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  1. This could be a good thing for customers. MH fares on this route has always been high and that CX controls the majority of the market share. The extra capacity created with the deployment of the A380 will result in the followings:


    - lower MH's fares for sure, hence makes it more competitive with CX's offering.

    - if the product + fare are really good, MH can erode CX's market share on the route.

    - if the fare difference is not too material and within tolerable margin with AK's offering, AK could be in serious danger. HKG might be another CMB waiting a repeat.


    If CX & MH coordinates well as a team ( after all this route is a code share service) , the third possible may happen .

  2. Though I was born in the 80's, I've never had the chance to be on this cs. Hope to feel that too......

    It's the 1970s where one will get satay for economy short hops to SIN, cold and yet tasty sandwiches for KBR bound flight, warmth and genuine ( n gorgeous) stewardesses , colourful floral seat motives ( not as striking as 734 these days) , safety cards with actual photos as illustrations, wau motives on the wall panels, real thick hot towels in various colous with distinctive wau at the centre to welcome us on board ( even on short hops)..etc.....oh good memories .... that I really missed of flying a ......once an airline that I was proud of as a national carrier .

  3. u meant golden club? they no longer use that term for their business class

    Yes, luggage tags were golden club, outbound BPs and menu cards were written Business Class but the inbound BPs and amenities were labelled golden club... I suppose for an airline that has 3 liveries n logos .... Such name inconsistency is rather typical .

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