ALL of their premium frequent travelers ( esp. Enrich Platinum , Gold and if available Silver) should be invited for such event rather than MH staff and a separate walkabout tour for media. After all it's all about wining customers and customer loyalty. If it's too much , those that traveled on First and Business regularly.
  5. Significant improvements! However, the next question is.... will this be able to take on others?
  6. Interesting! Let's c how long this time.....
  7. Unlike the West Coast; the "evaporation" of air travelers to KBR may not be that high as even the ECE is extended to KBR , the 600+ KM @ rate of our local speed limit of 110KM/h ( not forgetting 80 -90km/h along the scenic Karak leg) may still take around 5 1/2 - 6 hours to get to KBR. JHB , KUA and IPH faces such "evaporation" of air travelers coz' it takes not more than 3 , 2 1/2 and 2 hours respectively to these places which are less thn time taken to get to SZB / KUL, Check in and fly ..etc. It would be interesting to c in context of TGG . Do agree that at this moment it is not feasible on east coast ... not yet.
  8. That reflects the s******* of the decision makers ,... when they know very well KBR has the numbers in terms of passenger growth and revenue and yet TGG was expended for some p****** reasons! Not all of them ; but some are.
  9. Reading this aim gives me a good laugh and does not require rocket scientist to make them one :-) All they need is good financial support to ... 1 Ensure that the fares remains as attractive as others. 2 Products should be better thn others , esp. the likes of EK/SQ/CX...etc with progressive improvements to stay ahead. They hv to think beyond the norm. Say can ...36' EYCL pitch across the fleet? or individual fridge in Business and First long haul ? or perhaps 3D entertainment system ? 3 Aircraft consistently new. Y 5 and not 3 years average fleet ? once all 738 arrived, start replacing with .... 4 be generous interms of meals, amenities and comfort for passengers and not forgetting good enrich programme. and Government and the "owner's" support is also essential ... the very least is to enforce it's executives, associates and ( foreign and local) consultants to travel on MH premier cabins and not limited to certain higher level only. Similar arrangements are done in other countries. On another note; transferring some routes to FY sounds good as long as similar products are offered. I.e. Business Class, FQTV , meals... should b at least like SQ-MI and QF-JQ , only better service of course!
  10. Now what all of want to c is the interior.... n how good or bad r the products? The golden question here is will the Business Class b far superior than existing MH777s or perhaps better than SQ ? Could the EYCL maintained its 34' or has it improved to 36' or narrowed to 32' ? Will the AVOD comes with "live" TV and Cameras n will it have greater than 500 selections like EK?.......these r the things that matters.
  11. Perhaps Tun Dr M. to b the Chairman of MH, in a bid to offset such move.
  12. Any airports developmnents regardless of an expansion or new ; Feasibility study must be made in terms of anticipated numbers and traffic. None of us would want to waste our "Rakyat" money for some big white elephant that's under utilise. I strongly support only if the numbers are there. One must remember it's not cheap to built an airport and such facility is not a Bus Shed / STOL operations.
  13. Nice! FYI, MH logo is not Wau Bulan it is Wau Kucing. Most do get mistaken for Wau Bulan.
  14. Noted. However, as we r talking about Service Products n "Him": A fine example was that during his his era that those LCC Type Leased 738s with the infamous LCC Economy Seats being sold as Business Class. Having had two such experiences b4 the "Change", and the fact that "him" being up there and incharge, SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE was done to the Frequent n Premium Travellers! No offence intended, though Profit is what any airline wants , the fact remains an airline is still a Service industry and Customer Satisfaction should always come first and should never be compromised!. Particularly when one is considered a 5 Star.
  15. 500% AGREED! , But there r some signs of improvements from Inflight Service ( Particularly Food, FQTV programme and Schedules). Example, Meal portions in EYCL has increased a bit , GCCL meals have improved and more enrich redemption offers compared to his era. The scary part here is that he's in charge of the Government Transformation and NKRA of Malaysia. Only time will tell......
  16. T H E _ E M P I R E _ S T R I K E S _ B A C K _ !
  17. FY should consider the possibility of supplementing ATR72 with some ATR42s as well. This is particularly for developing "thinner" routes from PEN hub and even later establish another one in JHB perhaps. Those baby Brazilian EMB's may also be another option. After all, " A community Airline " should be connecting secondary towns such as PEN - KBR / TGG, JHB - TGG / KBR , IPH - JHB / KBR...etc.
  18. Just Maybe, KUL-ZRH-EWR or JFK may work well, after all; MH was ranked top three by the Swiss as preferred carrier out of Switzerland plus the fact that Swiss market is more "front" heavy compared to other continental Europe. But, to make it work, daily services is highly essential.
  19. This may only be acceptable if the DISCOUNT + DELAY COMPENSATION is greater that anticipated Nett Profit of A380 operations were to be delivered as per original dates.
  20. Wonder is it good or bad? Fuel Cost were said to be the main reason. If someone responsible were to have hv the newer birds with greater fuel efficiency and better amenities say 6 months to a year ago in OPS for MH. These loses may have been further reduced and perhaps a modest profit could have achieved! In fact, Yields and Pax numbers could have been much higher if equipments and amenities were upgraded. In the end, it's not just cutting costs and corners , it is to spend wisely and timely for some smart investment to hit the "$$$$$$$$ Jackpot" at the right time. A person that can do such would only be considered a good Business Leader.
  21. If fares go up, So as Customer expectations!; Rightfully, MH 1970's Inflight Meals with the new 738s , equipped with PTV cum interactive system would then be the minimum for such fare increment.
  22. One must not forget, if too much being focused on $$$$$$ without considering "What Makes people choose you to fly?" and "What makes u better than others for me to fly with u?" If the product s**** , there will not be any passengers at all! and it will still close shop! In this case a balance in $$$$ and product offerings is highly essential. As said so many times and recognised by a few forward thinkers here , spending a bit more on $$$$$ would translate for a sustainable future and higher $$$$ returns. In this case, if MH desires for 380s , the question here is What makes these MH 380s special than other 380s and worth waiting for?; ........which would make one really want to be on, despite the delays and glitches.
  23. Or could it be : - 1 Others have "catched up"? Fyi, MH recorded higher growth than AK over the past few months ( ex KUL see airport statistics forum) and so as others including GA, SQ, TG and 3K. 2 Financing ? Credit overstreched? Financial Crisis? IF it's none of the above, the original plan should move forward by... 1 Perhaps this set of aircraft could be used to reinforce other subsidary, for instance QZ's home country has 10 times bigger population based compared to Malaysia, expanding that area may be worth to consider. 2 Expand secondary bases in Malaysia such as BKI / KCH / PEN or JHB with these new birds. Or has it reached it's max at these points , if 320 is too big, opting for smaller 319s or 318s may be worth thinking, as training is minimal and Cabin crew can be reduced to just 3 perhaps? Afterall, a 120 seater 318s may be easier to fill up for flight originating from JHB / PEN / BKI / KCH. Cheaper OPEX?
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