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  1. Wonder will there b any "adjustments" to KL's AMS-KUL-CGK , or will we c the possibility of developing AMS - CGK by KL with some KUL flights b cut or reduced ?
  2. As long as it is not at the expense of MH rights of frequencies.
  3. It is a product of clear vision to b a hub with strong and undivided support for the home carrier by the government n it's related agencies n GLCs . Something that the neighbour is lacking.
  4. ...but their network is reducing to almost nothing !
  5. Any chance for KUL - EWR/JFK via ZRH or DMO?
  6. Logo? Will it still be the "Wau"? Do we still get similar Enrich benefits as MH ? Airline Code maintains as MH? Uniform ? ...etc.
  7. ..... And MH is Man Hole in built environment .
  8. By the time 738 sky interior r in place of the 734s , it will b out of date ; as newer 737MAX Is out ! ... Back to square one BTW can't the "clean slate" be throughout the narrow n wide bodies.?
  9. Perhaps new tag line ... " One Malaysia for Oneworld "
  10. Even so; 47 sen per seat must still be "expensive"
  11. FYI aerobridge charges is RM65 per flight @ KUL , divide with 170 seats for typical A320 comes to about 38sen . Is that expensive?
  12. Now the longhaul battle of D7 vs MH and the "others" Phase 2 has just started!
  13. MH, 74M was named Kota Kinabalu, Reg 9M-MHK and first MH 747; was named Kuching , 9M-MHI
  14. Don't know; but QF has just started flights to DFW as it is centrally located in the US, minimizes time for transfer and flying time to other areas in the US. Location and operation wise sounds sensible , but economics may be otherwise. Frankly, it will be convenient for those intend to travel to Mid West or Central US .
  15. Further questions and wishes as an Enrich Member and a Malaysian... ( of my mind, i'm sure there's more..) 1 Rather c MH b transferred to T5 @ LHR rather than moving back to the "densed" T3 2 Wonders will MH do similar move as QF by flying to DFW ( AA's "central" hub in the US) 3 Will this be a platform for Joint European and M/East Expansion for MH / QF and others within the OneWorld Fraternity from KUL? , Would love to c MUC , ARN, ZRH or even MAD / BCN online from KUL ( considering IB is in as well) or for that matter more AMN flights ( either RJ or perhaps MH ). Or for that matter MAN ? 4 Implications on their respective "dependents" a.k.a. JQ /3K and FY, perhaps if MAN ( or others for that matter) of a "low cost" / low yield route ; will we c maybe FY / JQ flying to these places. 5 We still need some form of Enrich benefits for FY, similar to 3K / JQ. 6 Sincerely hope MH Enrich would start something similar to QF's recently introduced Smart Baggage Tags, Smart FQTV Cards. 7 Will this be a platform to ultimately create something further than codeshare to like joint shuttle KUL - HKG with CX , say 8 - 10 flights a day ? Where one can just by a "shuttle tkt" and just turn up at the airport. After all it's just 3 hours away n the commercial links r getting strong. 8 Synergies for a common Lounge , similar to QF - BA at key airports @ NRT / HKG / DXB ...etc. 9 Will there be a massive transfer to a common terminal for this fraternity? Examples SIN - MH T2 is not the same as BA or QF ? Minimise walking distance for transfers?
  16. This industry is something like playing chess; it's the strategy that prevails. QF with MH should not be a surprise , considering QF provided significant assistance to MH in the 70's , furthermore DJ - SQ links was also anticipated , considering the shareholding of VS . QF does not have other alternatives as TG is aligned to Star n hv strong links to SK & LH. Whereas GA has always have that "KL" connection , so does VN with AF . CX should be happy as now there's another partner closeby. In the end , it's also sad to c if MH - KL ties b broken As a Malaysian ; it would b interesting to c will the IB - BA parent company b buying any stake in MH. or rather will our Government allow such ?
  17. There's still hope , swapping of delivery slots or purchasing earlier delivery may be considered, but costly.
  18. Just a note , by thn; these 772s will be 15 years old. Might as well hv them progressively replaced with 77Ws or 787s . ONCE again MH will be left behind with the antique's fleet; when others starts flying the 7late7s, 77Ws ..etc. Wonder how will the delivery slots of 787s / 77WS / 350s will be ?
  19. Removing a row in Business/ Club is A GOOD idea worth looking into ; and maybe another row out in EYCL as well.
  20. Not good enough! We need similar chk in facilities as MH; including web chk in, mobile chk in ...etc.
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