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  1. It's simply UNFORGIVEN ! ; I'm sure it hurts so much for Sarawakians and Sabahans.
  2. I think you have missed a few key points in what a significant believes that it is one sided! I strongly believe that MH ( and unions) has had given the chance for TF but the following are some of the key actions that does not favour fairly towards MH :- 1 HND operations was given all out to D7; when all premium carriers are fighting for its slot considering that it is more premium demand than NRT. If AK group is genuine, D7 should have gave their HND slots for MH to operate daily from KUL and D7 should have taken a daily NRT slots. Furthermore the AK Japan Operations would be based in NRT. Wouldn't that be logically and cost effective. 2 Why Premium Economy was removed from 380? Globally, there's a growing trend for such market. Or were they trying to protect D7's premium cabins? FYI, CX & QF are enjoying good revenue including from this region. 3 Why FY jets were killed after a few months of operation. "Did not make money" is not a valid excuse as airlines do need a year or two to break even and make money. FY jets could have easily fit the shorthaul market to further support MH connectivity. Killing FY Jets is a clear mark of protecting AK's market. 4 If AK is serious in filling the shorthaul connectivity for MH; the interline connections should have been available ASAP. 5 As a consumer, we noticed all of the fares of MH/FY/AK have increased and somehow there were no longer that fair trade. Please do not argue premium/legacy/LCC as in some cases we do see Premium airlines such as MH/CX/SQ are cheaper than AK/3K 6 Transferring D7 pax. to MH for LON/PAR/BOM/CHC flights; was it a fair deal ? Plse don't argue "Market rate" as RM1 could also be a "Market rate" 7 We dont't see any significant improvements in service delivery and products on MH. We know it takes time for the hardware , but some of the softwares can be done fairly quickly. A good example , no improvements in "kids" giveaways, "kids menu, amenities ..etc.
  3. Now will there b another flip flop decision on pale logo, FY jets , reinstating key economic destinations (ZRH,DXB, EWR .. Etc.) , BKI HUB... Etc.
  4. CORRECTION red & blue was introduced in 1987 , just b4 the massive series of orders for F50s,734s/735s,733Fs,330s and 744s ....during Tan Sri Aziz not Mr 019.
  5. THEREFORE MH will be the only carrier with more than one livery ! Well done! reflects the difficulty in deciding a simple thing. What's next, why not multi crew uniforms by sector and aircraft type?
  6. It's coming close to a year ! N what do we c? Route cuts , the slaughtering of FY jets n noticed that fares r now going up across all the three of them !
  7. RUBBISH ! MH logo was red from day 1 till 1987 n was profitable every year then except in 1982 ( about that time). it all balls down to the need for forward thinking leaders with no interest in making money today n don't care what its consequences in the future.
  8. Somehow the "burung" n "kambing" have done much better thn MH
  9. Setinggi-tinggi tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh juga ! "up there" shod hv learnt from the failure of FAX n b more diligent n careful
  10. KCH , BKI & pen were reflected as it links to international points . Example PEN-MES/BKK, SIN - BKI, KCH-BWN
  11. One must remember that it was QF that provided significant assistance in terms of training , inflight services n even aircraft when MH started in 1972 ! As such MH -QF do hv a common ground . Plus even BOAC did the same during Malayan airways n when MH started LHR OPS , it was initially joint effort with BOAC ( now BA) .
  12. Can't afford the "gold" anymore !
  13. High fuel costs , carbon footprint taxes , uncomfortable seats ( narrow n tight) ,, nightstop crew costs, stronger n better products by others ....etc. Makes difficult for long haul low cost .
  14. ACTUALLY... the current board in MH is dominated by Accountants! Could be the main reasons y there were so many route exit strategies being implemented ?
  15. ......probably bleeding ? otherwise would have proudly announced their profit.
  16. Only time will tell the success or failure of this concept.
  17. That's true, but D7 was not able to sustain @ AUH ! Main reason, EY/EK/QR was able to match up their discounted Y fares for these market segment.
  18. Failure of D7 to sustain AUH was a good reminder that long haul low cost may likely not work from M/East Now that's realistic, but that translates for LCC operating flights to the sub continent only ( Pakistan, Bangladesh and India) . However, the big three gulf carriers ( EK,EY and QR) may still pose a significant challenge as they have the capacity and means to match LCC fares. Afterall, their main income comes from significantly from premium cabins.
  19. Please don't be confused. MH logo is Wau Kucing and Not Wau Bulan.
  20. The smart move that they did were mainly downgraded the aircraft type with emphasis on fuel efficiency n in some cases reduce frequencies. In most cases they maintained their presence at key destinations .... Unlike ....
  21. Wonder how soon will the replacement order b for 772s . Better act fast as backlog n delivery dates for 350s / dreamliners / 77Ws is increasingly taking longeeeer ! Do remember , flying the antique planes is one of the detterant factor of choosing an airline in this region. Unless of course the amenities n products r consistently upgraded . My last MH 772 flight on business has began showing signs of age .
  22. What would b iDEAL is MHwings b developed as regional Borneo airline that wud link to as far as NRT/HND , ICN , PVG, TPE, HKG, ... BNE , SYD with a good long range narrow bodies that r PRIMARILY B based in BKI & KCH. On top of those propellers .
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